Wednesday, July 14, 2010

new river july 11 2010
my room with a view
for /t.
cause he thinks i live in a tent ..
this photo should go with the previous post perhaps.

my hydrangea bush
for dianne
because she asked so nicely to see it
a couple of posts ago.
and isn't that just like dianne to
ask nicely and politely...
(kitties will be posted another time).

sweat bee


my sweat bee with a wild strawberry for chickory
because she called me a SLACKA for not posting some photos
a couple of posts ago.
and isn't THIS just like chickory (or should i say k9)
to not beat around the bush .. :)

because, yes, indeed..
foam is a slacker


Heff said...

Yes, you ARE a slacka.

Anonymous said...

Me too (when I'm not running)

That view with the tent - WOW!

I don't think there is a difference between trail and cross running.

puerileuwaite said...

I seem to recall requesting a picture of your ATM card. Thanks for playing favorites.

Anonymous said...

heack I love the view....

foam said...

you know it!

i don't think marathon runners can be counted as slackers .. lol ..

you are welcome and it was my pleasure.
you are welcome to my atm card, btw. please deposit big bucks asap because that account is on empty.

sir thomas!
i know you would love it there on the river. it's a lovely area.

laughingwolf said...

dang, and here i thunk ye lived in a tipi :O lol

dianne said...

Lovely view from your 'room' dear Foamy, it must be so nice to wake up to.
Your hydrangea bush is magnificent, such a healthy looking plant, I love the blue, thank you so much for posting it for me ... I miss mine, I had to leave them behind when I moved here and the one which I had here died in the last summer heat wave.
Wild strawberries, they must have sweet fruits; I guess your bees are looking for some flowers to pollinate?
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

i was! but i had to downsize ..

actually that is probably a mock strawberry. it's edible but without much of a taste.
the hydrangea did very well this year and grew huge. our spring rains certainly helped it.

Anonymous said...


now that's
what i'd call a

(and thanks so much for posting)

you make me want to get out with the camera to get some pics from around the place -- maybe in the next few days

× × ×


foam said...

yes, and the view was even better outside the tent .. :)

and git yoself on out there, /t.
i always like it when you post pics from around your place.

Carol said...

Hmmmmm... what would I like to see as long as you're filling orders??? I'll let you know when I come up with it.

We don't have hydrangeas here, but they were everywhere when we were on Cape Cod. Those huge blue flowers are so unique!

Great inner/outer tent photo!

The Phosgene Kid said...

very in tents...

foam said...

well, should you come up with a pic wish .. let me know. i may or may not fulfill it .. lol ..

ah haha .. :)
good one!

Jean said...

You might have inspired me to take some photos this weekend since the computer might be out of commission AGAIN. sigh.

I always love your photos.

Pink said...

Gorgeous. Love that view and the blues of the hydrang..(can't spell) And the bees? The bees knees of course.

Always love your photos.


Aunty Belle said...

Oh my gracious--now I has hydrangea envy.

Did ya eveah heah how that author woman, Annie Dillard, lived in a tent when she couldn't take it in the house no mo'? Foamy--please tell me youse read her Pilgrim at Tinker Creek--ya jes gotta read it--it will make ya sing--writtn in yore neck o the woods--an from artist point of view.

Hope yore summer is swell, jes' wunnerful.

Y'aint no slacker, jes' got a dreamy side, mayhap.

Carol said...

Due to the recent nephew photos that one, A Peace Carol, posted and due to the recent comment that one, Foam, submitted to said blog post stating that a Son of Foam created wonderful photos, it is hereby requested that Foam's son's most excellent trip photos be published to the blog known as "The Foaming".

This request should be considered null and void if said son requests that his photos remain private.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I like that

HLiza said...

I'm a serial slacker too..

Ruela said...

greatttttttttt ;)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Love the woods, just have to walk out the door of the tent to take a leak. Doesn't get much better than that!!

Little Lamb said...

So you do live in a tent!

boneman said...

skeeter netting.
I gotta get me some of that action.
For my room upstairs.
Tired of hearing the beggars flying around in the room...waiting for the perfect snore, slip in and

Anonymous said...

Igelkott in swedish


chickory said...

GRRRRRRRherherhahahahaha! well at least you remembered. im slakkin' too lately. it takes all my time to manage the force of nature known as rhodesian ridgeback. we all know there is a summer slump on blogga. but its better than anytime of year on WordPress. Love the ten view, the acid eating hydrangeas and most of all, the sweat bee.

chickory said...



foam said...

thanks, jean ..
it would be nice to see some of your photos. i hope you can get your computer to working again.

awww .. my photo of the bee is the bee's knees. that's so suweet. and this is what i think of pink ... the cat's pajamas, of course . . . :)

aunty belle,
i will put dillard on my list of reads to check out.
right now based on the recommendation of a friend i've checked out a book by ellen gilchrist. haven't started reading it yet though.

he said it would be fine so i'll look into some of his photos. at the rate i'm going, they should be posted sometime in the distant future ..

oh, and you are welcome .. :)

aha ..
you discovered the post that's not .. :)

there seem to be a lot of slackers out there. maybe we should unite!

thhhhhhanks!!! :)

unless you're standing in poison ivy while taking a leak.

little lamb,
sure! sometimes i do ..

good heavens! don't tell me you sleep with the window open and with no screen on it.
at least here in the south that would be unwise.
i know from experience.

igelkott? cool ..
if i keep this up, i'll be fluent in swedish in no time .. :)

all that work and training with the rh. ridgeback will pay off one of these days. in the meantime you can
make crazy quilts and crazy junk sculptures out of the stuff she tears up. oh, you'll need to keep that art out of reach of course .. unless it's meant to be torn up again.
oh, and i should really use preview much more often. i've been making some doozy of mistakes.

Anonymous said...

hey slakka

jus sayin

× × ×

foam said...

slakka .. c'est moi ..

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