Friday, October 2, 2009

change of scenery


foam said...

it's the season ..
and just cause i'm in a mood .. :)

HLiza said...

I only can guess what "Akt" and "Blut" it Haloween mood already?

Little Lamb said...

So you wanted to put this up? Ok, it's scary.

foam said...

hliza ..
just kind of in a punchy mood earlier .. ;)
and perhaps a fall mood ..

little lamb,
I didn't want to put this up. Dark Foam made me do it .. :>
but i do like it too.

boneman said...

scary, boys and girls.....

Little Lamb said...

Dark Foam? There's a Dark Foam?

foam said...

no, there's no dark foam ...
just teasing ... :)

Little Lamb said...

You mean there's no light foam and dark foam? There's just Foam?

K9 said...

i love that clock.

is that klaus kinski? or earlier? either way, i like the silent.

Anonymous said...


that's so sweet...

supper at the foam homestead!

have you a great weekend light/dark foam

× × ×


Pamela said...


foam said...

little lamb,
there's really no foam either .. :)
it's just all a facade.


1922, nosferatu by F.W. Murnau ..
btw, i absolutely luuuuuurv that clock too..

yes, just dinner as usual ..
this weekend i'm serving up
a delectable dish called "tote oma", but i can't divulge the ingredients. it's a secret family recipe.
wanna come?

you scared poor wittle me!

ooooooooo .. be scared, be verry, verry scared ..

Anonymous said...

That movie scares the hell out of me.
It always does.

"There is no Foam, just a facade."
Soon you are telling us that Santa Claus is a facade too. Please do not.

Foam is an essential feature of good quality beer. One expects a stable foam on a good beer and it indicates the beer will have a good tingle. And there is light beer and dark beer.

foam said...

rolf! you are a philosopher. and you made me believe in foam again. of course! you are right. a good beer has foam on top. and there is both dark and light beer .. and i enjoy both, depending on my mood ...

foam said...

... and if my youngest son doesn't come home soon from his youth outing i'm gonna fall over on the kitchen floor and start snoring ...

SJ said...

I get into that kind of mood at times. But there are better tasting liquids than blood :)

puerileuwaite said...

So that WAS you floating outside my window! Now I need I change of scenery .. to a higher floor!

Little Lamb said...

Oh no! My world is falling apart!

foam said...

we all choose our poisons, jack ...
or was that george .. ;)

beware, pug ...
foam rises to the top!

little lamb ..
duck tape ..
get some duck tape.
that fixes everything.

Little Lamb said...

There! That's better! Thanks, Foamy. That duct tape sure works good!

Anonymous said...


tote oma
sounds delish

what kind of wine should i bring?

or do you never drink


× × ×


..................... said...

red, red wine ....
go to my head ...

ummm, yeah, bring a red wine ...

dianne said...

Lol Foamy... but it is kind of scary...I guess he's saying "dont let that blood go to waste...I will take care of it for you"...:) ♡

HLiza said...

You're in a punchy mood? Does that mean you'll punch anybody who cross your path now? Whoa...

foam said...

actually, he was saying ..
"you hurt yourself." ..."your precious blood".
but you are right. he certainly didn't want to drop of it to be wasted .. lol ..

actually i spent a good part of the day selling icecream, bbq sandwiches, iced tea, lemonade to peoples at an art fair ..
i managed to not punch a single person .. ;)
i can put on a friendly facade when needed... :)

little lamb,
duct tape is a miracle ..

Ricardo said...

a rather moody piece.

K9 said...

there is no foamy

only xul


Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

I've always had a fascination with the Undead. Vampires, skeletons, mummies, zombies... you name it. I wouldn't want to *be* one, but I often think of how much more interesting life would be if we had to periodically battle the Revenants of the Walking Dead.

"Sorry boss, I had to run over a zombie on the way to work, so I'm running late"

"History Channel Presents: Lee's 24 Undead Cavalry Brigade"

The Iraq war could be supplemented with Mummies since they can take the heat and sand.

Candidates for Pope would have to prove they have real faith by holding a vampire at bay with a crucifix.

The possibilities are endless!

Devin said...

haha -methinks he like the "blut":-) great video -I hope you are doing great and having a wonderful weekend!!

Mariana Soffer said...

This movie is amazing thanks foamy, have you seen "caligary cabinet" or I do not know how they did translated it, that is also great!

Love and take care.

foam said...

lol .. i like your possibilities ...
especially the one for popes .. hehe ..

yes, indeed it is ..


only xuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul?
are you sure?
xul solar perhaps?
if not .. i'm clueless .. :)

thanks for dropping by .. :)
i do think 'das kostbare Blut' had a definite draw for the the vampire who is played by max schreck. ironically a literal translation of schreck means fright .. :)

the cabinet of dr. caligary? you know .. i don't have a memory of watching it at all. i really ought to. i'll see if i can't find it.
love to you too ..

Ruela said...

OH yes, it's me ;)

Ruela said...

Foam, nice avatar ;)


foam said...

mais oui, c'est tu ..

si quieres .. :)

foam said...

ruela ... my dear child ...

your mommy is not here ........... anymore ........
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA .... evil sinister laughter ....

The Phosgene Kid said...

Reminds me of my last dinner down to the IHOP.

foam said...

phos ..

i know what you mean..

my visits to the ihop usually occur around midnight too ..

The Phosgene Kid said...

The video is a good political message though - we're the diner and the IRS is the blood sucker.

foam said...

IRS you say? ... gasp!!! .. foam goes and hides under a rock ..

X. Dell said...

Is it my imagination, or does the vampire look, well, kinda Jewish?

Given the time, and the old prejudices concerning blood libel, I wondered if it struck anyone as potential commentary.

X. Dell said...

Did some digging. Found this:

"One of the ugliest controversies surrounding Nosferatu was the
characterization of Count Orlok as an evil entity bringing death and pestilence. In the late 19th century a number of Jews in the worst economic circumstance came to Germany seeking work and new lives. Like modern hispanics searching for better lives in the United States, these desperate people were often scapegoated as diseased. In some anti-Semitic quarters, the evil Count Orlok became a prototype of Jewish migrants whose arrivals in villages often coincided with outbreaks of disease. In the troubled times after the Great War, Germans were concerned about aliens invading the Fatherland and Orlok was seen by many as symbolic of foreigners - in this instance, Jewish people - "polluting" Germany following WWI. There is nothing in the
film itself which identifies Orlok as Jewish."

foam said... ..

it did not occur to me to think this particular vampire looked jewish. before i posted this video i did do a very quick search on the movie (wiki and imbd). in wiki i read that one of the founders of prana film was a fellow named grau who met a farmer in the carpathian mountains during the 1st world war who claimed his father was a vampire. i had always just assumed this movie was influenced by old vampire legends and bram stocker's novel.

but you do raise an interesting point. i have no idea if the movie was purposefully created with jewish immigrants in mind. but the movie is a product of it's time, the time between the 1st and 2nd wws in germany. the controversy you have found therefore does not surprise me at all.

but as a person who was raised in the mid to late 20th centuries i have always appreciated the movie for it's visual appeal. it's actually amazing that copies of the movie exist since bram stocker's estate sued prana films for copyright infringement.
this was prana films first and last movie .... according to wiki ...

Middle Ditch said...

Yep .... Beats mine

Mo said...

Argh what happens next.

laughingwolf said...

lol... not a very convincing vampire today, but good for the time ;)

dianne said...

Lol at laughingwolf's comment..."not a very convincing vampire"...yikes he looks weird and scary to me, I wouldn't like him at my table or skulking around my house... ;) ♥

The Phosgene Kid said...

Jewish? I took him for a Swede...

foam said...

phos .. i just took him for a creepy looking old fellow ..

awwwwww .. c'mon on dianne ..
you wouldn't make him feel welcome at your dinner table? offer him a delectable finger to suck on?

laughing wolf,
looks creepy to me even for today's standards .. :)

mo ....
ahh .. we'll just have to watch, eh?

no it doesn't .. lol ..

Aunty Belle said...


We makes fun of those thangs which scare us but we doan admit to--heh.

What IS the current vampire craze about???

Wish't ya could come to our clan's Great ScareCrow Breakfast, Foamy. Use artistic, an' I KNOWS ya'd make a fine creature.

foam said...

actually, i've always enjoyed vampire movies .. even as a little girl. for some reason they didn't scare me like other horror movies have. it's not as if i were obsessed with them though. i never watched buffy, for example. but, they are fun .. it's entertainment.
and, you know what? i just might go ahead and make
a scarecrow myself ..
yeah.. thaz a plan .. :)

dianne said...

No Foamy, he's not welcome at my dinner table, no delectable fingers to suck on, he would scare the living daylights out of me...maybe a crucifix pointed in his direction... that would get rid of him. ;) ♥

foam said...

dianne ...
yeah, i know what you mean ..
a vamp would have to be much more handsome before i let them suck on my finger .. ;)

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