Thursday, May 6, 2010

overheard in the foam household

"did you drink your beer?", he said.

"thpppt", she said.

"it's an acquired taste", he said
............................... (with a pout).

"harumpf", she said as she left the room.

another few sips later ...

blech ....

i don't know,
but a beer shouldn't taste
oaky and fruity with a hint of vanilla ......

it's not a flippin' wine ..

and i like wine.

i don't like fruity wines though.

and i don't like fruity beer ....

recently boneman was so very kind to give me an award .. i can't remember why ..
but i know i'm supposed to list five things about myself.

this is #1.


foam said...

did you all know that may is zombie awareness month? wear your gray ribbons..

SJ said...

I have been trying to acquire the taste of beer for many years now. I am sure after many tries one day I will. Till then I am not going to give up.

foam said...

onward, stalwart soldier ...
in the meantime may a good whiskey tie you over ..

dianne said...

I really don't like the taste of beer, it must be an acquired taste but you go ahead dear Foamy and enjoy yours,I think I must be amongst the minority.
I will stick with my sparkling apple juice, ginger beer (no alcohol)and won't ever think that a gin and tonic is a 'soft' drink after the thumping headache and hangover I got from just two ... what a shame as they were really nice. xoxoxo ♡

Carol said...

I'm in the "Can't Figure Out What's So Good About It" Club with SJ and Dianne. But I enjoy the fact that it must come in more flavors than just "beer". (Oaky and fruity with a hint of vanilla?)

I like that it looks like you are going to make five blog posts out of one award!

Anonymous said...

fruity beer?!?

didn't know such a thing existed

it's sacrilege, foam

× × ×


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Since I don't drink beer I have no idea what it would taste like. Just wanted to say hi and I have not forgotten you.

Anonymous said...

beer should taste like beer and a beer is very good recovery after running a marathon

thats it, spot on

Jean said...

Fruity beer. Yikes.
I've pretty much lost interest in adult beverages in the past year.
Once in a while I crave a good margarita (on the rocks, no salt) with good Mexican food but I can't remember the last time I had one.
With summer approaching fast, I'll be downing gallons of ice water and maybe some peach tea. I'm boring.

foam said...

that's what i thought too. fruity beer?
actually, i don't drink a whole lot. but when i do drink my occasional alcoholic beverage i want to enjoy it.
i can't remember the last time i had a margherita. but i prefer mine without salt too. i like mine with crushed ice though.

absolutely. and, yes, there are those occasions when a beer is spot on indeed. i just spent part of the day being turned around in a bit shtinky city and then being stuck in a major interstate traffic jam. i think after i have a bite to eat, a GOOD beer will be spot on.

i was worried about you actually. and for good reason it seems. i'm so glad you are back.

hahaha ..

it wouldn't surprise me if they had a beverage called sacriledge.

believe it or not this one was called ......


sj probably doesn't like beer because he has poor taste.. ;) you probably don't like beer because you have incriminating taste .. :). dianne can't drink beer because she might actually be a bit allergic to alcohol in general.
i'm not sure what the other 4 posts will be about though. there might be long lulls between these posts.

i love a good ginger ale, not the commercial kind that is commonly sold however.
my mother used to react to alcohol the same way you do. should would drink just a very little and end up with a massive headache. she also decided it was not worth it. i guess i didn't inherit those genes.

Carol said...

What??? Beer makes me say things that incriminate me? When drinking, I open my big mouth and incriminate others?

(Alcohol DID used to be truth serum for me.)

HLiza said...

Zombie awareness month? No wonder I'm acting like one. Ha ha I love the first thing about you you.

foam said...

oops, i meant to say discriminating taste .. lol ..

what can i say. it's been a long day in the big city and on the road ..

foam said...

yep, zombie awareness month.
i'm feelling like one now as a matter of fact.

Anonymous said...

i seldom drink beer, but when i do, i like to drink lots of beer. i drink beer until i am intoxicated, loud, obnoxious, and sometimes violent. but the party doesn't end until i vomit on my shoes. then everybody leaves me alone.

foam said...


put on your flea and tick collar and come on down!
let's partayyyy!! ..

Carol said...

I THOUGHT that you meant "discriminating", but to have assumed that would have been very egotistical of me. AND you were probably closer to the truth the first time, anyway! ;-)

Anonymous said...

foamie, dear

am so sorry for lon's behavior

have asked him a hundred times to stop telling those stories -- none of which are true

but what can you do, eh -- he's family

× × ×


foam said...

does this mean no obnoxiously drunken and puking party with lon?

whew!! ..

boneman said...

well, I used to drink beer..cold beer after a hot day's work? You bet!
But then, all this talk about "fruity" beer...
The mexican restaurant I go to serves a lime slice in the XX (that's a beer if you say it "dos")
so...a lime is a fruit, yes?

Still, everyone has different tastes...

...and one out of five is great!

foam said...


yeah, but dos equis is not a fruity beer at all. it's a lager. and yes, i've had mexican beer served with a slice of lemon several times. i used to drink tecate beer with a slice of lemon. hit the spot on a hot humid texas night.

laughingwolf said...

i wear a gray hat, is that ok?

there's a drink i like, called a 'shandy', a mix of beer and something lemony, just the ticket on a hot day when served ice cold...

laughingwolf said...

here ye be:

SJ said...

Ah foam I can forgive Carol as she hasn't been exposed to (some would say contaminated by) ny sense of humor. But YOU!!!

I <3 Beer
I <4 Beer
I <5 Beer
and so on

foam said...

beer mixed with ginger ale? that's not a concoction i'm familiar with. however, i'm familiar with the german biercola (beer mixed with coke.), the radler (bier mixed with a lemon/lime drink). in berlin, they take their berliner weisse (wheat beer) and might add a dollup of raspberry syrup . i've had plenty a biercola in my youth. it makes the bier taste a bit like malt beer but have long, long, long since lost my taste for it. never was that fond of a radler though.
btw, germans also have several wine mixtures -- wine with beer, with sweet or unsweetened mineral water, etc ...

foam said...

yes, onward stalwart soldier in your quest to finally develop a taste for GOOD beer .. lol ..
and while you're at it .. i know you also heart whiskey ..

Little Lamb said...

Oh, I see how it's going to be.

foam said...

little lamb,
you do? you are a wise little lamb then. i'm completely clueless as usual ..

Elisabeth said...

Pleased to meet you, Foam. I'm new to your blog, from somewhere, someone.

I hate the taste of beer, no not the taste, I've never tasted it, but I hate the smell. To me it's like ditch water.

Still I recognize it as an acquired taste and given that I already have too any predilections for alcohol of all types, it's probably better I leave beer off the list.

Great post. I look forward to reading more. Thanks.

Little Lamb said...

You're going to drag this on. I should have done that.

dianne said...

I very occasionally have a glass of sparkling Italian spumante for a birthday or Christmas, it would be nice to have a glass of wine with a meal but alcohol does not seem to agree with me so I leave it alone.

I just read your comment over at chickory, I hope you are OK dear Foamy, you have been through a lot in the last couple of months and I hope that Spring will come alive for you soon. xoxoxo ♡

laughingwolf said...

try a redeye?

Red Eye

4 ounces Beer
1 1/2 ounces Vodka
3 ounces Tomato Juice
1 whole raw Egg

Half fill a pint glass with beer, add the shot of vodka and raw egg, top with tomato juice.

chickory said...

grherhahaha to zombie awareness month. i was sad to read you couldnt weed -very therapudic activity, that. its a long way back from when you mess up your spine. but you'll get there.

i dont like fruity flavored beers. i dont like beery beers either. keep it light, and ultra cold. mostly it is used to chase tequila.

be well.

benjibopper said...

i've been into the white beers lately - Halifax has a couple of nice ones from microbreweries. sweet chamblise.

we also have a fantastic zombie walk!

Ruela said...



ANNA-LYS said...

Zombie Awareness Month?
Never heard about here in Europe ;-)

Löv 2 U <3

foam said...


that's okay ..
i never heard about zombie awareness month until a few weeks ago. i think it's new .. ;) .. and just for fun ..
although today i've been feeling a bit like a zombie.


thpppt !!!

foam said...


when i lived in germany i used to drink wheat beer, esp. during the summers. i believe white beer is wheat beer. i haven't found an american wheat beer that i've enjoyed however. it's possible i might not enjoy them anymore. tastes do change. actually my avatar is wheat beer in a typical wheat beer glass.

my spine is much, much better but i still have to be careful in how i bend. forward bending is not good at all right now. if i need to get low i bend in the knees which is the way to do it anyway. right now i'm outside on the screened in deck trying to enjoy peace and quiet. new neighbors have moved into the house along our backyard. their dogs bark non stop. they have small children that throw tantrum after tantrum. ... sigh ... but i'm perverse .. i'm getting a kick out of all the noise because my other neighbor is such a stick in the mud. luckily i can't see any of these houses since the woods are completely grown over.

foam said...

nope ..
never tried that concoction.
i do like beer, vodka, tomato juice though.
but i'm squeamish with raw eggs.

i believe you are like my mother. although she enjoyed the taste of certain alcoholic beverages, she would end up nauseated and with a headache after just a few sips. it just was not worth it to her so she stopped drinking. her system just could not metabolize the alcohol i think.

sweet little lamb,
i'm good at dragging things on it seems ...
i just wish i knew what i was dragging on .. :)

it's so nice to meet you. i've been over to your blog and have been reading. i thought i left a comment but sometimes i think i fail to hit publish ...
i let myself get distracted at times.

Middle Ditch said...

Were you drunk when you wrote and posted this?

foam said...

middle ditch ..
hahaha .. lol ..

no, not at all.
that conversation actually did occur as is and i was completely sober when i wrote this.

as a matter of fact it's been yeaaaaaaars since i've been drunk.

Pamela said...

I did not know -- I thought a Zombie was a cheese sandwich they served at elementary school.


foam said...

those squishy things they serve in those school cafeterias? why, those are worse then zombies .. :)

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