Friday, February 12, 2010


this is what happens when you
injure your back
and you can't move
and you are laid up..

you plop that laptop
on your chest
and mess around


K9 said...

yay! i heartily approve! (but sorry you are laid up)

Mariana Soffer said...

We are all humans after all (Sorry I feel like using popular expressions that end up having no meaning unless you take off the lack of it that covers the original message). Nice post

Helene said...

You are so creative! Ruela better watch out! You are going to be competition!

Hope the back is better soon! Ohhh I remember that pain... sooooo sorry for you hun! xo

boneman said...

well, there's that (how did you do that?) and then there's looking at silly things that make you laugh.

YOu sure do have some pretty countryside there, gal. Snow or no, (wait...are those trees flashing?! That's illegal in North Carolina!) it sure is a fine place to live.

SJ said...

I see a glow but seems that's not your health. Now hurry up and get up!

Anonymous said...


sorry to hear you
are ailing... (try ale-ing!)

love your flashing woodland scene -- makes me want to eat at joe's! :)

wishing you well soon

× × ×


foam said...

thanks, k9...
and talking about being laid up...
i really pulled a number on my back..
there have been days when i couldn't get out of bed by myself..

it's okay to use a cliche or idiom at times. sometimes they hit the nail on the head ..


thanks! i do so hope my back gets better soon.
the pain has been unbearable at times. i can really sympathize with folks who have had back issues now.

i did this with photoshop. i used two frames of the same photo (one slightly altered) and put them in a continous loop. yes, nc is nice in that it is diverse. mountains to the west, the ocean to the east.

lordy, i wish i could hurry up and get back to normal.

i should try some aleing. it would be interesting to see how that interacts with the meds i'm on.
happy hearts to you too!

HLiza said...

Sorry that you're injured..ouch it must hurt there..take rest and play more photoshops!

Jean said...

I am a hopeless tech-tard.
YOU, howsomever, work magic!

I've had bad back pain. Enough to put me on medical leave for five months. I hope to never experience that again. Do everything you have to to get better, Foam.

ANNA-LYS said...

Get well soon
but dont jump
on Your feet
to quickly
float on that
creative wave
Your sooo ON


Anonymous said...

Get better soon. What have you done?

But the artwork is good to see.

Happy Hearts to you!

Ruela said...

You are an artist!
Love it!

Helene lol!

Be better soon!

Little Lamb said...

You must be more careful with your back. Pain is no fun.

puerileuwaite said...

Even in the forest I apparently cannot escape the paparazzi.


Middle Ditch said...

All my sympathy. Good shot!

The Phosgene Kid said...

beautiful. Hope your back gets better...

foam said...

lordy i hope so too...


no.. those are motion detector cameras that are supposed to take photos of the odd stray dog that pees on my trees ..

yes no fun at all..

thank you! :)

thanks. rolf. what have i done? i was just trying to bring in some firewood when our power went out during a snowstorm the other day. all i did was bend and then it happened. in germany we called it a hexenschuss. apparently i have a pinched nerve which along with the back spasms is causing all kinds of havoc back there.

my mind demands that i get well soon. however. m body is not cooperating. so i reckon i'll do a bit more floating .. :)

5 months? yikes! and i'm not v ery far from being a .. tech-tard .. what an expression, btw .. :)

yep it hurts. i do have some meds that help alleviate the pain though. and i plan on working with photoshop some more.

Mo said...

lucky your fingers and eyes were not injured. Hope your back isn't too painful. Still makes for great art

Anonymous said...

Hexenschuss (I have learned a new german word)
In swedish ryggskott (rygg is back and skott is schuss)

I hope you are getting better,
and next time don't forget to stretch

Anonymous said...

And häxa is the swedish word for hexe.

Pamela said...

If I look at that very long I'm going to get dizzy!

chickory said...

any better? hexenschuss aint no joke. put the lime in the coconut and call me in the morning ooooo weee ooooo

Carol said...

Nice! It reminds me of times when there has been lightening during a snowstorm.

Sorry to read that your back is not behaving.

Good thoughts your way...

Ricardo said...

Oh no, hope you're OK. Back injuries suck! Feel better. Cool pic.

Anonymous said...

so true, but you have to watch the fuilds or you might get shocked...

dianne said...

Oh Foamy dear I remember you mentioning hurting your back a little while ago, I'm so sorry that I haven't checked in on you as I normally do and sorry to hear that you are still in pain and hope you will soon be well. ♡
You do live in a beautful place and I love your 'flashing' photo, it reminds me of a lightning storm here in the forest. xoxox ♡

foam said...

thanks for all the comments! much appreciated! it is presently a bit hard answering everybody while i'm laying flat.

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