Friday, December 18, 2009

snow is falling hard ....

and i've spent the morning preparing for the last days of my mother's life ...

now i feel like reminiscing and revisiting old posts from the schaumi days when my
blog was known as the foaming moan. and, yes, i'm planning on reposting them ..
so, if you hate to read old news .. you can skip these posts.


The true meaning of the foaming moan titleThe Meaning of “the foaming moan” title:

It’s not as if a bunch of folks have inquired after the meaning or idea behind my blog title. I believe two all together.
But it doesn’t take a whole bunch of folkses to make me feel rather important (which is rather pitiful) and, therefore, I feel compelled to reply.
Sometimes I do tend to go into rather more detail than I ought to , sometimes I don’t double-space when I ought to or correct spelling (my stupid spell check doesn’t seem to work) sometimes I have a hard time getting to the point like now. But here goes:

1. the - I wanted my title to have a definite article, therefore the word "the"

2. foaming: My blog name is schaumi (used to be schauml and I may change it back to that).
Schaum in German means foam. My German grandmother's (on my mothers side)
maiden last name is made up of a compound word containing the German word

3. moan - Well, I thought I’d find myself moaning and groaning on this blog, and perhaps I do, but really not so much as I thought....

So, I could leave it at that as far as the title is concerned, but
there is more. I knew my blog name would be “schauml” but “the foaming moan” title was not my first choice of titles.

My German mother's ma (my grandmama) inherited a pub. My mother was born over this pub. Said pub was eventually drunk away by my alcoholic granddaddy. Grandmama divorced alcoholic granddaddy after giving birth to two children. Grandmama married another man and gave birth to 3 more children. Grandmama and that step granddaddy opened up a knittery. They owned knitting machines and made costum designed knit clothing. My mother talks about wearing costum designed knit wool bathing suits. She also modeled the knit wool clothes they designed. She was quite a looker.

(Because this was a family run business my mother was sent to Dresden to learn the trade - and that is a whole other blog perhaps as that place got bombed out while she was studying to be a textile engineer. My 82 year old mama is by profession actually one of the first female textile engineers in postwar Germany. In one factory she worked, an old manager gave the owners an ultimatum: It's either her or me. He got the boot. She had increased production and modernized their designs.) So, I’m digressing once again:

By postwar Germany my grandmama's knitting business had already gone kaplui due to the fact that she was accidentally shot in the cheek and died during the last two weeks of the war. This is an incident I described in a previous post. Sometime during the 50's my mother's younger sister and her husband decided to open up a yarn shop. This yarn shop was successfully operated by my aunt and her husband (well my aunt died in the late 60s) until the late 80’s/early 90’s when it was sold to other owners. The yarn shop to this day still exists as far as I know.

I grew up over this yarn shop. My mother, my brother and I (my dad had passed away) lived over this yarn shop. It was here that I learned to knit, crotchet, do needlepoint and hook rugs from the ladies that worked in that yarn shop. Working with fibers has been an important part of my life since than and I did think about calling my blog "The Fibrous Moan" ......however, somehow, well, I don’t know but that title just brought visions of bowel...well, never mind what it brought visions of...

Besides spending a lot of after school time in my uncle's yarn shop I would sometimes alternate weekends at different relative’s houses which were located in neighboring villages. At one village one of my relatives raised pigs and cows. He did not have a large operation. I never saw more than 20 pigs there and never more than a handful of cows, but he did sell these animals to butchers for slaughter. I occasionally got to help feed the pigs. I'd carry that slop bucket to the pig sty and swish it into their feed bin. Ahhhh, the smells and grunts......what memories. I was quite fond of doing this, so I would often sneak down to the pig sty and make that swishing movement with my arms and imitate the sound of the slop coming out of the bucket, a kind of shhhhhhh sound, and those porkers would just come grunting out of their naps and hustle on over to the feed bin only to find the few weeds that I had pulled on my way down there. I had to be sneaky about this as my relative was not fond of my teasing his pigs. I really did think about naming my blog "The Sloppy Moan", and although oddly appropriate sounding, I just decided not to go with that one either...

Now, on other weekends I would often spend the weekend with another set of relatives in another village. These folks ran a pub, quite successfully, surprise, surprise..... I was an extremely helpful little relative and I was often sent on errands down into the wine and beer cellar. This was a rather dank and dark wine cellar with sandstone steps that had been worn down with the ages. As a matter of fact, that cellar was much older than the over 100 plus year old house which was over it. I would bravely venture into the dimly lit cellar to carry down empty wine bottles and bring back full wine bottles. At one time I had quite a collection of wine labels as I would soak the empty wine bottles in soapy and very foamy water which would safely loosen the wine labels. The smell of stale wine odor wafting out of empty bottles actually brings back fond memories. Based on these memories and playing with obvious word associations I thought about calling my blog "The Whiney Moan" and while once again seemingly appropriate I just decided not to go with that title either, so there....

And then I thought again about my grandmama's maiden last name that contains the world "schaum" and the fact that she and other relatives owned pubs. I thought about all the beer I saw “zapfed” from the keg, and while never allowed to "zapf" beer from the keg myself, I was observant enough to remember how different types of beer need to be poured and what glasses they need to be poured in and how the foam (Schaum) ought to look like on an appropriately poured glass of beer. .................and then I thought, "Hey! Schaum - Foam and I'll probably end up moaning and’s “the foaming moan”......

So there you have it.


ANNA-LYS said...

(( hug ))

HLiza said...

Thanks for posting this again..I did guess the 'foam' has something to do with some wine foam but this post confirmed it. Your childhood experiences were so's like reading a stroybook when I read your post line by line..over here yarn and knitting is non-existent; nobody wear anything made of wool and pig farms are strictly owned by I've never even seen them; but there are quite a few here.

Nice moaning there!

PS: Praying your mom is well and will be with us longer..

AlmightyHeidi said...

Love you Foam..thansk for the pic of the snow, I really miss t, being in Florida..for some reason I REALLY REALY miss it this year.

dianne said...

Beautiful photo dearest Foamy, I have never seen snow like that just a very light fall of snow many years ago when I went to the mountains, it was very pretty as some sheep had gathered under some bushes for shelter and it just looked so lovely.

My thoughts are very much with you at this time in your life, as a daughter myself I know how sad you must feel about your loving Mom...
I hope her passing is peaceful. ♡

Thank you for sharing those really wonderful and interesting childhood memories with us and the many thoughts that went into the naming of your blog, I enjoyed reading about you as a little Foamlet.
It is good to reminisce and reflect on the past at times like this for I think it makes the whole situation easier to bear and prepares us for what is ahead.

My thoughts are with you dear friend...
Love Dianne xo ((another hug)) ♡

Anonymous said...

Very interesting reading.

Pamela said...

I pray that it comes with swift mercy...and there are many arms to wrap around those of you who mourn.

Thanks for the re-post. I enjoyed it.

Mariana Soffer said...

Just wanted to send you a hug dude

SJ said...

This was really good to read more so since I wasn't around for the first serving.

I now know I can let you order a beer for me with the right kind of foam :)

foam said...

anna-lys ..
a big ((kram))
back at you.

yes, i had a happy childhood visiting these relatives.
my uncle did not really have a pig farm. he kept about 10 pigs and some cows which he kept on a field. these he would sell to local butchers who would slaughter them and sell them in their butcher shops.
i appreciate the prayers for my mother ..

sweet heidi,
my oldest blogging mate (in terms of blogging with me for 4 years, not in terms of her age .. :)
it's good to see you here. i know you are going through some rough patches yourself (yes, i do keep up at times on google reader) a, so i appreciate it.

you've gone through this just very recently. i know it was hard for you. and you've gone through this with your mother just a few years ago.
and i do know that other bloggers have similar stories and understand ..
yes, the snow is beautiful and it was distracting, although it is keeping me from visiting my mother at present. road conditions are hazardous at present. we have gotten twice as much snow since i took this picture. it's been a while since we've had this much snowfall although we often times get a dusting to 2 to 3 inches.

thanks, rolf .. :)

yes, it's coming .. and since it is i hope it's swift and merciful too. thanks so much for your prayers.

thanks, mariana soffer ..
i appreciate it. i have a cousin who calls me dude at times .. i get a kick out of it .. :)

foam said...

we posted around the same time ..
i know exactly the kind of beer i would order for you ...
kinderbier!! .. :) .. with a good head a foam on it too.
(as you can see, mourning hasn't taken the meanness outta me .. :)

Anonymous said...

I heard it on the news. Snowstorms from North Carolina to Tennesse. Obama did hurry home from Copenhagen to be able to arrive before the storm.

But did they save us from the climate change?

Take care, don't be on the roads.

foam said...

yes, this snow stretched all throughout the appalachian mountain range i believe. we received about 12 inches of snow, ca. 30 cm.

copenhagen? haven't paid much attention to it, but i heard the outcome was rather pitiful ..

ANNA-LYS said...

How are You, dear Foamie?

ANNA-LYS said...

Into the light we travel

(( kram ))

Anonymous said...

moan on,
foaming one


Aunty Belle said...

lovely snow photo.

I'se so sorry Sugar to learn of yore mama's distress--an' yores.

Our mamas are about the same age--Granny will turn 82 in a few days. She is now tended to some by Hospice--so ya knows her own death could be jes' days--or if her will wins out, she might make it a few months.

Readin' back'ards I see how yore own mama ain't takin' nourishment--cain't imagine how worrisome this is fer ya.
Well, you and me knows there ain't too much folks can say. Still, I'se addin' you and yore mama to mah own prayers. I pray for serenity--fer her and her baby foamin' girl. Serenity and strength fer the days ahead.

I loved readin' about yore childhood. Y'all is special folks.

Foam on!

Cynthia said...

Thank you for sharing your life.
Amazingly honest and engrossing.
I am so sorry to hear of your
mother's journey to her resting

Pete Bogs said...

Who could not love a blog that has Steely Dan tunes?

Strength to you at this tough time.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I used to eat Schaum torts as a kid.
Snow, ha, ha,ha... Oh forgive, some people actually like snow... 75 here today!!!

Anonymous said...

"it's a hard snow gonna fall"

-bob dylan freezing

× × ×


laughingwolf said...

zum wohl, meine freunde :)

merry christmas to you and yours, foamy!

Anonymous said...

FOAM and the MOANERS :)

× × ×


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

great explanation!

wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!

Hope, you're less stressed than I am!
love, SSG

Aunty Belle said...

have a blessed hug yore mama fer us.

ANNA-LYS said...

God Jul, my friend!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy Christmas!!!

dianne said...

I made it Foamy dear, getting to visit you all very slowly.

I wanted to come by here and wish you blessings at Christmas my dear friend, so too Mr Foam and the Foamlets and your dear Mom. xo ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Christmas comes but once a year
And perhaps it's just as well.
With food and drink and bonhomie
Our tummy's prone to swell.

But it is a chance to tell our friends
The ones too oft neglected,
That we're glad they're there
A friendship much respected.

Thank you.
May you Christmas be merry and the New Year everything you wish for.

Middle Ditch said...

Foam, I hope you are okay. Wishing you a good time at Christmas. I know it's hard.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. I've said some tough good byes in my time, but those close to you never really leave, they get to live on in your heart.

Hope you have a good New Years.

Ruela said...

Fantastic! I love the pic!

Anonymous said...

god i love your pictures.....


X. Dell said...

I've known this story for awhile, but it's good to revisit old news. That you have to post it at all shows that you've grown beyond your old readership.

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