Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a fall day darkens
soothing langour is embraced
a cool beer beckons

"Haiku is simply what is happening in this place, at this moment."--Basho

and that's what happened yesterday eve ...
and that's what is happening right now ..



dianne said...

Enjoy your foamy beer Foamy dear, I do hope you are feeling better. xo ♡

foam said...

i am! not that you asked, but it's a saranac .. an american brew i'm fond of ..

Ruela said...

one for me please ;)

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Enjoy the good beer
Foamy goodness in a glass
Crisp and refreshing


Jean said...

The colder the beer, the better.

You're very good with the haiku thingie d:-)

Anonymous said...

i'll join
you and dianne
and ruela and indigo
and jean for a cold one of those

i like your haiku!

× × ×


K9 said...

haiku has the virtue of economy. and this one has beer! bravo

snap snap snap snap

HLiza said...

look homey to me..and dreamy..

bearly domesticated boneman said...

I like Basho's style
of haiku. Still, I just like
haikus of all sorts.

foam said...

you got it ..

indeed it was crisp and refreshing ..
and thanks for the wonderful haiku in return .. :)

thanks .. very occasionally i do the occasional haiku ..
this one is very, very similar to one i did about 3 1/2 years ago on an old blog of mine ..
i do know that you write quite a few haiku's yourself.

it's turning into quite the little party ..
enjoy all the beer you want .. :)
i have a never ending supply on my blog .. :)

yes, that's what makes haiku so appealing ..
the economy of words ...
and this one does of beer ... snap!! .. :)

...and for hliza, a comfy nonalcoholic beverage ...
maybe chai tea?

yea .. i know you do ..


SJ said...


puerileuwaite said...

Bless you. I'll get a Kleenex.

foam said...

prost .. :)

thanks, but you probably need it more then me. aren't pugs droolers?

X. Dell said...

We should all join you.

Anonymous said...

hallowen ready, already

And that radio, a real radie, great!

Pamela said...


Ruela said...

thanks ;)
you are sweet!

laughingwolf said...

*hic* ;) lol

Devin said...

Hey send one over here foam! Cool image and I loved the Basho quote-I hope you are doing wonderfully and feeling much better-all the best to you!!
saranac -will keep that name in mind;-) I had been off any sort of booze for a bit-but may be a raging alky by the time my disability hearing comes up haha-may as well go in style!!

dianne said...

I have never heard of that beer dear Foamy, add that to the list of beers I don't know...I did try a sip of a beer called 'Pure Blonde'last weekend but I wasn't impressed.
I also went to a party and had a glass of a dessert wine called 'moscato', very nice but I will stick to my 'soft' beverages. :)
Since /t. has invited us all for drinks may I please have a chai tea, same as Hliza, or maybe a sparkling apple juice or ginger beer? :) ♥

Middle Ditch said...


Try an otter or a badger or a ferret, ye know, the ones Drake always has when in the pub.

Happy halloween

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

that's just what you would expect sopmeone with your name to post_ some brewage you can be the crown of!
(hope that made any sense...)

anyway. how are you doing?

totally exhausted! have been renovating without end. (I know it's terribly exciting!)

love your beach pics in the post below, especially the two before the shark, they're truley wonderful and so relaxing!

foam said... ..
please do!

yep .. that radio is the real thing.

prost ..:)

:) .. xo

hey, i hope your hearing goes well!!
and my beer is as lethal or nonlethal as folks desire.
so go ahead a have a drink. .. :)

and another chai tea coming up .. :)
this beer that i mentioned is an american brew. it's quite decent and hails from new york state, i think.

middle ditch,
will do, will do .. lol ..
i can already see myself ordering a ferret.
a what? folks will say?

i see you're a lightweight .. lol ..

sarah sofia,
that made perfect sense .. :)
it's good to be busy when you are accomplishing worthwhile things. i'll look forward to some new pictures at your blog when you are ready to post them. you will post them, yes?

Ricardo said...

Now that looks great!!! what beer is it?

foam said...

it's a saranac! .. :)

Lady Prism said...

I want one too!

foam said...

okay!! .. :)

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