Saturday, March 13, 2010

of barley, malt and yeast .. or .. foam on beer ..

Give me water so very pure,
A grain, humble barley, demure.
Convert two row barley to malt.
Hops, in addition, is not a fault.
And, bless my foaming soul, not least,
Shall be the addition of yeast.

Water, barley, malt, hops and yeast;
Earth gifts from north, south, west and east;
Ingredients rather devine
That brew lagers and ales so fine.
From pilsners to dark stouts it's clear
Many come with good foam on beer.

for my good blogging friend /t.

inspired by:
Give Me Women, Wine, and Snuff by John Keats

and just because i would like to see this :


Howling said...

Beer? Suit him to a t.

foam said...

good to meet you.
i love the efficient minimalism of your blog, btw..

Anonymous said...

foam on beer

great poetry

and Howling has really captured the idea that less is more

dianne said...

Brilliant poem Foamy dear,it really is 'Foam on beer', you have found your voice again. :)

xoxox ♥

Howling wishes to be known to me as 'Wolf'...

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

I liked the quote from Friar Tuck in "Robin Hood", when he said "Barley is a gift from God, since you can make bread from it... and ... beer!"

foam said...

thanks, rolf.
and howling has, hasn't he?

i don't know if i have much of a voice, but i'm very glad you liked it. this one came fairly easy to me. i wrote it yesterday, but had been playing with the idea in my mind for a while.

indeed, how true. and the monks while fasting did drink beer in lieu of a meal. at least they did in germany.

Carol said...

I somehow managed to miss out on the beer gene, but I do have the gene for (sometimes) recognizing compelling poetry. Bless your foaming soul!

foam said...

no beer gene! can that be? and i'm kidding, of course..

Devin said...

Great stuff as always foam!!
I hope your back is better !!
all the best to you and yours!!

foam said...

thanks, devin!
all the best to you too.
i hope you are better.

boneman said...

nice bit of poetry, there.
(and beer genes? They're the ones in the back of the drawer. Ripped a bit, but, when drinking beer, who cares, right?)

Anonymous said...

on beer!!!

i love it!

you're the best, foam <3

thank you so much

× × ×


foam said...

thanks, boneman.
and as far as rips in the beer gene go,
the appropriately timed rip in the gene here and there in an appropriate setting is fun and who cares then :) ..
actually i haven't ripped a gene in ages .... I've just frayed the edges a bit here and there . come to think of it, i haven't had any beer or wine or any kind of booze in over 2 months.

you were my muse ...

dianne said...

Oh my, it's so bright over here now Foamy dear, just love your art work 'sleep is an illusion' over on your side-bar. :)

Hope it all goes well with the second MRI, good thoughts coming your way. xoxox ♡

Ruela said...

Spring time with Foam ;)
your house is green ;)

Ruela said...

* springtime!

Love the poem!

foam said...

the 2nd mri with contrast did go well. i'm taking the results to some specialists on friday.

i know it's bright. i felt like a bit of spring sprucing up. the image is not really want i want. i did not have a springtime nature photo that i thought might fit the space.

yep, the house is green. it's spring! (although it's not always acting that way .. ;/ )

X. Dell said...

Personally, I think there are too few poems dedcated to beer....and foam too, for that matter.

No one knows what the nose knows when the door's closed, huh. I really like that music, though.

X. Dell said...

BTW, you can tell Rolf that Foam is always on a good beer.

foam said...,
you are a man after my own heart . i agree...
there can never be too many poems dedicated to beer.


and, of course, you are right ... Foam is always on good beer. I haven't enjoyed a beer since around new year. haven't really felt well enough until now. same goes for anything with alcohol in it. but, i'm really, really feeling good today. full of glee, actually. and all that without any kind of meds.

dianne said...

The image of you is lovely, I wish I could enhance photos like that, I guess I would have to upgrade to an Apple computer or get a program like photo shop?
So pleased that you are feeling much brighter and happier, good luck on Friday with the results of the MRI and the specialists, if you have a chance can you please e-mail me again. xoxoxoxo ♡

foam said...

yes, thanks, dianne ..
and i did email you.
this particular photo took no skill. it was an effect of photobooth which came with my mac.
if you want you could email me a photo and
i could run it through photoshop and see what i can do with it. i'm sure i can make anybody look green around the gills like me .. ;)

Middle Ditch said...

Mmmmmm, time to sit down with a pint of lager. Loads of Foam with it, of course.

SJ said...

And while you were writing this I was likely drinking up the stuff foam and all.

foam said...

no doubt, you slushy lush .. ;)

dianne said...

Thinking of you Foamy dear, thanks for the e-mail. ♡

Thanks I might take you up on the photo offer, I would like to see how I look in green and blue. :) xoxo ♡

Heff said...

Foam, that poem meant so much to me....I'M IN TEARS !

foam said...

yeah, i can see what happens. and if we don't like the results, nobody ever need be the wiser, right? .. :)

In tears! quick, have a beer! i'll have one too.

Little Lamb said...

That printing is awfully small.

foam said...

good morning, little lamb ..
yes, i agree.
and you know what? from some reason the font is an inch tall in edit form. i have no idea why ..
i couldn't change it, so i left well enough alone.

Heff said...

Funny you would ask "What's On Tap" - That's one of my Features.

It'll be up Monday, as a matter of fact.

foam said...

that is funny. i'll have to pop on over to your bar on monday then.

Aunty Belle said...

oh youse a cleavah chile'. Lucky /t.

foam said...

/t. was the muse. the idea for this little poem came about through a comment interchange between /t. and i concerning foam on beer and foam in beer ..

dianne said...

Yes my dear Foamy, no-one else has to see. :) xoxo ♡

Heff said...

C'mon foam ! If I'm gonna follow you, POUR ME ANOTHER !

foam said...

okay .. :)

meatspace life has a habit of rearing it's ugly head at times and taking up valuable blogging time. the nerve of that, eh?
i was planning on a change of scenery. nothing new though, probably a doodle of mine.

Pamela said...

once in a while a cold beer hits the spot.
but it has to be just the right conditions.

My mama and papa picked hops when they were young -- to survive.
It was just after prohibition was abolished and beer hit the big time in the state of Oregon.

But they never drank beer.

foam said...

What a very interesting tidbit of information about your family. It's like a little tiny peak into history concerning everyday folks.

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