Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a pollock for k9

inspired by pollock

our beloved k9
has found a neat new toy ...
the pollock toy at

without getting messy you can
make your own pollock ....
procrastinate from doing other stuff..
how neat is that?

she's asked for contributions ..
so, this one is for you, k9 ..


K9 said...

oh MAN this is the best one by far. you really worked it out -you found a way to overcome the limitations of the tool. somebody call leo castelli!! thanks foamer! you da best.

foam said...

this was fun to do ..
i needed this distraction.

SJ said...

This is so you :)

foam said...


K9 said...

how did you get the solid pink background? thanks for yours, SJ.

foam said...

i tweaked the colors ... :)

ANNA-LYS said...

Hello my friend, I see what You have been up to lately :-) Me? I feel like I hardly have time to breathe. My research is in a very very intense period ... I miss hanging around here in the Blogosphere, guess there is a time for everything...

(( Love ))

Lady Prism said...

a pollock...

me don's know that is...
the Pollock thing...
What's it for?

Is it a name?
Someone's name?

*the things I have to discover...Off to Google Uni!

Devin said...

This is fascinating foam! Very cool-I want to try also. I know who Pollock is-but am I stupid for not knowing who Leo Castelli is? All the best to you and your family!!

Anonymous said...

this is
a good one, foamie

canadian artist j.e.h macdonald did a beautiful painting called "the tangled garden" -- i saw it in our national gallery long ago and it's been one of my favorites ever since -- for some reason, your JP reminds me of this

× × ×


The Phosgene Kid said...

Looks like my neighbors vines that continue to grow over my wall.

foam said...

be careful then. be very, very careful ...
they might come and get you .. :)

i went to the link you sent. it IS a beautiful painting. very organic and i love the colors.

no, of course you are not stupid for not knowing who castelli is.
he was an art dealer and gallery owner who exhibited works of art by pollock, raushenberg and some other artists at the time who were considered the 'avant-garde'.

pollock is an american abstract expressionist. there's lots of info on him on the web if you are interested ..

always good to see you in the blogosphere. hope your research is going well. i do keep fairly busy ...
blogging, for me, is a type of stress relieve though ...

Little Lamb said...

That's neat!

dianne said...

That is awesome Foamy, really good art... how did you ever manage to 'tweak' the colours.
I was trying to choose certain colours for mine but each time I clicked I would get a blob of the colour I didn't want and had to keep clicking until I did then had to cover up the other colours...still mine didn't turn out too badly. xo ♥

foam said...

yes, isn't this a neat little toy that k9 found? i really have enjoyed seeing the different 'pollocks' at her site.
i loved yours. you found 'your' colors.
i just used whatever colors i got and kept on layering them. i used a photo editing device on preview to tweak the colors after i had to change the pollock to a jpg file to be able to upload it unto blogger.

dianne said...

Thanks for that Foamy dear, yes I 'found' my colours...well sort of.
I don't have 'preview' or a photo editng device only in Microsoft Word...nothing fancy. ♥

Bobby said...

You ever see the movie about his life? He peed in the fireplace with a room fulla people looking on in amazement. Now that's an artist.

Ricardo said...

I like this. This one came out nice too. I have to try this.

foam said...

yeah, he was actually a rather volatile alcoholic .....

foam said...

it was fun for a few minutes .. :)
a nice distraction from a day at work ..

Pamela said...

I must go see if there is any pollock in me.

There has been nothing for 12 months.

Ruela said...

a Follock :)

Anonymous said...

You are so much, a fan of both impressionism and expressionism

I must admit it is a fascinating painting you have created.

I muste google him up too

Anonymous said...

I have a dream
that one day this foam
will rise up to the top of the mug

I have a dream today

× × ×


foam said...

i do understand that ....

hahahaha ..
a follock for k9 ..
that ought to be the new title .. :)

yeah, but i'm also a fan of many different types of art ..
i'm rather eclectic in my tastes.

what a nice dream.
and i have a dream that one day i won't do what i'm doing for a living anymore.

AlmightyHeidi said...

I *LOVE* procrastinating!!

laughingwolf said...

neat... i thought it was some underbrush for a minute ;)

Ruela said...

«a follock for k9»

That's great ;)

Master piece!

Aunty Belle said...

oh!wunnerful depth! colors but bold drk--Foamy youse mastered the toy to tell your story.

I played wif that thang fer half an hour--mesmerizin' ain't it?

now I'se gotta go see who Leo is ....but he woan have nuthin ' on Foamy!

Aunty Belle said...

hmmmnn...took a looky at /t's link of tangled garden--lovely.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I'm glad you explained it. "A pollock for K9" sounded a tad rude.

puerileuwaite said...

You can always spot the forgeries. For instance, notice how there is an extra red line spanning grid locations T-34 through Q53.

foam said...

me too! it's my bestest specialty .. :)

laughingwolf ..
haha ... i can see that ..

you know it ..
a follock! .. lol ..

greherhahaha ..
that one deserves a k9 chuckle .. :)

what leo had was a gallery and artists ..
i have neither .. which is fine .. :)
/t.'s link to the tangled garden is lovely!
i totally agree.

darn it!
i should have know ....
grumble ..
you are one of those pesky
art forgery sniffing doggies ...
a pox on you!

Mariana Soffer said...

Pollock was a genious, it took me a while to get into him dough, did you know that intuitivelly he used fractal proportion is his stained canvas? he did not even know they where fractals?
Be well and interesting as allways dear foam.

foam said...

hey, its' good to see you out and about again. hope you are feeling well?
no, i didn't know that .. i suspect that artists may use many mathematical concepts intuitively ..
although some, of course, use them consciously ..

just like in music, eh?

X. Dell said...

I think I have my own creative means of pocrastination. But thanks for the suggestion.

foam said...

i'm sure you do, x.
... ;)

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