Monday, March 22, 2010

.. behind the screen ..



foam said...

not a repost ..

dianne said...

Wow Foamy dear is that you!? ...

This is a lovely effect and you have a beautful figure ... gosh, you will get all of the guys excited. :) xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

heck no, sweet dianne. my figure is not bad for my age, but certainly not like that anymore.
but, if guys or gals want to get excited, they can be my guest.

foam said...

actually dianne,
this is a drawing of mine. i posted the original several months ago. it was the upside down noodie which was just watercolor pencil and pencil.
i produced this effect in photoshop.

dianne said...

It is a great drawing, it is so life-like, lol when I saw it first in Dashboard I thought it was your MRI pictures, though I soon realised you would be flat on your back for those.
Really nice drawing and a really nice effect Foamy dear. xoxo ♡

chickory said...

wasnt this a former line drawing? i thought i used it in the CD design. hows the back?

Mariana Soffer said...

I really liked it, very interesting image. I thought the same dianne did, that it was you, now that I know you are a womman (just kidding).
But after reading the comments realized it wasn't indeed.

ANNA-LYS said...

This is art that evoke my philosophical thinking about visual perceptions and imaginations - great work, dear Foam!!!

SJ said...

So what exactly is behind the screen? A mannequin? A crash test dummy?

foam said...

thank you, dianne. i actually have my mri images on a disk so i can take them to various specialists should the need arise. i wonder if i could try to open them on my computer. ... hmmmm ...

yes and no. this started out as a line drawing on paper created with watercolor pencils. the other drawing that you used was created on the computer from the start. it does not exist on paper.
and the back is so much better. thanks for asking.

thank you very much! i'm so pleased you like it.
and it's always so good to see you out and about again.

neither. .. :)
see my answers to chickory and dianne further up.
the screen effect was also created on photoshop.

Anonymous said...

behind the screen
was a lovely scene
sweet jane or jean or judy
from the mind and hand of talented foam
a beautiful doodle nudie

× × ×


Heff said...

I've got FOAM !

foam said...

thanks !
i guess now that you know i'm a woman you'll stop calling me dude. i got a kick out of that .. :)

thanks so much
for the poem to go
with my nudie doodle! ..

uh oh!

puerileuwaite said...

I'm going to completely disregard your previous explanations and insist that it is you. Try to stop me! Bwahahahahahaha!

Jean said...

Very classy.

Glad to hear you are feeling better, Foam ♥

foam said...

now, why would i want to try to stop you?
bwahahahahahaha ..

thank you. and yes, i'm feeling much better.

Pamela said...

I want to take a drawing class....

Anonymous said...


ok I still think its you..

and I like what I see.....


connell said...

drawing or no...

foam said...

yeah, me too..
there's actually a life drawing session being offered up the mountain, but the timing of it sucks for me.

sir thomas,
lol.. nope, no way, no how.
i'm way old, you know .. :)

you are so funny..

Carol said...

Glad to read that you're feeling better!

This is really beautiful. I'm wondering if you could take your MRIs and turn them into something creative and interesting.

dianne said...

Foamy dear, I still think that there is a little bit of you in that drawing. :)
Maybe you could look at the disc of your MRI's but I wouldn't risk damaging it at all as it is important for your appointments.
So pleased that you are feeling much better, it shows in your words. xoxo ♡

X. Dell said...

For some reason, I really want to look behind those blinds.


Actually, the image provokes an emotional response--which is unusual because it is also somewhat whimsical, and begs us not to take it too seriously (IMHO).

I think it's brilliant.

Devin said...

foam- thanks so much - I very much agree with Xdell and others - wow what a cool image - and i am gay:-)
I noticed a commenter said you are feeling better and I hope it stays this way and your back and health will not give you any more trouble -
thanks so much for your thoughts and encouragement - they mean a lot to me
your friend always

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Very effective!

foam said...


thanks! good to see you out and about!
oh, and i am so much better and what a relief it is.
i know you've been under the weather yourself. i hope you are so much better yourself.,
a work of art can bring forth an emotional response which will be different from person to person. i've had so many different emotional resonses myself when viewing different works of art ranging from awe, to humor, to love, to indifference, to loathing, pleasure .. etc., you get the picture.
i like whimsy. it usually feel a sense of pleasure when looking at something whimsical.

oh, and thanks for thinking it's brilliant! :)

yes, feeling much better. thanks.
i'm tempted to mess with the mri images, but i might wait. at the point i don't even know if they would upload onto a mac.

no, i won't mess with the mri images. perhaps when these issues are a distant thing of the past i might though .. :)
and, in the sense, that i drew the original drawing ..
yes, there is something in me in that drawing.

X. Dell said...

As Moliere said, for those who feel, life is a tragedy. For those who think, life is a comical.

The whimsical requires a bit of detachment--of common sense, of expectation, but also from the feelings that people normally have between each other. For example, we laugh at a guy who slipped on a banana peel (providing he did it in a funny way), despite the fact that we might also be concerned for his safety. Sure he might have just broken every bone in his body, but we still laughed when it happened. We couldn't help it.

I know. You (and most other people) define humor as emotion. That's cool. Yet for the longest time, I've seen them as different things. (Believe it or not, I'm not the only one.)

I have to confess that there's a lot of art in which my response isn't primarily emotional (although admitedly it could be in others), but strong nevertheless (e.g., Bach, early-Mozart, late-Richard Pryor, Jackson Pollock). But as you said, the nature of any response to art could vary widely from person to person.

This image that you post, for example, evokes (to me) sadness, which compounds the humor in it (hence my flippant first response, for I have a tendency to view things with a degree of detachment).

I don't know if this makes sense, but this seems to be a double message that's coming simultaneously (as opposed to alternately). Moreover, that message is paradoxical (and reading some of the comments--the sepculation of whether what's behind the screen is a drawing, photograph, or mannequin--really augments my perception of it as such). I wouldn't see it as an optical illusion--you know, the kind where you stare at the old lady's face long enough, she turns into a picture of a young woman. I would see this as more a perceptual illusion.

Anonymous said...

If you've changed your mind about wanting to see this content, you can ESCAPE.

Flickr is funny.
I don't want to escape.
Or maybe I want to escape with that figure behind the screen.

foam said...

actually, when i think of humor a bit further, i think of it as a reaction to a stimulus. you mention the banana peel which brings to mind that the reaction of humor to certain situations is as highly individualized as is the reaction to a work of art, whether it is a visual art, the written word or music. i don't laugh at the banana peel scenario, btw. in the same way, certain types of slapstick humor do not appeal to me whereas my sons howl in laughter over them.

i started reading the jstor article over my 1st cup of joe this morning. alas, i only had access to one page. .

anyway, perhaps what is important in this discussion, regardless if humor is an emotion or not, is that stimuli, in this case art, usually evokes some kind of reaction, even if the reaction could be considered nonemotional. as you said, your reactions to certain works of art may or not be primarily based on emotions but are strong nontheless. perhaps, it can be said that different emotions are reactions to stimuli much of the time.

actually, your first comment took me a bit by surprise (not in a bad way). i felt curious about the emotion you experienced and the fact that you considered this work of art somewhat whimsical.
thanks for clarifying.

btw., the article brings up point #5 why many folks think amusement/humor is an emotion. it brings forth a sense of pleasure. in my first comment i said that looking at whimsy brings forth a sense of pleasure. i don't equate whimsy and humor to have the same meaning, btw. however, the result of humor, being amused, usually also brings forth a sense of pleasure. and, sometimes, humor and whimsy do walk hand in hand.


perhaps she would escape with you .. :)
actually, i flagged my own content. you can do that on flickr which i like. since this photo is public folks view it at their own risk. and i don't think this image is offensive in anyway. this is so different then photobucket where this image would have been censored. .... which is something that has happened to me before.

X. Dell said...

I get your point about distinguishing whimsy and humor. Nevertheless, I do like this image, and I think it's brilliant for the reasons I've outlined in the above comments. More important, I would have thought the same if I didn't know the artist or recognize her (i.e., if I didn't have a pro-Foam bias, which of course I do).

Middle Ditch said...

(wolf whistle) Brilliant!!!

foam said...

thanks, ..
i am glad you liked it.
and i don't mind a pro-Foam bias in the least.
as a matter of fact i'm myself ..

middle ditch,
and what a loud whistle it was! thanks!

Ruela said...

I love it ;)
very nice!

foam said...

thanks, ruela .. :)

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