Friday, July 2, 2010

what i did yesterday .. and what i do when traveling ..

after an oppressive and brooding heat wave
the past couple of weeks,
the weather has been amazing these past few days:
warm with just the slightest hint of a
cool breeze.

so, i ventured on out ..

big boy pizza, memphis, tn 2010
it's always good to know where to find cold beer and pizza when traveling ..

not to any of the photos displayed here.
these were taken a few weeks ago when i was out and about..

wine sign, memphis, tn 2010
.. also, where to find certain other beverages

i went to the ymca for a back friendly workout .
when i came back home..

blues city cafe liquour sign
..and liquor..
can you say covet? alas, i decided not to steal the sign at this cafe. i took a photo instead.
oh, the curse of a moral compass that steers me mostly along the honest path.

i took photos of my cats while they were outside ..
i also took a photo of a sweat bee and a spider in the grass.
my hydrangea bush was exploding with blossoms.
so, i took a photo of that too..

park on beale st, memphis tn 2010
it's also good to know the outside parks where you can find a drink .. :)

..and where to purchase sundries should the need arise ..

and then i noticed how well my weeds were flourishing in my flower beds.
i took a photo of the weeds and an elusive big flying bug.
(note: i said weeds and not weed. there is a difference!)

blues city cafe, memphis, tn 2010
of course, when traveling one must also know where to find
fine dining establishments.

after much procrastination, i finally called a lawyer to help me deal
with my mother's will which i thought i had misplaced. i finally found it after several months.
of course, it was hiding in plain site.

streetcar in memphis, tn 2010
and, after an enjoyable day of dining and other stuff it's always
wise to use the local transit system which can safely unload you
at the home away from home ..

after all that work, i went out and relaxed on our screened in deck

with a cold beverage and a book and my laptop for the rest of the day ..


Pink said...

wow. great photos. i particularly like the outdoor american diner and the street car. So crisp.


HLiza said...

I love photos of dining places..

dianne said...

You have been busy dear Foamy, great photos, interesting subjects taken just like a professional, not the kind of scenes I would see here in Oz.

So where are the photos of your beautiful cats, hydrangeas and the sweet bee, I would love to see those too?

I hope the cooling breezes stay around for a while, I cannot imagine feeling hot at present, it is rather chilly here, but no doubt when the draining heat of summer arrives here again I will be wishing for these colder days.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

thanks, pink. the diner was actually inside. the decor just makes it look like it's inside. and street cars are neat. this particular city never did get rid of it's street car rails like so many cities have done. so, it was real easy for them to reestablish the routes.

yes, me too ..
cause it's all about food .. :)

not too busy, really.
the photos of my blooming bush and insects are not downloaded yet. i'll probably post them in several months at the rate i blog .. :)
yes, i hope these milder temps do linger for a while because the previous heat wave was downright obnoxious!
chilly is not bad. it makes you appreciate the warmth a lot more when it does come.

Carol said...

I like the signs in the cafe. Did you "Put Some South in Your Mouth?"

We don't have hydrangeas here, but we just got back from Hydrangea Heaven. The blue ones amaze me.

Fun photos!

boneman said...

I love that the pix and words were not as one, but, varied.
Made it more interesting.

foam said...

sure did put some south in my mouth!
of course .. i also live in the south. i put some south in my mouth just about everyday .. :)

thanks boneman!
i know i basically have 2 alternating subjects going on.
standing on their own they just seemed a bit boring.

Anonymous said...

aha ha ha
haha ha aha ha

i'm getting a vibe here...
you might have something on your mind? :)

well, great photos, foam -- the diner is cool -- and the trolley

hope yr summer is sizzlin'!

× × ×


Heff said...

Hmm. Think I would've stolen the sign, lol !

foam said...

i have escape on the mind ..
i'm going to have to get out and go someplace or i'll go nuts ..

yeah, i perhaps would have unscrewed that sucker right then and there, but the bouncer unfortunately was kind of sizable ..

chickory said...

what the hey...that town is frozen in time! what happened to the sweat bees and hydrangeas, slacka?
that sundries shop -did the neutron bomb go off in 1956? man, interesting small town. glad the ad/min of yur mothers passing is drawing to a close. xo

foam said...

all these photos were taken in memphis, tn.
the dry goods store is a general store on beale st that's been around since 1867 or 76 or something like that. it's still family owned and you can only pay with cash. unfortunately we didn't get a chance to go in. my cousin who grew up across the ms line not to far away says the window display really had not changed a whole lot since the 70s and early 80s.
the photos in my previous post (minus 2) were also taken in memphis, tn btw.

Mo said...

Wow this place looks like something off a film set.

Pamela said...

You make me realize that I didn't snap many photos of any of the towns we stopped in/ stayed at on our trip

I need to widen my horizons. But first I really need to take a photography class.

I like the rear view mirror in that shot. Makes one feel a bit safer. L(:

X. Dell said...

(1) I love the pictures. For some reason, though, I'm thinking of Batman.

(2) When I look at my mom's garden, the weeds often look prettier than the flowers. Why bother removing them?

(3) Finding cold beer is easy. Finding cold hard cider isn't.

(4) I would guess that it's a hassle for you to have to deal with your mother's business. But maybe settling the will could change the nature of whatever grief you might still have left.

foam said...

i do believe that many movies have been filmed here too.

you don't really need a photo class. just shoot photos of the things you find interesting.,
batman? hmmm .. yeah, maybe i can see him on the prowl in this locale. you know... saving innocent beer drinkers ...
i do leave many of the blooming weeds such as dandelion, clover. if it's too prickly or poison ivy i try to get rid of it. but this year very little has been done.
well, i know good hard cider is hard to come by.

Anonymous said...



foam said...


Ruela said...


foam said...

and a big THANK YOU to you .. :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Great photos! Hot here too - just got back from walking the dogs (8:30PM) and it was still 103 with 21% humidity. Normally dried here, but it is Monsoon season so the moisture is way up.

foam said...

that is hot. the humidity seems kind of low to me ..
but, then again, this is the south where high humidity is pretty much the norm during the summer.

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