Saturday, November 21, 2009

just procrastinating from regular chores .. and exorcising an earworm ...


although, as far as earworms go it's not the worst one i've had ..


dianne said...

Well Foamy dear you have been having fun with your Apple computer, I like your artistic collage composition.
That's an old song and I only listened to about one minute of it as I have my own earworm at the moment which I am enjoying...'What If' by Coldplay ... who else? :) ♥

Rolf said...

An earworm is a song, tune, or commercial jingle that gets “stuck” in one's head, such that it seems to repeat itself involuntarily


Now I know

a loan translation of the German Ohrwurm

foam said...

yeah, it's more like having fun with photoshop ..
and i really don't know what i'm doing on it.
it is an old song. i like it but i need to get it out of my brain .. lol ..
of course your earworm would be 'what if' ...
and i have to admit i listened to about 30 seconds of it .. ;). i did read all the lyrics though.

Ja! Ich habe ein Ohrwurm. Und es geht mir bald auf die Nerven!! .. lol ..
I have a bike you can ride it if you like .. .. .. sigh ..

/t. said...

graphic, foam
photoshop is just the most
awesome image editing software ever

have fun with it -- and as for the exorcism... ok, i'm in until you start spinning your head around 360 and projectile vomiting across the room

have a great weekemd and be sure to post more of these graphics

× × ×


K9 said...

how very rauschenberg of you with an awesome soundtrack. foamy, you are an artiste. love LOVE the new avatar. i hate vampire culture.

SJ said...

I was cleaning my ears when reading this and was actually thinking of a post based on that. We are on the same page or organ :)

puerileuwaite said...

The key is to lure the earworm out with a carefully placed bottle of nearly empty tequila aligned perpendicular to the ear itself. Remember to select the ear that the earworm is perceptibly closest to in order to minimize foot traffic. Independently confirm that earworm is deceased in said bottle of tequila prior to (* preferably) oral* consumption of remainder of bottle contents.

HLiza said...

Ha ha if Rolf didn't mention that I'll be thinking you're having some kind of infection there..
The computer art is nice and unique!

Little Lamb said...

I need to do new post, too.

foam said...

thanks.. :)
i fiddle around with it at times. most of the time i don't even safe what i come up with.
i really need to be able to spin my head all the way around. i bet it would get rid of all kinds of cricks .. :)
.. and perhaps that earworm of mine ..
i promise not to puke though ..

i'm an arTIste? wow!!! .. nevermore will i be just a plain wanna be artist again .. lol ..
i thought the buffy stakes edward button was a hoot.
as far as vampires go. i actuallly like 'em. have liked them for about 40 years .. you know, since i've been about negative 5 years old .. ;). but the vampire culture is a bit much. you should have heard some of my colleagues discussing the new sparkly vampire movie .. lol .. i've actually read all those books since i wanted to know what my young son was reading.

cleaning your ears? what an image that brings to mind. i hate being such a visual person at times .. were you perhaps trying pug's remedy?

ugh ..
any minute i might have to break my promise to /t. and start projectile vomiting after all ...
i don't think i can do your recommonded remedy even though i'm sure you've had quite a bit of success with it yourself?
i haven't touched a bottle of tequila with a worm in it in 30 years .. you know, since i was about 5 or so .. :-]
over these past 30 years i've come to appreciate the nice sipping tequilas. no worm in them.

foam said...

no, no .. hehe .. no actually wormy in my ear .. whew!
what do you all call an earworm in malay?

little lamb,
why .. yes you do, little miss lambie ..
get with it now .. ;)

laughingwolf said...

coolios! now add this worm to the mix! ;) lol

Lady Prism said...

For awhile there I was wondering what an "earworm" (?????) could be - and what Pink Floyd had to do with it, ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

I learn so many things from you, hee! hee!

Now, I'm going to have to find someone and someway to use my expanding vocabulary courtesy of Foamy, hehe!

dianne said...

I will have to try and get photoshop for my computer, the possibilities look like fun ... I'm pleased you read all of the lyrics of 'what if'even if you couldn't bear to listen to the whole song, I found them relevant to my present situation. ♥

Winters Reaper said...

your page really rocks. I will come back to enjoy again.

foam said...

laughing wolf,
ah haha ..
another bike song.
have not heard that one in ages ..
i don't think it's working though.

glad to provide such interesting vocabulary. i had no idea that earworm was not widespread.

it's fun .. not really that easy though.
of course, i'm not reading any directions either .. :)

a winter reaper, eh?
well, welcome .. :)
visit anytime.
of course, you have no blog so i can't visit you.
although i'm wondering if i don't know you already.

X. Dell said...

I love the self-portrait. Beautiful.

foam said...

thank you,

Winters Reaper said...

sorry about that, I think i got it fixed and you can view my blog...

Ruela said...

nice work!!!

foam said...

thanks, ru .. :)

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