Thursday, October 15, 2009

and enjoy the tunes ...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you!

Very funny tunes and the beer was perfect.

Thank you

Jean said...

Happy Birthday, Foamster!!

dianne said...

Happy Birthday Foamy, my dearest little, bubbly, foaming friend...have a wonderful day sweetie. ♡

Thanks for the beer and the entertainment. :-)

Anonymous said...

they're good,
but they're no
homer and marge

happy birthday, hottie foam

× × ×


Little Lamb said...

So much foam. Happy birthday!

foam said...

rolf ....
of course .. :)

thank you very much .. :)

you are so very welcome

nope they are not homer and marge ....
hey! you know marge is on the cover of
playboy? that must make her a hottie. must be the blue beehive.

foam said...

little lamb,
yes .. that's much foam.
50 to be precise .. ;)

Ruela said...



Happy Birthday!

boneman said...


There you have a birthday wish in youthful modern writing. May it rub it rub off on you!

Aunty Belle said...

Happy happpy Happppppy!

Hope your 39th is fabuloso! May yore cup foameth over!

K9 said...

grrrrherhahahaha enjoyed the successful bluegrazz boys. 1959 as in the song? whatever!! happy birthday to you hooooooooooo

X. Dell said...

Happy birthday, although I don't think I can drink all those beers. Could you make it hard cider instead?

As for Homer and Jethro, remember: I had 'em on my site first.

Doom said...

Happy Birthday!

Unlike some, I could do those beers. But, it is your birthday! Sure beats candles. They blow or somethin'. Be careful driving after those though. Heck, be careful walking.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Happy birthday- late! Hugs- it looks like it's been a sweet one.
If I have any more beer I am going to float all the way to your house!

foam said...

you are very welcome to float right on up to my doorstep ..
you can crash downstairs .. :)

you are welcome to as many beers as you can handle ... ..
hard cider it is for you then, friend .....
and i'm supposed to remember you had homer and jethro on your site first? but i'm ooooooold now .. i remember diddly squat ...

yep, 1959 as in the sooooong ..
and whatever is right .. lol ..

aunty belle,
oh, that's right! i'm 39 ..
thanks for reminding me .. :)

and thank you for my youthful birthday wishes!

you are welcome ..
have another. there's still plenty.

HLiza said...

Happy birthday again Foamie made me drunk here..hick..I shouldn't drink ya know..never took so much alcohol..actually my first..and that tune is nice!

Devin said...

Happy birthday foam-I wish you many more to come!!

foam said...

thank you!
and you know ...
for my non drinking friends ..
any drinks i may post are always nonalcoholic ..
so, enjoy .. :)

thanks, devin .. :)

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Mmmmm.... beer! More beer! Whooo-hoo! Set'em up and I'll knock'em down :)

Happy birthday!

foam said...

have at it, indigo .. :)

laughingwolf said...

hope your b'day was swell, mine was earlier...

SJ said...

I didn't get to this post in time but I wished you a Happy birthday on time in that mafia site.

If you ever open a bar I'd be a regular.

Ricardo said...

Yes, I could use one now and it is only 9 AM. Stressful times. but seriously, I'll have some later.

Pamela said...

Well, our birthdays are very close to each other! I trust you had more fun -- I ignored mine.

That song! from "The Battle of New Orleans"

I remember singing the original song when I was kid. "Ran so fast the hounds couldn't catch us... down the mississippi to the gulf of mexico"

foam said...

sj, yes, i know .. :)

have as many as you like .. :)
i know times are frustrating ..

it was very low key ..
i would have ignored it, but my family remembered .. :)

foam said...

yeah ...
i remember the original song too, btw .. :)

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