Saturday, April 17, 2010

jasmine blossom tea art

jasmine blossom tea

when my cousin, dd, visited over
christmas, she brought some
jasmine blossom tea
from her trip to china.

i did not know that
jasmine blossom tea
is a hand-tied tea
which comes in a
tightly dried sphere.

it was lovely to watch the
dried blossom unfurl
in the steaming water.
the aroma was sweet and floral.
the taste was smooth with
no bitterness and
just a hint of sweetness.

i have had jasmine tea several times before.
i have seeped the loose tea leaves.
but i have never seen it presented quite like this.
it's art ..


Anonymous said...

yes, art

× × ×


HLiza said...

I didn't know that too! It's amazing things we learn from other culture..

Anonymous said...

So you put the jasmine blossom and tea leaves in hot water, I thought the blossom should be removed.

Interesting and beautiful

foam said...

indeed .. :)

yes, that's true. and this would be an import i wouldn't mind purchasing at times ..

instead of saying the tea was hand-tied i probably should have said hand sewn. apparently green tea leaves are hand sewn together around a blossom.
the whole bud stays together and does not come apart in the water. it is very interesting and beautiful.

Carol said...

I would like to have more art and less white tea bags in my life.

laughingwolf said...

amazing, it probably tastes as good as it looks :)

jin said...

My beau's mum bought me some of that at Xmas & it is delightful, isn't it?!

Just had to stop by & say hi... hope you are well! I rarely blog anymore but that will change soon, in the fall most likely. ;-) I'm closing up my shoppe & moving to Florida! :-D More details as they come... (and a new wordpress blog that's almost ready ;-).

foam said...

one can never go wrong with more art ..

yes, it tasted quite good. it was mild, not bitter with a mild sweet aftertaste.

so good of you to pop by. i just figured you to be amazingly busy with your bake shop and beau?... and you are moving to florida? wow! but i do remember your scrumptiously amazing post about eating your way through florida just a few months ago.
good luck with the move! are you going to open shop down there?

chickory said...

i love that. i saw there were other tea flowers too. anything worth doing, is worth doing beautifully.

SJ said...

mmmm jasmine tea.

This looks cool. Send me some.

dianne said...

It is art and very interesting how green tea leaves are hand sewn around a flower.
I should imagine it would have a lovely flavour, much better than green tea-bags. :) xoxox ♥

foam said...

yes, i googled jasmine tea flowers and found other hand sewn arrangements. they are all lovely.

no! You send me some.

the flavor was very nice. i've never specifically had jasmine tea in tea bags. i've always seeped it. it's been a while though. i've had green tea only in tea bags. i think any loose or hand sewn tea is probably better then tea bags.

Jean said...

beautiful photo.
Never been much of a tea sipper. I think of it as a medicinal beverage, except for peach flavored tea over ice. yum.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Doesn't get much fresher or prettier than that. Gotta love a nice cup of tea!

Ruela said...

cool art!

foam said...

i'm not adverse to a good cup of iced sweet tea myself now.

a nice cup of hot tea does indeed hit the spot at times.

yes, i think so too .. :)

puerileuwaite said...

It looks too much like one of the hatching eggs from "Alien".

laughingwolf said...


boneman said...

tea as art? what of coffee, then?
shall we put it away for a century?
(you know, a decade times ten)
Or is it possible to ask the jury?

Jury says drink to your hearts delight!
Either of these fine drinks consume.
Or plain water, even better, not to slight
the beauty of the jasmine bloom.

X. Dell said...

I'm not much of a tea-totaller, so that sounds like an interesting concept. I take it the picture shows the blossom and leaves after you've steeped them?

foam said...

the dried sphere certainly looked like it could be an alien egg .....
so, who knows?
maybe it's just masquerading as tea.


you put coffee away for a decade plus ten you will have me to deal with .. and it won't be fun ..
just ask my husband when he drinks all the coffee in the morning and leaves me with none.,
yes, the dried tea sphere was put into steaming hot water. it slowly unfurled into the blossom you see. it was interesting to watch ..
a new visual experience.

Anonymous said...

"no doubt
the jasmine tea
is unfolding as it should"

from the desiderata

× × ×


foam said...

...while in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the jasmine
blooms all night ....

also from the desiderata ..

or something like that ...

Anonymous said...


K9 said...

ice tea? its only nectar of the freakin Gods.

brew daily.
do not refrigerate.
stir in sugar
add lemon
add cracked ice.

southern heaven.

Middle Ditch said...

Yes it is. It is very beautiful and I love the taste too

Heff said...

Wow. You learn something new every day !

dianne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dianne said...

Sorry Foamy, I meant 'jasmine' tea, I have had it freshly steeped and it is very nice.
Also 'iced tea', so refreshing with ice and a slice of lemon,lime or fresh ginger! xoxo ♡

Aunty Belle said...


Does it taste best on a rainy day?

Aunty Belle said...

Iced tea?

Iffin' ya like yores sweet may I offer ya' this li'l recipe?

put one cup of sugar in 3/4 cup of water, microwave about a minute and a half until the sugar syrup is clear. Add 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves, lightly crushed. Allow mint to "steep" in the sugar syrup five minutes. Cool mint syrup then remove leaves and put syrup in a pretty bottle or small cream pitcher--add to your iced tea for sweetenin'.

foam said...

ah, yes ..
sweet tea ..
gotta love it,
although being only half southern
i only drink it when i'm out and about.

middle ditch,
yes, i agree. it is very beautiful and tasty too!
a win win situation all around ..

yes, i certainly learned something that winter day!

yes, it is very nice.
as is iced tea.
actually jasmine tea makes a delightful iced tea which i prefer without sugar.

aunty belle,
well, it certainly tasted devine on a snowly day .. :)
so i would imagine it would hit the spot on a rainy day too.
and thanks for the peppermint syrup recipe. my mint is coming up nicely in a pot on my back deck.
this recipe actually reminds me of being in morocco.
when you order mint tea, they take fresh peppermint leaves, cram them into a glass mug and pour boiling water over it and serve it to you that way. they are not necessarily concerned about getting all the itty bitty critters out of the mint though ... but heck .. moroccans were drinking it that way too.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Mmmmm- Mint tea? Sounds a southern Mojito, minus the alcohol. I will defnintely experiment with this :) I will have lots and lots of mint befor long!

If I was able to use my Uncles home in Swansboro for a long weekend in June, would you consider coming along? Chickory might come too :) I'll send you more details when I have them.

Hope you had a great weekend :)

..................... said...

long weekend in june?
i would adore visiting with you and k9 in swansboro.
i love swansboro, but would enjoy a visit with the both of you any place ..
towards the middle of june i will be in the deep south to take care of some family stuff ..

X. Dell said...

Ah, I see. In order to get the blossom, you have to make the tea. Great subject for a photo.

Ricardo said...

It is rather artistic. But how is the taste? I must sample myself for a final ruling.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

quite something!
had no idea about that!
But then again, I don't really know anything about tea...

How are you doing?
is everything fine with your back again?

I saw your comment re the atlas, but I'm sorry I didn't answer, I'm just so overstressed with the building work.
Anyways, if you have any questions etc., you can just e-mail me.

In the hope that everything is going well,
love, SSG

Devin said...

Very cool foam!! that is art -and I also had no idea about jasmine-and I actually like that tea and a couple of others - I hope you are doing great and your back isn't giving you any trouble!!
all the best to you and yours!!

foam said...,
that's right! it starts out as a rather nondescript dried tea leaf sphere ..

the taste was very pleasing to me. but you would have to try it yourself to see if you like it.

yeah i didn't know about this either.
the back is okay. i'm in physical therapy at the moment which is helping.
don't overdo it now with your own building projects. watch your back! i know you've had issues in the past.

if you like regular jasmine tea you would like this too, of course. thanks so much for dropping by. i really hope you are better.

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Doug has a box of flowering tea but I've never opened it.

Lady Prism said...

* I have heard of those but haven't really seen one till you posted this. It's not only pretty, but very elegant as well. Lovely. *

Little Lamb said...

That's very pretty.

foam said...

good to see you ..
you should try doug's tea. it's bound to be pretty.
make sure you make it in something you can see through.

lady p,
and apparently they have different blossoms depending on how they were sewn together.

little lamb,
thank you .. :)

dianne said...

♡ ((hug))

M Hastings said...

So beautiful!

Heff said...

POST !!!

foam said...


m hastings,
yes! and thanks for visiting .. :)

pushy fellow, aren't cha? .. :)
i'm still recuperating from too much fun.
give a gal a break .. ;)

Aunty Belle said...

you ok??

school will soon be out--what does yore summer look like?

foam said...

yes, i'm fine. thanks for asking, aunty.
bit overwhelmed with the end of the school year. i did just have a house full of guests for a few days. that was a ton of fun though.

the summer? heading on down to mississippi to take care of family affairs ..

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