Sunday, November 1, 2009

welcome to my breakdown ...

ps: thanks, ruela!!
..for the youtube link..


Devin said...

Hey thanks for this foam (and ruela) I think the iconic Mr Cooper lives in my neck of the woods -altho in a much more tony zip code of course!! I love the part with V Price at the end!! all the best to you -hope you are starting off to a great November!!

foam said...

i believe you might be right, devin.
plus he spends much time playing golf, i believe.

dianne said...

Foamy dear you're not really having a breakdown are you? I sure hope not.
He's a strange character that Mr Cooper, I have never been to a concert or watched one on TV, he has been accused of some gruesome acts, don't know if they're true.
I watched an interview with him on TV and he seemed quite charismatic, eye make up and all. ♡

Lady Prism said...

Perfect spookiness! hehehe! ^_^

bearly domesticated boneman said...

well, that was the epitome of scary outfits, gal.
Gonna be hard to top that for next year, I'm thinking.

Little Lamb said...

Nightmares are scary.

puerileuwaite said...

Darn. I was hoping you'd dress up as D.B. Cooper and parachute over Pug Forest.

Anonymous said...

i was hoping
you'd dress up as
mini cooper and motor over to castle /t.

× × ×


Anonymous said...

nice nightmare

I had a nightmare this night, it was not so nice,

foam said...

i'm thinking about it .. that breakdown, that is ..

well, i think his gruesome acts in the realm of the macabre were limited to the stage .. an act you know? he actually grew up in a very devout family and has become a born again christian. he was a raging alcoholic at one time though but has been sober for a while now.

lady prism .. :)
yes! even the zombie at the halloween party thought i looked creepy .. lol ..

next year i might be alex from clockwork orange .. although, come to think of it probably not .. i'm too old for that.
i might be jake blue .. you know, the short one (belushi) from the blues brothers.

little lamb,
yeah .. i usually force myself to wake up ..
i have a vague memory of having a nightmare last night.

yeah, i could do that next year. any mullah i might have though would be play money though .. :)

i could do that too .. head to castle /t.
let's see ... all i do is head north until everything turns white, right?
and then i turn due west and then when everything turns flat and i find a coulee with a grill and a lightbulb sculpture and deer eating the yard, i'm there .. right?

yea ..
you know? i had on last night too, i think. i just have this uneasy vague memory of an unpleasant dream.

Anonymous said...


foam said...

yeah .. :)

SJ said...

So you went as yourself?

X. Dell said...

I never realized how much you look like Alice Cooper.

Most of the time, though, you kinda look like a cross between Alainis Morrisette and an old friend of mine from France.

Perhaps you're the love child of all three?

foam said...

of course .. ..
except i'm way too old to be these people's love child ..
but, remember that thing that some of us did a few years ago where you put in a photo to see which famous person you looked like. there's one photo i put in and it said i looked like alanis morisette ...
i had to google her. i had forgotten who she is.

but, the reality is that i don't look like any of these people at all ..
not really at all ..

Anonymous said...

Yes, Effes was a very good beer. (I like light lager)

I have no plan to go to a warmer climate. I'm just dreaming.

I hope it will be some sunny days here this winter, but now it is only darkness and rain and rain.....cold rain...

Ruela said...


You are Alice sister?


foam said...

effes, you say? never heard of it. and a light lager during hot summer months can be rather nice.
i'm wishing you many sunny winter days, btw.

foam said...

hahaha ..
suuuure ... why not?

Devin said...

foam-thanks so much for stopping by my blog -I think you are one of three or four people I write for anymore when they get a chance to comment-so I really appreciate it-i enjoyed your comment at Xdell's too!! -very true indeed
I don't know about her "art" but I think Alanis Morrisette is beautiful- ok I admit it-I did like the "every time I scratch my nails down someone elses back you feel it" song:-)
I think Cooper lives in Paradise Valley AZ and does indeeed play lots of golf and I think Stevie Nicks lives in the same town also-dont know about golf with her tho! all the best to you and your family!!

foam said...

i enjoy your blog! it's my pleasure to stop by there .. :)
alanis morrisette is a beautiful woman ...
and i don't really look like her at all.

paradise valley .. don't know much about paradise valley except that it's located in those beautiful arizona mountains?
you know? i've never been to arizona ..

Middle Ditch said...

Late ..... But ..... Nice one!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I was misspelling and I had never heard about Efes before my trip to Turkey

Efes Beer Group is Europe’s 5th largest and world’s 14th largest beer producer. Efes
Beer Group has operations in 5 countries with 15 breweries, 6 malt factories and 1
hops processing facility, and is among the leading producers in the region. The
Group operates in Russia, Turkey, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Georgia with a
production capacity of 35 million hectoliters of beer and 245,000 tons of hops. In
addition to these countries, Efes Beer Group has a 28 percent partnership in Serbia.
In accordance with its policy of creating quality beer and effective brand portfolio,
Efes Beer Group enjoys more than 30 different brands and 150 products covering the
large, fast-growing and profitable segments of its markets.

laughingwolf said...

coolios foamy... stay in the bright light, it helps! :)

foam said...

well, i see why i am not familiar with the beer. i've not traveled to those regions ...

yes, i will try to do that .. :)

Anonymous said...

of course,
the light at the
end of that dark tunnel
turns out to be a giant bug zapper

× × ×


Pamela said...

my connection keeps jerking and I can't get the full effect.

foam said...

i be careful .. :)
i'll send a volunteer first ..
you wanna volunteer?

what a jerk ..
you connection of course .. :)

Anonymous said...


i volunteer little lamb

× × ×


foam said...

but the wool will sizzle and stink up the place ...
oh, what the hey..!
volunteer little lamb all you want ..

Helene said...

lol hope life is feeling less broken down today Foam! =]

foam said...

i've been taking itty bitty mini steps to address those issues, helene .. :)

Anonymous said...

It get dark earlier for every day now. It is dark when I go to work in the morning and it is dark when i leave the office in the afternoon.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi! interesting meme-outcome! And I must say, I loved the pic from your walk! But what the hell was that with quetschekuchen and stuff like that???

Re the new toy... well interesting, but I have to tell you I use the PC mainly for writing (am an author!) all my artistic crap happens either on the walls or on canvas...

however it surely wouldn't hurt me to get to know a little more about what the PC can do... sadly: no time! Stuff like that will have to wait. But thanks for the interesting inspiration!

here's something you might find interesting:

I am really curious, how have you experienced it? Probably not quite as dramatic, or? were you far away or also right in the middle of it? I'm curious!

And if you have time, I would also like your opinion on that one:
Don't you think it's really weird, that the Germans don't even know it exists? Why do you think that is? just ignoring it or are they just so fed up with the entire subject? or do they really not know or simply don't care?

foam said...

am off to work ..
will respond to this in a bit .. :)

Ricardo said...

I should change the name of my blog to that.

foam said...

me too .. :/

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