Tuesday, September 8, 2009

life in the foam household ..

so, you know ....

i come back from home around 5ish or so..
the 12 year old has been home for about 30 minutes.
he's playing a computer game and watching the tube ... the science channel. ....
my smart boy, i proudly think to myself ..

i start busying myself in the kitchen, check out facebook, the blog ..
remind my son that he's had enough of a break .. it's homework time.

i piddle around some more in the kitchen, take a phone call, check on the son about 15 minutes later..
he's still on the computer and watching the science channel .... quite intently ..
i remind him to do his homework.

i'm tired of the few chores, sit back down to facebook, complete a lexulous (scrabble) move on this site ...
it occurs to me to check on the son again who has abandoned the computer and is now firmly entrenched in front of the tube ..

it had been more then 15 minutes since i last reminded him to get his homework started.
i'm getting kind of pissed when i finally pay attention to what is actually being said on the science channel ..

this one particular word definitely caught my attention:
orgasmatron ...
apparently the science of enhancing your orgasm through ... something long, skinny, wirey ... hmmmmmmmmmm ...

no wonder he wasn't doing his homework ..... heck, he's a twelve year old very curious boy after all ..

i don't know ... i didn't bother watching the rest of the show ..
but, alas .. thank goodness for simple google searches:

i don't know ..
it's perhaps intriguing ..
maybe ..
perhaps it's good for the younger generation ..

but, i'm kind of aged .... slightly ..

kind of old fashioned perhaps ..

i just might prefer this ..


Lady Prism said...

ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! This is the craziest Youtube video I have ever seen so'far!! Ha! ha! ha! ha!..wild and crazy..hee! hee!hee!

The orgasmatron (?)is kinda' creepy. I wouldn't want those wires touching me.

Helene said...

Wow! lol the surgical thingy just sounds invasive... they need a pill or an easier method or inplanting then perhaps... i mean no way! hehehe

I loved the last video! Omg her hair... and her orgasm reminded me of Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally! hehehe

Have a good day and I hope he didnt have too much homework! lol

Little Lamb said...

That's one way of doing it.

Anonymous said...

aha ha ha

lovely jane

"what kind of girl are you?!?"


SJ said...

I am even more old fashioned I prefer the err... organic... method.

SJ said...

And the new tool is much much smaller !!!

dianne said...

Lol...thats an awful lot of trouble to go to for an orgasm, I agree with LadyPrism those wires are kind of creepy, so is the whole concept.
I think it would be much nicer to have someone 'real'to experience it with...
Jane looked like she was enjoying herself but I wouldn't want actor Milo O'Shea anywhere near me...what a turn off. :-) ♥

Pamela said...

I had to look.
I would have googled it had you not

Oh... I'd forgotten about Barberella

Ruela said...

haha, I Love Barb ;)

Mariana Soffer said...

I loved this post, dark text to start with. But thst text does not turn me on. this does:

I breath him pace the floor
Fading air into my lungs
I feel my shrinking self
Avoiding the vanishing stage

I am still bigger
Than his vacant,
clear empty void

Funny video at the end, a good one indeed.

puerileuwaite said...

Reminds a certain canine of his youthful late evenings spent "researching" the tribeswomen of Africa in National Geographic. Good times, bwana ... good times.

HLiza said...

The video didn't work for me..but kids now are different from us..

Huckleberry Friend said...

LOL! Oh the end of this post got me...that was a perfect clip to end it.

Sigh...I feel like Facebook is a vacuum I got sucked into with no way out now.

Middle Ditch said...

Very weird. But hey, I'm getting old so go on then young people. Have fun!

Did he do his homework in the end? And it's your go!!

Anonymous said...

I was a young sf fan many years ago and Barbarella was one of my favorites

Devin said...

You are great foam:)!! I had forgotten about "Barbarella" and the "Orgasmatron"! wanted to stop by and say hi-I hope your summer is winding down beautifully (besides "family moments" like this! best as always!!

Anonymous said...

He is doing the procrastination.

I guess homework is the root of the evil problem with delaying so many of us are suffering under

laughingwolf said...

lol... been a wee bit since i last saw barbarella, and how REALLY badly the effects were done! ;)

Aunty Belle said...

Does tha orgasmatron thingy remind ya of the cocaine rats in psych 101?

no wonder the poor young'uns ain't got no idea what a romance is--they's turnin' sex into that same thang they turned food into--something plastic, artificially flavored, artificially colored, some extruded colored fake flavored soy gump that is marketed wif' a billion bucks per year.

Barbarella was hilarious--

other than gasmic notations, how's life in Foam's coerner of the globe?

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Wasn't there some sort of "orgasmatron" device in Huxley's "Brave New World"? I think Bush would have easily qualified as a "Delta".

K9 said...

Grrrrherhahahahaa! is it a do it yourself kinda thing? perfect for 12 year olds. wow. hes going to find out women are far more difficult.

Ricardo said...

Your son did the proper thing. LOL!

Barbarella was the HOTTEST ever.

foam said...

ohhhhhhhhh ...
did i really let all these comments stack up and no reply from me? obviously i did ..
well, let me get a cuppa coffee first ...

foam said...

lez see ...


it's been a long time since i've seen the movie barbarella, but it's pure camp if you are into that ..
and that orgasmatron ..
definitely creepy. i reckon it would be beneficial to those with severe sexual dysfunctions.
i think this device was actually created to treat other other medical symptoms and then this little 'side effect' was discovered .. lol ..

yah ..
i'd be wary of the surgery myself. but i'd be wary of a pill too ...
what if one of the side effects was a severe drop in blood pressure that caused you to have an erection for more then 4 hours ...
oh wait! ... wrong pill ...
yeah, but just think of an orgasm that just won't go away ....

little lamb,
kind of a convoluted way of doing it i think ..

yeah .. i thought that line was funny too .. :)

foam said...


me too ...
even though the new device is much smaller.

real is better ..
i reckon for those who have problems, the real with the new device would be an improvement.
and if i did have to be put in one of those orgasmatrons? i could imagine a slew of other folks at the other end .. lol ..

yah .. how can one not look? i had to look too ..
it's just part of normal human curiosity, i think ..

she was campy, alright .. lol ..

cool poem you quoted. who is it by?

foam said...

ewwwww .. don't put that visual in my head .. ..
of you as a wee horny dawg .. lol ...

yes, kids are different ..
the information that is available to them 24/7 is just amazing.

yeah, i let myself get sucked into facebook for the 3rd time. the first 2 times i canceled after just a short while. but what with my oldest son being on there and him being off to college ..
he's a facebook friend .. lol ..

yeah, i'm feeling kind of the same way ..
and yes, he did finally get his homework done ..
oh, it is my go .. isn't it ....
oops, i've been very, very, very neglectful .... sorry .. :)

foam said...

barbarella definitely was an interesting movie to watch. i really ought to rewatch it. it's been a couple of decades, at least i think.

yes, and procrastination .. sigh .. but homework is such a great incentive to procrastination ..

thanks! the summer certainly has wound down .. and i'm feeling a bit swamped with stuff at the moment .. but handling it .. sort of .. :)

laughing wolf ..
yes, but it's those bad effects that make it so campy too though .. lol ..

auntie belle,
you mean, for example, what i call a plastic milk product .. you know .. that fake stuff liquidy that is sold to flavor coffees? the one with a 1000 ingredients i can't pronounce or recognize?
and thanks for inquiring about my corner of the world ..
it's just busy .. but we all are .. aren't we ..

i think the orgamasmatron turns up in various places ..
other movies, for example .. ? certainly some songs, i think .. i don't really know for sure. i reckon it's time to google it further. it's been a long time since i read the 'brave new world' ...
if i remember correctly there were some that were bred to be smart and some that were bred to be dummies ....

foam said...

k9 ..
i think it could be a do it yourself kind of thing ..
and it could be done remotely by somebody else i think .. which would be kind of scary actually .. lol ..
and, yes, i 12 year old would definitely be interested.
yea, .. he'll learn about real women soon enough ..
like my oldest is presently doing ..

of course he did ..
it would almost be not natural for him to have ignored the show. ...

sooooo, did i miss somebody? hopefully not ..
appreciate the comments, ya'll.

Ruela said...


Aunty Belle said...


Linked to this post from the current BACK Porch post---hehehehe!

foam said...


aunty belle,
hey, thanks for linking me to an interesting article of yours ..
and for making sure everybody knows which gender i am ... lol ..
i thought that was funny.

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