Sunday, October 11, 2009

.. ugh ...

i don't know why i'm thinking of this in particular this morning ..
but it's a thought that has crossed my mind off and on ....

my 2 small towns which border each other (population together ca 5500) do not have a book store ....
....unless you consider the used bookstore
filled to the brim with romances, westerns, some mysteries ...
it has it's place. who wants to spend $7.00 on a western when you can purchase it used for .75 cents?

...and unless you consider the book section in our brand new super wallie world (ugh) ..

..... oh wait! we do have a bookstore ..!! the itty bitty 3 shelve book store still run by the same 2 ancient people for decades who primarily just carry literature which is required reading for middle and high schools ... and a few bestsellers. that bookstore closes by 5:00 pm though ..... when i usually come home. but when i do think about it i go there. there is only so much perusing you can do in a space smaller then my kitchen .. :) besides, i have most of the books they carry.

i miss a good bookstore. online book shopping just is not the same as carefully perusing the shelves of a bookstore, touching the books, flipping through the contents, the pages.

so, whenever we do visit a larger city, i always make sure i visit a bookstore. the next city over used to have a delightful bookstore in an old rambling building where the wooden floors creaked and were slightly slanted. you never knew what interesting book you might find. you even could purchase great sandwiches, good coffee. the chairs didn't match, the cups didn't match, the plates didn't match .. but so what. sometimes they even had live music. we still have the poster that was signed by a group of musicians that have no need to play in small venues anymore ...... unless they want to.

and then a couple of more bookstores came to town. bigger ones, they were niiiiice, very well stocked, the coffee was still good, the pastries okay. there was a definite appeal, especially the first few times i went into one. after a while the quaint local bookstore closed down.

at first i didn't mind visiting these larger bookstores. the selections were great. they seemed to have everything. i could even find the exact same bookstores in other larger towns i visited. specialty gift items such as stationaries, journals, cards were exactly the same from one city to the next. they even gave you a little card which could be scanned for discounts and keeping track of your purchases.

but guess what ......

over the years, i have become soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored with these bookstores ....

now when family members mention visiting one of these stores i get the same 'ugh' feeling as when i visit wallie world ...

too bad, isn't it ..


dianne said...

I love going to book stores, looking at the colourful and tempting glossy dust covers on art, gardening, botany and craft books...the pictures and illustrations inside.
Then my other favourites, those about exotic places, travel, old buildings,history, architecture and furniture.
The feel of the pages, the smell of the paper, reading the words...I could spend a whole day just browsing.
I am very fortunate, though we only have a small book section in our local shop, there are many great book shops only about 20 minutes away by car...and of course two libraries even closer...another place I like to hang out. ♡

boneman said...

sounds like you need to invest in...
Foam BooK Store!

You could be a part of the recovery, hire a couple people, have coffee, danish, and (for special customers) a little wine tasting spot in back.

You sound a bit melancholy for the Little Shop Around the Corner, actually, and, truthfully, it was a very nice bookstore.

Middle Ditch said...

Keep supporting your local little store. Love your little book store. Maybe have some events there. Places like that are far and wide between, usurped by those horrible huge shops just like supermarkets have usurped all those wonderful grocery stores.

Ricardo said...

Yeah the online world has changed book hunting for sure but I am able to get lots of books on acting that I would not find at my local Barnes and Noble. I would love to see this closet of a bookstore. What place closes at 5 anymore?

Do frequent customers of Wal-Mart have the ability to read?

Mean yes, but you should see some of the people at my local one. I don't think they read.

Jean said...

I still tromp through the biggie stores once in a while. But, this area is blessed with several very cool used book stores and a few indies. And, our libraries sell books they don't want anymore... anywhere from $.25 to $3... 'tis wonderful.

Anonymous said...

i buy
most of my
books at the salvation
army and other thrift stores,
or at garage sales, local book stores, chain stores in the mall, or... ugh... mall-wart

i like the smell of old book cellars

not so much the smell of old book sellers

× × ×


Little Lamb said...

I have a bookstore relatively close, depending on what you call close. You have to go a bit to go there, but the traffic at certain times makes it difficult. Ok, so maybe it's not THAT close.

Gee, I wrote a whole paragraph!

Anonymous said...

Every time I see books even in the supermarket I must touch the books, flip through the contents, the pages.

But I must admit that I buy books over the internet or where it is sales out.

laughingwolf said...

i miss the one i went to regularly in vancouver, bc... the book warehouse... they discounted 'hurt' books, and others, so i always walked out with more than i intended to... now i'm on the other coast :(

foam said...

for the size of our town our library is actually quite nice. i have to drive an hour to peruse any kind of bookstore. the bookstores that i know of in the next cities are borders and barnes and nobles which are nice, but the same every place i go. i used to know where the the smaller independent bookstores were, but not anymore. i think for the most part they are gone.

actually there's a coffeeshop downtown that tried that. they kind of let the book part of the business dwindle down to nothing. they still make good coffee though. they have good pastries too.
and yeah, i'm guess i'm kind of nostalgic for uniqueness ..

middle ditch,
i'm surprised it's still open. it really is very small and they really never carry anything i'm interested in. they do take orders however....
but, you know .... it's really easier to order online if you have to order. i'm afraid when the old ladies can't run it anymore it will be shut down.

small town downtown businesses still close at 5:00 or maybe 5:30. and guess what? many are closed on wednesday afternoons too .. :). you know .. cause they stay open for a bit on saturday.

ah yes, those library book sales .. we have those too actually. they Are wonderful ..

yes, i see ..
and probably in that order too ideally .. :)

little lamb,
yeah .. i know what you mean.
my aunt who lives in the surrounding dc area claims to have a local bookstore close by .. down the road ..
it took us a 1/2 hour to get there .. lol ..
traffic you know.


how comes they don't have something like a book warehouse on the other coast? maybe you should open one .. :)

foam said...

increasingly i find myself buying books online too. who wants to drive for an hour all the time to browse in a bookstore afterall?

K9 said...

agreed! nothing tops looking at actual paper and binder in the store. - then you can buy it online.

foamy you would love hennesy and ingals. its out in santa monica, ca. i go there sometimes with the big dog just so i can go to this store:

1 full city block of all art. design and architecture books. from all over the world too. insane!!

fun little sculpture caught your mood perfectly

dianne said...

It seems I am very fortunate, we have Borders, Burkeleows,Angus and Robertson, the ABC TV channel bookstore...most of these are chains and some sell coffee and pastries.
My favourites are the little independent stores, the ones with that old and new book smell, new books and second hand books to browse or buy...thankfully we still have quite a few of those. ♡

HLiza said...

Bookstores are my favourite too..but I do feel like you now that most bookstores here are chain and famous ones. I found one small one-owner bookshop in Macao, China a year ago where they have perfect quite corners for readers and huge collection of artsy stuffs..and I was in heaven..there's none like that here in my place.

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

My quaint little pocket of Baltimore has three itty-bitty bookstores. One sells Eastern books (zen, meditation, etc), another is a used bookstore with lots of stuff for $2, and the third is a Pagan/Wiccan bookstore. The latter always smells nice too since they sell candles and incense.

SJ said...

Sad it is. Not sure we can do anything about it. Maybe the chain stores should try to fit all their books in a store the size of a foam kitchen?

X. Dell said...

I had a friend who had a used bookstore for many years. But in the Barnes-and-Nobliztion of the industry, it became impossible for him to compete, despite the increase in business (increases in overhead included rent hikes, higher prices for remainders, and so on).

Bookstores are so critical for intellectual life, and I hate for it to become the province solely of chains. Of course, there are other outlets--self (vanity) publishing,, etc.. But all of those books get lost in a shuffle of really horrendous tomes good only as doorstops.

Ruela said...

/t. doesn't like the smell of old book sellers ;))

Here, too many and no people to buy...

..................... said...

k9 .. wow! you go to california just for a bookstore? must be some bookstore .. :)
but, yeah, i'd probably love it.
the fun little sculpture is actually sizable. i took the photo at the national gallery of art in dc just this past summer. the artist eludes me at the moment. the painting in the background is a picasso ... i think ..

abc tv bookstore? never heard of such a thing. see? i'm such a country hick. you live close to a metropolis, dianne. that probably makes a huge difference.

i wouldn't necessarily mind a chain bookstore if they make the effort to make them unique within themselves. that's why i like the independent ones too.

i love those quaint little pockets and their neat bookstores that can be found in large cities too.

that would be fine. it couldn't possibly get anymore cluttered in here anyways ..,
the demise of your friend's used bookstore is unfortunate. i love it when i find a good quality used bookstore which has a good selection of a variety of fiction and nonfiction.

nope .. /t. doesn't like the smell of old booksellers although the smell of old book cellars is different .. ;)
you all have too many bookstores? send them this way..

dianne said...

♡~♡~♡ @-->---

Helene said...

I agree with you but my husband and kids love Borders or B&N. We have an independent bookstore in town, but its really being hit with the recession(with 5 lg chain stores within 2-10 miles from me, not to mention Amazon...) I bet it will go under. Very sad, but to be honest I dont enjoy going there. I like online book shopping, and generally buy books off Amazon or at Costcos! lol

Devin said...

I love going to the actual stores also foam -I guess that is one advantage of living in this sun-baked over-hyped metropolis as it speeds towards the hell of economic doom at about the speed of light;-) not having a great bookstore about is probably the only thing i would miss about the big city-especially THIS bit city-I sympathize with you -wallie world doesnt have much of a selection to say the least-all the best to you-and again-happy bday!!

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