Saturday, October 17, 2009

foam hike .. early fall, 09


i do like to go hiking ..

this is from a hike i took took during early fall..

it's a bit over yonder ..
just a few miles over hill and dale ..

it was a lot of damn work to get to the top of this mountain..

i'm so out of shape .. t'is pitiful.

i had planned to take a similar hike this weekend,
but the weather is yucky ..
rainy and cold..

plus, my youngest has succumbed to the flu ...
i have a headache ....
so, we are just a miserable bunch all around today .. :)

but as soon as the weather clears ..

i'm going back up.

i don't care how much huffing and puffing i have to do ..

the views are just too spectacular ..


plus ..
once on top,

there's always good places to relax and sit a spell ..


boneman said...

Relax and spell did you say?
OK, spell
oh...that goofy.
(no it isn't. That's Pluto. Goofy had intelligent speaking parts...I'm just barking at shadows in the stream!)

Well, it certainly looks enjoyable up there. Here's hoping your young'n and you improve healthwise enough to go hiking again, soon.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear
you & youngun is
feeling not so good,
wishing you both speedy get well

your mountain views are spectacular -- well worth the effort to get up there -- what a beautiful place!

anyway, get well soon

× × ×


foam said...

yes, i did originally say that. well, i said relax a spell.
it's funny .. you must have been writing a comment while i was in edit mode changing it to sit a spell. that's what i had meant to write.
and you get a one hundred for spelling Hohenecken correctly ..

thank you ..
this flu stuff has finally come a visiting this weekend. we'll get through it though.
and, yes, the views are well worth the strenuous hike ...
i'm looking forward to another one ..
hopefully soon.

Little Lamb said...

Those are nice pictures. i hope yor family gets better soon.

Little Lamb said...

Happy birthday to you too, fellow Libra!

laughingwolf said...

dang foam... hope you can shake the bugs out and hike to your heart's content....

rainy and cold here, too :(

dang, more librans here? there are about 8 - 9 of us i know about :)

HLiza said...

Oh bring me with you will you? I so want to stretch my legs so high they may reach the sky! Ooohh..envious am I!

Devin said...

I hope you got to relax foam and can't thank you enough for the beautiful pics -I hope you and your family start to feel better soon-hopefully immediately -for a couple of weeks now I feel like I have been fighting a bug-but it won't finally just do its damage and be gone for good-guess i am lucky in a way for that-thanks again and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

dianne said...

Foamy dear such magnificent views, wow what a wonderful place to sit and take in the beauty...and that sky...well worth the hike.
I do hope you and your youngest are better soon. ♡

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous views - worth the huff and puff I'd say. When you are "down under" you'll have to try and walk The Milford Track - if you want spectacular that is ... hope you all feel better soon.

foam said...

thanks little lamb,
and thanks for the bday wishes too ..

a fellow libra, eh?
happy birthday to you too then .. :)

c'mon on over then! i'll take you hiking. although we might need to watch out for snow. it's snowing in some of these mountains around here ....
right now actually .. :)

hope you get to feeling better soon!
thanks for dropping by to visit. i'm always happy to share photos since i usually have nothing to write about anymore .. :)

thanks, i knew you would like it. i know you would like hiking there too .. :)
and yes, we'll get better. i already am better. i am over the headache.

i'm so used to visiting with you on fb. but it's good for you to pop by here too .. lol ..
i'm sure NZ has some spectacular views! i'd love to visit one of these days ...
but garsh .. it's so far ..

The Phosgene Kid said...

Gorgeous! Scenery and the leg.

dianne said...

Pleased you're feeling better Foamy dear...I would love to go hiking there, it would feel as if you were on top of the world...that sky looks like Heaven. ♡

Doom said...

I've been meaning to do just what you did. I ought to get out this week. Nice gams, by the way. Woot!

Did I just say that?

foam said...

phos ....
thanks ..... and i reckon i felt like hamming/gaming it up .. :)

it does feel like your close to heaven ....
but i'm telling you, for somebody out of shape some of the hike felt like it was from hell .. lol ..

from your blog i got a sense that you might like being outdoors ...
and, yes, you did just say that ..
it's okay .. lol ..
i woot on folks blogs too at times .. :)

SJ said...

Get well soon.

Take a hike!

AlmightyHeidi said...

*I love this*

Ricardo said...

I am not really a nature outdoors type but I can swing an occasional hike.

these are great views.

Pamela said...

photos are well worth the climb (your climb. I'm not sure if I would make it up there)

foam said...

You take a hike .. :)

the occasional hike is a good thing.
one must not be an avid outdoor enthusiast to enjoy nature every once in a while .. :)

you probably could .. the way i did ..
with a lot of huffing and puffing .. lol ..

Ruela said...

very beautiful, I love it!

puerileuwaite said...

Ten toes. Excellent. That is certainly a good first step (or two) for us.

foam said...

thanks, ruela .. :)

two step you say? well, i guess and if you want ..
i'll try my best to keep my big toes off your dainty little pug footsies ..

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