Wednesday, July 21, 2010

as seen through the eyes of a 13 year old ...

for carol who, i've noticed on google reader, is presently over yonder picking beans ...
she asked to see some of my son's photos.
i asked him if i could publish some,
he said yes ..
and voila...

be warned .. there are 17 in the slideshow ..
there were many more and i had a hard time editing them out.
of course i had no problem editing out the plethora of
photos he took of me scratching my leg,
dozing in the car with mouth wide open,
eating food, etc, etc, etc ...


Heff said...

Hey, those weren't bad...

Pamela said...

My favorite was the old bricks...

Anonymous said...

talent runs
in the family then

a photographer's eye must be genetic :)

nice work

× × ×


boneman said...

I liked the barn with the woods in the background...
but then, I was waiting for pix of you, head leaned back, mouth open, drool string draped to who knows...

Hope your summer is going good. Get rested...tougher kids next semester...

ANNA-LYS said...

Hej Foamie,

He really got an eye beyond the obvious given, an artful innocence that capture irregularity behind the regular (bad Swenglish?). Thanks for sharing!!!

(( kram ))

Little Lamb said...

Awwwww! The pooch is cute!

HLiza said...

Just like Boneman, I want those pics too..hehe..the boy's good seeing things from his eyes.

Carol said...

Thank YOU!!!

These are great! I especially liked the two with the bricks - the brick walkway and the brick patio or whatever it was. I enjoyed the photo with all of the signs about one way and four way. And I liked the weathered building with the clothesline in front.

Thanks for sharing the eyes of a 13 year-old!

/t. is right - talent runs in your family.

dianne said...

These are great photos, I think it is wonderful that your 13year old son notices his surroundings and wants to photograph them, I loved the leaves.
Thanks for sharing these photos with us Foamy dear, he has artistic talent just like you. xoxoxo ♥

Ruela said...

I love the flowers ;)

puerileuwaite said...

Excellent eye. All I have from my first camera are those unfortunate under the bleacher shots.

SJ said...

He likes ot take photos just like you? Except that HIS pics are good *duck*

The Phosgene Kid said...

I take pictures of Mrs. Phos all the time and she always yells at me. Who wouldn't want to see her from behind bending over to pick up some dog fur off the floor? Women - no sense of humor.

Pink said...

great eye.

I love the dog with sunglasses ;)


Aunty Belle said...

the boy chile' has an eye, doan he?

Like d the twig shot. An the cool doggie-o.

Did ya start the Gilchrist book yet? Curious to know which one yore friend recommended. Short Stories or novel? EG is a Mississippi lady.

foam said...

hey all ..

my son loved reading the comments. he said he did not realize that folks from all over would be seeing these photos.

btw, the dog with sunglasses? it's a mounted deer .. yep, the deer is deader 'n' a doornail ..
i thought it was interesting that he would get that close to take the photo.
oh, and aunty belle? the ellen gilchrist book is a collection of short stories which was published in 85 i believe. i'm drawing a blank on the title of the book right now though.

once again, dear fellow bloggers, thanks for these comments.

Anonymous said...

He is very good with the camera

foam said...

thank you .. :)

Devin said...

Hiya foam!!
these were great-thanks for posting them- I agree with Boneman and Anna-Lys and others. It is hard for me to pick a fave but those would sure be "top 5"
all the best to you my friend!!

foam said...

devin, thanks! and all the best to you too!

X. Dell said...

Talk about the apple not falling far from the tree. He's got his mama's keen eye.

foam said...

thank you, ..

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