Friday, October 30, 2009

an award, a meme and a walk ...

dianne was so kind and gracious as to award me this:

i thank you very much dear dianne .. :)
and it was really too kind what you wrote about me.

i can never forward an award to just a few people.
i think all my blogging buddies are over the hill ... oops, over the top ..

so this award is for YOU ...

oh .. and the award came with a meme which is to be answered in one word ...
so here goes ..

Where is your cell phone? shrug...

Your hair? ugh ..

Your mother? languishing ..

Your father? remembered ..

Your favorite food? ... zwiebelkuchen und neuer wein or questschekuchen mit grumbeersup or my mother's apple pancakes, or hoorige in schinkenrahmsosse, or ....
lordy .. oops! it's a one word meme .. but i get carried away with food ... and i started reminiscing about favorite rhineland-palatinate dishes ..

Your dream last night? confusing

Your favorite drink? coffee

Your dream/goal? change

What room are you in? dark

Your hobby? walk...

Your Fear? dementia ..

Where do you want to be in 6 years? away ..

Where were you last night? band concert ..

Something that you aren’t? gregarious ..

Muffins? no

Wish list item? ... sanity..

Where did you grow up? germany

Last thing you did? .. listen ..

What are you wearing? nightie

Your TV? sucks

Your pets? shed

Friends? a few

Your life? multitasked

Your mood? purple

Missing someone? always

Vehicle? muddy

Something you’re not wearing? ..tsk..

Your favorite store? none

Your favorite color? purple

When was the last time you laughed? today


Your best friend? cousin

One place that I go to over and over? work

One person who emails me regularly? bosses

Favorite place to eat? yes!

but anyway .. speaking of walks ..

i went walking this past weekend ..

amongst soy fields further east ..

out in those flat lands ...


bearly domesticated boneman said...

the gold it seems to stay and stay
forever and a day, they say.
But then goes a gray of warmth and harvest
time to pick then, fast, is best
But lordy! The SIZE of those machines now-a-days
Like they were related to ol' Billy Mays.

Anonymous said...

it must been a very nice walk

Jean said...

Great photos, Foamy! I was wondering how long it'd take Berry to take a gander at those barns. Not long :-)

foam said...

those soy fields were pretty with their golden hues. the soy pods were not quite ready to be harvested. still a bit green but getting there. i'm sure those machines are huge.

it was a lovely walk. i walked with a friend, her lab and we both wore bright orange vests because it's deer hunting season here.

thank you! i'm sure this landscape is quite similar to the area that boneman lives in.

foam said...

and to my lovely commenters who commented down below in my previous post. i thank you very much. i finally got around to answering those last comments.

Anonymous said...


nice walk

some ominous skies there(!)

you seem to have mountains, forests, beaches(?), and farmlands all within reach -- very nice, foam

× × ×


Ruela said...

cool photos Foam!

foam said...


yes, i'm in the foothills and mountains, but the flat areas are fairly close, the beach takes about a 5 hour drive but is doable ..

thanks, ruela .. :)

Aunty Belle said...

gorgeous me wanderlust.

Happy walkin' (off them apple pancakes...heh.)

dianne said...

You are more than welcome to the award Foamy dear friend...I enjoyed your meme.

Beautiful photos Foamy, you live in a very nice place.
I love the colours of the fields of gold, the blues of the sky and the clouds. ♡

Pamela said...

those foods -- I want to taste them!

I love to walk, too. In fact I went this morning and it was a wonderful choice. I went over the Hill. snicker.

Lots of people out with their dogs.

Anonymous said...

5 hours
sounds like
a bit of a hike,
but nice in summer

× × ×


K9 said...

those fields are beautiful! lovely photographs and those overcast days make the goldens that much more vibrant. i wish i had a big barn. an art barn! fun post. happy el dia de los muertos

Ricardo said...

I am going to be doing this too. I will enjoy doing this meme as well.

Wonderful photos by the way!

bearly domesticated boneman said...

I have tried a few times, yet am not sure...
First, is it real?
and, second,... holy tie my tongue in a knot and try to say something!
Wonder if I'm even close?

foam said...

thanks auntie! ..
...and i have a ton of stuff to walk off .. :) ..

over the hill you say! i've decided that's a very good place to go to ...
not that we have a choice, eh?

foam said...

5 hours? i'd say that sounds like a hike .. preferable in the fall or spring. summers are too hot.

yeah .. an art barn would be nice ...
maybe chickory could have one one of the days ... :)

cool ...
if you do get around doing this i'll look forward to reading your answers. i wanted mine to be a bit more creative .. but c'est la vie ..

is what real? your tongue tied knotted tongue? oh, the mystery ...

Devin said...

You must live in a beautiful place foam!! I love the images you post and your blog -i agree with the award -the meme is cool too-all the best to you!!!

foam said...

thanks devin! that is really very sweet of you to say ..

Lady Prism said...

I'm more thinking more about the sound of those fields as the winds blew by...

I like fields...

foam said...

and the wind did blow!!
and when i stood by the barns it howled around them.
pretty cool.

X. Dell said...

(1) Gorgeous scenery. You know, it seems as though there are a bizzillion facets to your neighborhood, and they all look different.

(2) We really need to know what you're not wearing. Don't sidestep the question.

foam said...
this is not really my neighborhood, although we do have some flatter areas in my county. it's more like cora's neighborhood in the eastern part of the state.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Pictures are worth more than one word. Does this contradict the meme rules?

foam said...

possibly .. :)
i actually thought about answering the meme with photos ..

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