Tuesday, April 6, 2010

springtime in the south

is really quite lovely.

i don't have any recent photos,
but fellow bloggers do.

if i may, i will direct you to chickory's most
recent post
as well
as to

after such a long hard winter here in the south,

these spring images full of frolic
are truly a sight to behold.

the only recent photo i have is from
3/19/10 ..

the day i ventured into the big city to
see a specialist.

on the way back
we stopped here and
with very tentative steps i
made my way to this unique
spot in the south.

as you can see,
it's a very inviting and
hospitable looking place.

i really do recommend visiting
the south in the spring.

covered bridge


We don't have to put you in the river ...

we can just hide you in this place from whence
no body
ever returns..

come on
down now!

well, maybe y'all should come a bit later.
i think i'm pmsing..
or my mood could be because my beloved drank all the coffee
this morning without leaving me any.
or, it's cause i started reading james dickey's deliverance....

not the deliverance dueling banjos..
but, it's
the real deal ..


Heff said...


Anonymous said...

want some of my coffee?

its hot!!!!

Anonymous said...

heading south
for a visit with my favorite
PMSing caffeine deprived coffee junkie


× × ×


foam said...

right now ..
i'm thinking you are just about perfect!

sir thomas,
another just about perfect man!
and is it not always 'hot' from where you come?

and bring your hatchet! we shall have some fun together .. :)

Anonymous said...

How is it to read about the Duelling Banjos?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Can't get much more south than here.

Jean said...

One of the very few advantages of getting *it hurts to use this word* older... pms goes away foreverrrrrr.

verah kewl photo.

foam said...

don't know ..
i'm not there yet.
but the thing is ..
i've not even seen the movie, but i know
the music. this kind of music is alive and
well where i live. i have students that play quite well.
and students that know how to clog too.

j cosmo,
well. yes, i would agree with you.
however, your south is presently heading into the fall season so it doesn't county right now .. :)

yes, i know. and, i'm already on the oldish side to be hanging in there.

Anonymous said...


I like that bluegrass movie

X. Dell said...

As someone who's been to the south during the dog days of summer, I would definitely say visiting in the spring is preferable. Of course, I think up north we appreciate spring too.

Ruela said...

Fantastic pic!

Pamela said...

I'd make coffee!

Devin said...

Great post as always foam!!!!!!!!!!
btw - thanks so much for your concern about my health-I also hope you are doing much better with your back pain -I heard a comedy routine (10 years ago or so?) where the guy said "If Ned Beatty can't get out of the hills without being raped what is the likelihood that a cute Frenchman wearing Lycra can?" this in reference to "if they ran the bike marathon thru the Ozarks:-)
all the best in the world to you my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

dianne said...

I have been there with the 'no coffee' problem arrhhhh!! ... so now I never run out of coffee Foamy, not that I drink the 'high octane' type, just instant coffee. Now I always stock up with jars when it's on special at the supermarket as it's so darn expensive ... I do occasionally have a real coffee or a turkish coffee but usually end up with arythmia so it's not worth it.
Love your sense of humour even though you are caffeine deprived, I'm not going near that rickety old bridge.
Loved the home made cigar box fiddle and banjo, now that is real Southern music.
I have visited chickory's beautiful Spring garden already and thanks for the link to Aunty Belles, her flowers are beautiful, Aunty visited me this week which was very nice of her.
Hope your daffodils are still blooming sweetie and that you are feeling better. xoxoxo ♡

Middle Ditch said...

It's finally spring here too! Windows and doors open, cats outside, me outside too!

I keep looking at those breasts pictures and wish they were mine.

laughingwolf said...

wowsers... good stuff, foamy! :)

wuff gots about five-six pounds of coffee beans, ready to be ground! ;)

foam said...

yes, i do too .. :)

i' m sure the north appreciates spring time. but what about the midwest?

thanks .. :)

he made enough coffee the next day!

you know ..
i just have never seen the movie. heard plenty jokes based on it, including some comedy, but not the one you saw. i do know folks who grew up around here that still poke fun at the stereotype based on the movie deliverance.

actually that rickety old bridge is a very sturdy, ca. 130 year old, covered bridged. you would not hesitate to go into it at all ... lol ..
there used to be many covered bridges around here, but now they are extremely rare.
this photo was taken with my cell phone and the quality was bad anyway, so i tweaked it with photoshop .. and this is the result.

middle ditch,
yes, spring is definitely here.
yeah, i know what you mean about those breasts .. :)
as a matter of fact, i think i'm going to move those breasteses further down on my sidebar or just take them off alltogether.

laughing wolf,
well, during another coffee outage i'll know where to go to then!

Anonymous said...

No, no, I'm not Tiger Woods.

foam said...

haha .. :)

Carol said...

I miss the south. Sorta. Okay, a very tiny bit.

Mostly for the spring flowers and the pickin'.

Aunty Belle said...

Baby Doll, Aunty's cawfee is wunnerful--pleas come on over. I gits mine from the Monks in Wyoming...they roast if fer ya to yore specs!

Thanky fer the reference to the Porch--we have those unbelievable tabebuia tress in bloom this week--heartbreaking beauty.


I'se comin' up yore way this summer-- hope we can rendezvous!

foam said...

yes .. lol ..
there are certainly times and events when the south is worth missing. i think if i lived in your neck of the woods i would only miss the south a little bit too.

aunty belle,
the monks in wyoming? wow ..
i'm going to have to google coffee roasting monks now. the specialist is a neurosurgeon who i've started seeing for my back just in case it needs to go the surgery route.
i'd love to rendezvous. just let me know when you are headed this away. i am headed into the deep south in june.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

It is gorgeous 'round here :)
We need to plan a trip to see K9...
and I'm game if you are!
I'll take pictures of my bees this week- they seem happy~

foam said...

sure! i'm game .. :)

SJ said...

If I have to visit The South I'll have to travel North-west. Y'all are wrongly geo-coordinated.

chickory said...

no photos from the weekend? you were off having fun so lets see what youve got!

foam said...

chickory ..
yes, indeed i was out and about having fun.
but i had no camera with me.
however, a few photos were taken.
perhaps the photographer will post them on fb.

foam said...

sj ..
and just think if you continue on northwest you would end up in alaska.
hey! perhaps you could get a tour from sarah palin..

Ricardo said...

Wow that is the real deal with the dueling banjos. Spring has ravaged my health with allergies. It's awful. But it is still a great time of year.

puerileuwaite said...

This almost made me want to go retrace the Deliverance canoe trip route. But that bridge is way too scary to canoe under. So I'm going to Camp Crystal Lake instead.

foam said...

oh, that's too bad about the allergies. i'm keeping them at bay it seems. hope you feel better soon.

a nice lake would seem to be the more appropriate place for you to vacation at.
say hi to vorhees for me while you are there.

boneman said...

well, I finished writing that post.
About the parts raining down? Not to worry. In the bad dreams, i get eaten entirely and find myself in the belly of the fish cooking chow with some old guy, his kitten, and a puppet whose nose keeps growing.
What's that all abut?
Hasn't he ever thought about whittling that thing off?

foam said...

you could use the nose to roast marshmallows and then the nose would start smoking and then the big bad fish that swallowed you would sneeze all of you on out! and all that sneeze spittle and contents might still land on me .. ick ..

dianne said...

Hope you have a nice day dear Foamy, we should have had coffee together this morning. xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

yes, we should have ..


i had my coffee at 5:30 am .... yawn ...

are you up that early? :)

dianne said...

Yes, yawn, some mornings. :) xo ♡

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