Sunday, March 28, 2010

my mile ...

today i walked a mile,
a very slow mile.
a mile so slow, in fact,
it seemed time
should stand still.

but, it was a mile
with no pain,
except the lingering
pinched nerve annoyance
in my lower back.

my left leg is
still weak, still
wants to buckle at times,
but is gaining
in strength everyday.

next week
i start physical therapy.
i'm ready to get back
MY normal.

once again,
i want to trod opon my minions,
to crack the whip,
to exert my dominance with an
iron fist.

oh wait ..
that's not my normal ..


this is more my normal ..

revisited photo from early fall last year

hiking these here

at times

walking a
big shtinky city


and, of course,
to end the day ..
relaxing with
something like


foam said...

actually, that mile was walked yesterday..

Anonymous said...

you know keep it slow and learn from what you see... its at times like this that we see the amazing side of the world..

I'll walk with you..

K9 said...

grherhahahaha! loved this walk with you. seems we had a parallel life at times. your country mile is a lovely thing, and of course the big schtinky has its moments. glad to know things are improving. go foamer!

Anonymous said...

Foam is walking again.
That was very good news.

As a marathon runner I know how long a mile is: 42,2/26,2 km.

;-) Happy walking

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I like your 'normal'. Mostly the second one.

foam said...

sir thomas,
you are so right.
and i'd be delighted to have you walk with me ..

in a dawgy kind of mood today, aren't we? grherhaha..
i will venture to say that my country mile is as lovely as your country mile.. :)

hahaha ..
that's a marathon long mile.
i'll leave that one to you, my fit friend ..

yes, me too ..

Jean said...

So Spring has returned along with a spring in your step. Good news!

laughingwolf said...

huzzah, great progress, foamy!

just remember, beer and nanaimo bars are NOT a good combo :O lol

foam said...

indeed it has and it is ..

you seem to be speaking from experience,?

puerileuwaite said...

"once again,
i want to trod opon my minions,
to crack the whip,
to exert my dominance with an
iron fist"

Well in THAT case, GET WELL SOON!

(and then hike out this way)

Little Lamb said...

Get as well as you can get and don't give up.

laughingwolf said...

don't i always? :O lol

X. Dell said...

A mile hike sounds like a slow walk to normal. Get better as fast as you can, Freundin.

connell said...

i love the colors on those buildings about as much as I'de like to lay on that rock, too.
Looks warm and sunny!

SJ said...

Did you manage to walk the mile in under four hours. Must be a record of some sort if you did.

Seriously (no really) good to hear that you are back to almost normal again.

SJ said...

And not so seriously (MY normal) in whose shoes did you walk the mile ?

Devin said...

Hi foam!!
I am hoping you will be back to "good as new" with the physical therapy!!
the second pic from earlier this year you took is much more my normal too -I am supposed to walk when I can -with my back a mile about trashes me -what I would give to be young again haha (not that i am exactly "old" now)
a whip can be enjoyable under the right circumstances:-)
so happy you are feeling better!!
your friend always!!

Devin said...

ooops-forgot to say - the first image is a poem in itself- beautiful!!

foam said...

should i also bring a pinch collar?

little lamb,
thanks and nope .. not giving up. i just have to be careful now.

well, in that case, i'll heed the voice of experience ..,
it is! and i'm working on it .. :)

the rock was warm, the day sunny.
my city walk? hot and humid but that didn't distract me from noticing the colors and textures of those buildings.

right at 4 hours i think. i think i must have been walking in your shoes.
i must say .. i love to once again respond to your normal with my normal .. ;)

ahhhh, you are not old ..
just a wee bit middle aged perhaps .. :)
i am expecting much from this physical therapy and, of course, i'm willing to put in the work myself. i do wish you a speedy recovery and, hey, i'll walk with you in spirit!

Heff said...

I hear ya !

dianne said...

Great to hear you are walking again dear Foamy,I know how much you would have missed your walking ... thanks for sharing this 'mile' with us, your words and photos are lovely.
Once that physiotherpy begins to heal,you will be back to your normal self. xoxo ♡

Carol said...

Please don't be normal!!!! ;-)

Hooray for being off the back and onto the feet!

Anonymous said...

you can walk!


but really, happy to hear
you're mending well and walking again

ruth got her hands on a recipe for beer bread this week and tried it out on the weekend -- waste of good suds -- fortunately, i was able to rescue the remainder of the six-pack before she could go on to beer biscuits or buns...

× × ×


foam said...

well. then..
have a brew!

thanks. i'm glad to be walking, but i also went back to work this week. and now i'm laying on an ice pack ..

no worries .. i'm not that normal. lol ..

actually sounds like a winning combo. beer into bread .. both have yeast in common. but you are right it's always good to save a lot of the beer.
beer biscuits sound suspect, but a tempura batter out of beer is a yummy thing :)
should there ever be any beer left that is.

Anonymous said...

Foam is an easter hare.

Happy Easter!

I hope the sun shines on you.
Here it has started to rain, and when it has started to rain here it keeps on raining
The ice age is over and now it rains.
I'm longing for my first bath in the sea. But I want sunshine and jogging me warm first.

Ruela said...


foam said...

the sun is shining today and it's fairly mild. but, it's been a remarkably cold and wet spring considering that we are in the south. not sure what easter has in store for us but i think it's supposed to be milder than it has been ... with sun.
i do remember germany and the eternal cloud cover and rainly days.

why thanks! :)

Ricardo said...

Well I'm glad you made it a mile and the pain has subsided some.I'm waiting for the video of you running down downtown Philly like Rocky or something.

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