Monday, July 12, 2010

early sunday morning along a river ..

new river 2010 july 11,  2010

a chill diaphonous fog

embraces my tent..

new river with 1 tree, july 11, 2010


HLiza said...

Good to stay in the tent and hug tighter..

foam said...

nah .. i went for a walk.
nature was calling anyway .. :)

dianne said...

Great photos dear Foamy, love your description of the fog, I can almost feel the chill. xoxoxo ♡

foam said...


thank you. it was one of those damp chills that comes from the river. the day warmed up considerably, but not too bad since this was in the mountains of nc.

oh, and hliza ..
there was no one to hug tighter .. :)
i had the tent to myself.

chickory said...

gorgeous and vintagey.

foam said...

thank you, chickory. i had fun tweaking the photos a bit.

Heff said...

Das some spooky looking sheeit !

Carol said...

Nice on all levels - beautiful photos, visceral description. I wanna be there!

foam said...

you crack me up .. lol ..

thank you! you would really like it there too!

Anonymous said...

you live
in a tent?!?

that's so cool!

living out there in your tent, i wouldn't be surprised to hear that you've run in to woody guthrie and roger "king of the road" miller cookin' a possum on a campfire ;)

× × ×


foam said...

why /t.! i run into them all the time. and, yes, a favorite pastime of ours is to roast the roadkill possum over a campfire while passing around the moonshine.
wanna come?

SJ said...

Just the moonshine for me please.

SJ said...

Nice pics btw!

Middle Ditch said...

I love black and white photographs. I also live close to a river and the mist hanging over it in the early morning is a fantastic sight.

foam said...

how bout some tofu possum? i can let truck run over it first so it can also be roadkill tofu possum ..

middle ditch,
i like black and white too. it's nice to have the option now of keeping the colorful or turning them into black and white.
i'm thinking you live in a nice area.
i live close to a creek and a river too, although i'm just elevated enough and with just enough trees and buildings in between that i don't really see the mist on those bodies of water.

Anonymous said...

very nice

puerileuwaite said...

It seemed suspicious for you to be along the river at that time of day, so I've alerted the authorities. Next I plan on combing through the crime blotter, as time permits.

foam said...

thanks, rolf!

but, pug! doesn't it creep you out to be constantly coming across your own portrait in the crime blotter?

Heff said...

And hey - thanks for posting the Hydrangea bush. I've always wanted those, but didn't know what they were called. Now I know !

Ruela said...

Very beautiful, love it!

Ricardo said...

Um.....OK Foam. Who is nakend in front of the camera? LOL!

foam said...

if you are referring to my sidebar nudie, since i don't see anybody out there in the fog ...
nobody is naked in front of the camera. this is the photoshopped manipulated version of one of my noodie drawings that i did a while ago.
if you go to the sidebar and click on drawings or doodles in labels, the original is the upside down noodie.

foam said...

if you are referring to a recent post of yours ....

Ricardo said...

Makes sense. Well done foam!!!

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