Thursday, February 25, 2010

for a change of scenery .. another portrait ..



Anonymous said...

aha ha ha

statue of foam

in pink

× × ×


boneman said...

it's a toss-up...
Oly,pic Foam?
(since it's snowing)
Ice Cream gathering Foam?

chickory said...

bring me your tired
your homeless

your frozen

happy floating foam. you got hurricane wind over there? we do.

foam said...

statue of foam in pink with foaming beer mug in hand ..

naaaaaah, neither, my good boneman ..
it's my foaming mug of beer.
can't you tell? .. :D

sure do, blowing quite a bit of wind outside ..
of course, that's the perfect time for my nincompoop neighbor to burn some yard rubbish.
but what does he care, eh? the winds blowing my way..

HLiza said...

Wow..leaping Foam! Love the scenery photo..and the naughty Foam..

Ruela said...

I love your changes ;)


foam said...

and the leaping is momentarily wishful thinking though..

foam said...

yeah.. they are silly, but fun .. :)

SJ said...

That's good you are silly but fun too :)

dianne said...

Very cute floating Foamy, in your pink dress, foaming beer in hand. :) xo ♡

puerileuwaite said...

Picture is unavailable. What kind of scam are you runnin', lady?


foam said...

sj, what would life be like without a bit of whimsy, eh?

dianne, thank you .. :)

really and truly? i don;t know why that sometimes happens. it's happened to me before. maybe you can try back later.

Anonymous said...

picture unavailable, but it was clickable.

I also thought it was the olympic fire you was playing with. Foam or fire, is there really a difference?

foam said...

HEY!!! it's doing the unavailable thing to me too now ..
but you can click on it and the image will show up.

Mo said...

Perfect. I want my potrait taken now.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

feeling better now?

Foamy, check out this post below. I have had some quite serious back injuries and much to my surprise there was something which did help.
But chiropractic did not!!!
(there's a link about that on the post as well...)

Hope that helps.
take care!

Aunty Belle said...



Ain't met ya yet, but I seen how ya come to check on Aunty, an how yore back done give out on ya'. Iffin ' Aunty were back I knowed she be comin' to see 'bout ya...her had a back issue too some years ago--well, I ain't too sympathetic over Aunty's back thang 'cause like a dern fool she lifted a rug that were too heavy. Squish! Herniated disk at L-5. Now warn't that a stoopid thang ter do? Paid fer it wif' 6 months of never sittin down, jes' standin' or layin'.

Anyhoo, please tell Mr. Foam that us'uns who read over Aunty's shoulder, we's real sorry to learn fo the troubles wif' his kidney stones. Mercy but y'all clanfolk up thar' has had a time of it. We's prayin' ya git a rainbow real soon.

Ruby & Elmer

laughingwolf said...

that an icecream or a torch? ;) lol

Mariana Soffer said...

It is always nice to see a cheerful and beautiful picture

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I knew her! She was in grade three with me!

The Phosgene Kid said...

So how many batteries does the object in your hand take??

Percy Bisque Silley said...

A beacon Worthy of the start of the New Millenium!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

was checking on you, how you were doing... hopefully better by now...

dianne said...

I just popped over to have another look at your portrait dear Foamy, it really is very cute. :)

Thanks for your support over at PBS's webpage, I really have started a war of words by getting involved, should have just ignored his first comment at my blog ... I don't know whether he is 'for real' or not? xo ♡

Anonymous said...

hey foamie,

hopin' yr on th mend
back in th saddle soonest

× × ×


foam said...

hey all! thanks for coming by to visit. i've enjoyed reading each and everyone of your comments.
i've had QUITE a bit of a time with the pain but that has finally abated which is good since i was able to come of the pain meds. at the end the meds also causing nausea. i'm not quite in the saddle yet although i am getting around and have had to deal with the lingering nausea that apparently can happen when you go off the meds .... tsk .... thank goodness for good old ginger. i can sit for a bit, but not for long. my left leg is weaker then the right. next week i go for an mri so we can finally figure out what is what.
i just wish i wasn't claustrophobic ..

X. Dell said...

Wow. That looks just like you.

Carol said...

I like your fun picture!

Just read your comment about claustrophobia and an MRI. They have really good drugs for that stuff, ya know! I had a great time during my shoulder MRI. :-)

Helene said...

looked like a shoe in your hand to me! heheh and errr nice hair! =]

Happy Friday gf! Hope you feel well enough to enjoy it!

dianne said...

I'm so pleased that your pain is abating, sorry to hear of the nausea, yes thank goodness for ginger.

Finally an MRI!

Don't stress about the claustrophobia sweetie, they can give you something that will make you completely relaxed and you won't be concerned about anything. xoxo ♡

foam said...

you would know ..

and thanks all of you again!

Ricardo said...

That young lady hasn't care in the world.

Pamela said...

I love the pink.
reminds me of shrinky dinkies

AlmightyHeidi said...

Ohh I cant beleive I missed this pic :) hahaha LOVE IT!!

foam said...

and i believe you are quite the master at these little stick figures too .. ;)

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