Saturday, February 20, 2010

portrait of foam* ..


i'm still flat on my
back for the most part.
primarily, because sitting
hurts and after a while standing
and walking hurts too.
so, i dither away the time leaving silly nonsensical
comments on your posts or none at all.
depends on how tired i am..

*any resemblance to the real foam
is pure coincidence..


HLiza said...

Oh poor gal..I hope you're in the mend..looks like sickness sparks creativity in you..he he..

Little Lamb said...

You are very artistic when you don't feel well.

Ruela said...

this is bad...
and this is good ;)
cool gif!

Carol said...

Very trippy!

Rest well, heal well.

I enjoy it any time you stop by my place!

Anonymous said...

cool picture....

dianne said...

Gosh Foamy dear I hope you will be OK soon.
It seems that having the time to rest has given you more time to be creative, very colourful gif. :)

I always enjoy your visits and comments. xoxo ♡

Jean said...

ah, you poor gal. Fingers crossed that you get much better soon.

Mo said...

Hope they are pangs of pain. Get well soon.

SJ said...

Turn baby turn!

Hope you get well soon... you saw a doc ?

Anonymous said...

but i'd always
pictured you with a head
attached to a body... and not so many
lines of radiant color shooting out of your detached spinning head -- still, i like this psychedelic foam very much -- wish you well soon <3

× × ×


puerileuwaite said...

There is nothing funny about pain. Believe me, I've tried to think of something. Get well, gorgeous.

X. Dell said...

Es tut mir lied your back hurts so. I could come down there and walk on it, if you think that'll help.

X. Dell said...

One of the things I notice immediately about that photograph is that there's no pause button on it.

foam said...

i have no idea if i'm on the mend. tomorrow i go for an mri and we shall take it from there.

little lamb,
it takes my mind off back issues. if my pain was head related or i had to deal with nausea i couldn't do this.

ruela, thanks! it bee fun messing with the program.

i enjoy stopping by your place. you have a neat blog ,, :)

sir thomas .. thanks :)

i hope to be okay soon! this is not quite what i had in mind for this time of the year. really, the timing sucks .. it's a busy time of the school year. and you know, i always enjoy your visits too.

thanks, jean .. and do you mind crossing your toes too? it might just do the trick.

mo, i'm working on getting better :)

seeing the doc tomorrow again.

what radiant colors shooting out of my head? .. a detached spinning ,
head to boot? my dear man, you must be hallucinating. i see no such thing. anyways, thanks for the get well wishes .. ;)

thank you, pug. that's sweet of you. i do try to find the humor in my pain, but this time it's been a tough call.,
hahaha!!! know i'm a very visual person and having met you i can visualizr this scene quite well.
but, i've never been who wanted folks walking on their back. my husband likes that kind of thing at times. maybe you could come and walk on his back :)
and, nope .. no pause button. i have to work on that.

Anonymous said...

Sparkling, maybe you shall have something sparkling to drink.

Percy Bisque Silley said...

Silly is good...

foam said...

a sparkly drink sounds good, rolf. but not champagne or sekt.

well now, if this isn't a blast from the past .. :)
i visited your blog yesterday. your poetry challenge should be quite fun.

dianne said...

I hope the MRI went well Foamy dear, I hope you will soon be well, pain is an awful thing to bear, I see it in my son each day and how difficult it is to cope.
I also wanted to thank you for your friendship and all that you have done for me, your kind words of encouragement when I needed them so much, again thank you,I hope you can you sense how much I have grown personally and let go of the past. xoxo ♡

foam said...

i'm being denied an mri, dianne.

dianne said...

Oh Foamy that is terrible, why are you being denied an MRI?
Is it because of the medical system in your country or your health fund?
If so that is just a disgrace, everyone is entitled to a non invasive prodedure like this ... you can go to a public hospital through the emergency room here and it costs nothing, if you are referred by your GP it will cost around AUD$600 with a rebate of about half from Medicare.
Good luck, I hope they work something out for you like a CT scan so that you can get some answers and get the treatment you need to get better. xoxo ♡

foam said...

my state health insurance is denying the request for an mri. they say i can have one in 60 days counting from the 17th of feb. apparently it is based on the fact that my initial diagnosis was a muscle spasm and not a pinched nerve even though i told my doctor that i thought that is what i had. but when he asked if i felt tingling in my leg i said that what i primarily felt was immense pain and spasms radiating out from one area in my lower back. . since i've been on pain meds which has eased the pain somewhat i have noticed tingling and twitching up and down my legs which i didn't pay attention to when i first insured my back because the other pain was so immense. i brought the tingling up to my doctor who did another exam and submitted another request but the insurance is still going based on the first diagnosis.
the insurance company wants me to try 'conservative healing methods' before i get an mri.
but guess what. the reason for the mri request was to determine why the nerve is pinched so i can receive appropriate 'conservative' treatment in whatever form that may be. i called my insurance company. i can appeal this decision. they have a form online, but i found out that i can't fill it out online. i have to print it out and submit it in writing.
why anybody thinks the status quo of our health insurqnce in this country is good, is beyond me.
i've always known that it sucks.

dianne said...

That is just pathetic Foamy dear, I feel so sorry for you ... you're in enough pain without being mucked around by waiting times and having to fill out and submit hand written forms.
Back and nerve pain should be handled very carefully and it should not matter what the initial symptoms or diagnosis were, the tingling can be masked by the immense pain and an MRI should have been the first non-invasive test that was done to determine exactly what is causing the problem, before any treatment was undertaken whether it is 'conservative' or not.
I guess you are taking pain relief and maybe an anti-inflammatory for the moment and resting, I do hope that more can be done and you won't have to wait the 60days for something that would be routine here if you presented with those symptoms.
Meanwhile please try and stay positive and try to focus on when you will be well again and you will be, as chronic pain is very difficult to live with as you would know and can get you down.
Don't worry about work, you don't need any more stressors at the moment, they will just have to cope without you ... just concentrate on you and getting better.
Yes I think your health system needs a major overhaul.
Good luck little friend and lots of love. xoxo ♡

Ricardo said...

I hate reading that you are in such pain. Hope you are on the mend.

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