Thursday, June 17, 2010

foam was out and about ..


dianne said...

Great photos ... very lovely reflections of you dear Foamy. xoxo ♡

/t. said...


loving these

and you have two right arms(!)
that's very cool, foam, not to mention handy

great pics

× × ×


Carol said...

Don't laugh, but these photos bring this song to my mind:

Except I don't believe that the world is a bad place...

Corny song, eh? Gives away my age, too.

I enjoyed your photos! There's so much in them!

Little Lamb said...

Very nice.

foam said...

Thanks, Dianne.
I enjoy taking reflections. It's an easy way to do collage .. :)

Actually, I have two left arms too. One's holding the camera while the other one is doing what it wants.
The extra arms do come in handy at times although sometimes they have a tendency to take themselves off to college...
tsk ..

Lol .. thanks for the tunes!
Ya know .. I'm no spring chicken either .. :)
It's okay to appreciate corny 35 to 40 years later.

Thank you very much, Little Lamb.

Rolf said...

"Who do you sound like? asked Marion
"I don't sound like nobody," Elvis retorted

Jean said...

Out and about and creative. Too cool!
Soooo cool, in fact, I'm gonna look again.

Heff said...

Thas' some freaky shit !

foam said...

yes, so goes the lore ..

yes, i was out and about but now am back.
it's easy to be creative when so much around you is fun to look at.

you haven't seen nothin' yet .. ;)

Little Lamb said...

You're welcome, Foamy. :-)

puerileuwaite said...

Well now I have video evidence that you've been tailing me. Every location seems strangly familiar. So either someone hired you, or my animal magnetism has claimed yet another casualty.

foam said...

dearest pug,
i'm sorry to say that you are mistaken. unlike pugs and other types of hound dawgs, i don't chase tail .......
yet ... i should say ..

i'm waiting to put on a few more years and pounds and makeup and perfume before i start chasing young pups ..

laughingwolf said...

neat junk, thx foamy :)

X. Dell said...

Omigosh! She's grown a third arm!

Like the last pic. It's the foamiest.

foam said...

there certainly was a lot of neat junk at the places i visited .. :),
yes, it's amazing how the 3rd arm suddenly grew as i was standing there .. :)

Mo said...


dianne said...

I have been looking at your photos again, there is quite a lot to see in those bright reflections.
Took a peak at your other photos, that is a lovely photo of you with your dear Mom, tried to save it so I would have a photo of you to show my children but it didn't work ... doesn't matter I can remember your cute face, will show them another time. xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

yes it is fun to photograph and put together. a bit of silliness really.

ugh .. lol .. hmm ..

i forgot i had those photos public. those photos were posted on fb a while ago since friends and family wanted to see a few. i had to make them public to show them through flickr. unfortunately when you make photos public on one site with flickr they are also public on another. that's not the case with photobucket. but i still like flickr better as a photohosting site.

Devin said...

sheer awesomeness foamy!!!!
I hope you and your family are doing fantastic - and you are not having any more back pain!!!!
best to you as always - and again great and greatly creative work!!!!

SJ said...

Who let the foam out!!!

foam said...

ahhhhhh, devin! great to see you out and about.
hope you are well. you sre always so sweet!

sj, haha..
good one!

boneman said...

(is Pug saying that without you, he would have no tail?)

nice bit of reflective work...
seemed a bit short...but then, anyone under six foot seems short to me...

foam said...

and i'm closer to 5 feet then 6 feet ...
my slide show is short because i'm assuming everybody has the same short attention span as i do.
but i might be projecting ..
pugs have tails? is that what that is called on a pug? i i thought that was a donut sitting on their hiney.

AlmightyHeidi said...

you are the coolest chick I know :)

foam said...

almightiest of almighty heidies .. :)!!
and you are always so very sweet.
it's always good to see you here.

Helene said...

ohhh pretty! you are so talented!

Pink said...

me likey.


foam said...

ohhh ..
you are sweet helene .. :)
but these point and shoot digital cameras have made photography easy.

thank you, pink.
i might i say that it's GREAT to see you out and about after taking such a long hiatus.

Ruela said...

Beautiful work! Kudos ;)

Pamela said...

you are so clever. I never think of that kind of stuff.

foam said...

thank you, ruela

well, you think of other clever things for your blog that i would never think of .. :)

benjibopper said...

These are just so cool. You got a fancy camera for that or is it the software? Either way, you've got an eye.

foam said...

just a little sony. i never use a flash though..

SJ said...

Actually Benji foam has TWO eyes or so I hear maybe she keeps the third well concealed?

foam said...

my 3rd eye is presently in a deep slumber ..

Middle Ditch said...

Cool or what. Great pics. Great Foamy.

Rolf said...

experienced words of wisdom're rigth

foam said...

uh oh! lol.
well, it happens to the best of us.

thanks, md!

X. Dell said...

Poor Foam. Hasn't been out and about since the middle of June. Can someone get her up and at 'em?

foam said...

phfft ..
look whos talking.
the one who's last blog post was titled:
"don't get around much anymore".
lol ..

The Phosgene Kid said...

It's like "Where's Waldo - try to find Foam in each picture! I love the technique, the photos are great.

foam said...

next time i'll wear a stripped shirt!

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