Monday, October 19, 2009

walks with foam .... and an added on sharky theme for /t. ....

on the beach .. summer 09..

(click to enlarge)

and, yes, i walked here too and took this picture .. ;)


HLiza said...

Oh what nice scenery your eyes had captured! You are so lucky!

Anonymous said...


some super nice
pics from foamland!

gorgeous place -- great photos!

× × ×


PS needs theme music -- maybe JAWS ;)

Jean said...

Looks like some Flo'da beaches 'round heah d;-)

SJ said...

Yes /t Jaws would be awesome. And some foam screams.

foam said...

hliza, yes...
it is lucky to be able to vacation like this with family and relatives ...
and thank goodness all the relative stuff lasts only for a week .. :)

your wish is my command .. but can you catch it? i hardly can .. lol ..

yeah, i remember them like that ..
but this is a nc beach .. :)

done did it .....
no foam screams though .... sorry ...
however, feel free to scream all you want ..

dianne said...

Glorious beach photos Foamy dear, a lovely place to be first thing in the morning and as the sun is setting, I love the one with the lamp on the shore. ♡

Anonymous said...

when you
thought it safe
to go back in the blogs

× × ×


foam said...

thanks dianne ..
don't knowwhat to write .. so photos it is for right now.
the one with the lamp in it is the actual reflection of the sun in the water ..


i know! that's why i only ever wade though blogs these days ..

dianne said...

I wondered if it was a reflection of the sun, so beautiful Foamy, great photo, you have captured the sun 'bathing'. :) ♡

Anonymous said...

Wow, a perfect beach for running.

It's so good to run along the sea where the sand is soft and hard at the same time.

laughingwolf said...

neat, but not warm, surely?

boneman said...

wow...lapping waves on the beach, warm Sunrise...wait. What's that coming from the right?


foam said...

thanks, dianne ..
it was a lucky shot since i was not walking into the sunrise but away from it. i just happened to turn around and that's how it looked like. the light that morning was kind of different anyway.

many of our north carolina beaches are perfect for running. they are long and when the tide goes out it's just perfect.

sure it was warm. this was august at a southern beach after all .. :)

boneman ...

haha ..
you can be a funny man, you know?

Ricardo said...

You and the shark must have hit it off then if you're still here :-)

Ricardo said...

You and the shark must have hit it off then if you're still here :-)

Helene said...

looks lovely and soooo tempting! I would so love to be at the beach right now! Perhaps in Nov I will visit my Dad and go!!

So I read you have some sick family members these days? No the flu I hope. We are knocking wood that we remain healthy here... H1N1 seems to be allll around!

xoxo H

Pamela said...

ohhhh... cool way the shark just swims off the blog. Hopefully not into my bathtub.
I was grieving for the loss of a parent when I saw jaws - and my emotions were delicate -- so I cried at that movie. Then there was the part about being afraid of my bathtub, too. :)

foam said...

when i meet sharks i make sure i have protection ... :)

you should. i think it's a treat to visit a place that is much warmer during the late fall and winter months.
yeah, my son had the flu .. the one that everybody is scared of .. but he's over it now.

no worries .. that sharks destination is not your bathtub .. i'm pretty sure of that.
and i'm sorry, the jaws theme brings back sad memories ...
the only thing it did for me is made me wary to go into the ocean.

Ruela said...


you are fantastic!!!

puerileuwaite said...

I remember my visit once upon a time to Kure Beach. The water was indeed foamy that day.

foam said...

kure beach, eh? i was there once upon a time too.
now the horde goes to a beach just right around the corner from kure.

Devin said...

wow foam! great "picturizing" -my made up word for the evening-the dark shades of blue in the sky in some of those pictures is my favorite color and looks like the pics were taken at my favorite time of evening - i think the French call it l'heure bleu-not that that means a damn thing!! all the pics were great and really loved those-best to you as always!!

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