Saturday, March 13, 2010

Foam's Lament (with happy ending and strategic lisp)

Oh dear, o me, o my.
What's become of my fly?
Trembling hands find it to be rather stuck.
Caught zip in britches is unpropitious!
No pith! ... I'm in a muck!

My hand pulls quite graceless
The fly that's not blameless
When, hark! A firm yank frees zip gone amok.
Freed wee can now move with ease quite shameless.
To pith! .. I'm in such luck!

Inspiration for the subject matter and use of the "p" word in this bit of silly poetry nonsense goes directly to Sir Percy Bisque Silley who is the very talented host of a silly poetry contest. (Link:
Reading the entries of our own dear Lady Dianne, Sir Percy, J Cosmo Newbery and other talented bloggers has been quite diverting and entertaining.

PS: Thanks also to Percy Bysshe Shelley even though he's rather dead and would turn in his grave.

A Lament by Shelley


HLiza said...

You all are such a creative bunch..too bad my language command is so bad..

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Newbery. NewBERY. BERY. One R.


But I am pleased to see your entry into the the realms of native bearers and pith helmets and...what...oh, that thort of pith! Thorry.

foam said...

but i think your command of the english language is excellent.

j cosmo newbery,
thorry! oops, sorry!
it's not necessarily a submission into the contest. i'm just acknowledging the source of inspiration.

Jean said...

LOL... and that Silley person says that women can't compose poetry.
pshaw I say! pshaw!!!

Pamela said...

not pith as in 'pith on thithter thuthie" snort.

I enoyed. and that would have been a fun meme to have taken part.

foam said...

thanks for the praise .. lol. hopefully, sir silley is
jesting while jousting? but then, one never can be sure.

pith on thuthie? i thudder!
if you thought this was fun you should check out silley's poetry contest. better and funnier poems can be found there.

dianne said...

That my dearwest Lady Foam ith bwilliant and twould be a fine exsample of powetic pwose to enter in the competition ... we be sso pweased that you sshould almost ssertainly win.

Lady Dianne. xoxox ♡

dianne said...

Bwavo!! :) xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Lady Dianne,
i am so pweathed that you have enjoyed my wee (pun, get it? pun) ;) bit of thilly pithy pwothe. i had fun putting it together.
besides being inspired by the silley's pithy word, it is also based on an incident that happened to me at school.i had taught several classes in a row when i finally had a wee bit of time to go. i found myself waiting to get into the loo and then this happened .. :). i made it just in time to my next class.

dianne said...

Dear Lady Foam,
I hate that when you are bursting to go and there is a pleased you made it.
I hope you are going to enter your pwose in the competition. :) xoxo ♡

Lady Dianne. x

foam said...

pwobably not.... :) it be a busy time for me this week
with doctor's appointments, another mri with contrast
(ugh, so not looking forward to glowing in the dark), having to go out of town to see a neurosurgeon. i may not be around much on ze blogs, but then again i might.

Anonymous said...

aha ha haha ha

another fabulous foam poem

this one is a winner!

× × ×


foam said...

i certainly had fun with it.

X. Dell said...

Mighty funny. Good on ya'.

foam said...,
thanks .. :)

SJ said...

Very good one ... but isn't this how you usually talk anyways?

foam said...

no, no, no, no.. sj ..
not everybody talks the way you do..

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