Saturday, August 22, 2009

we went on a brief camping excursion into the
mountains ..
where we met friends...

where we stomped
through the woods in the dark
to listen to live music
at a friend's place ...

i have been at work this past week..
yes, my contract has been renewed ..

but at job is a job is a job ..
onward and forward ...

ps: ever wonder what it would be like to be an astronaut who is also a painter?


dianne said...

Hi Foamy dear, pleased to hear you had a nice camping excursion...met friends...stomped through the woods in the dark, listened to live music and have had your contract renewed...all 'plusses' :-)

Great reflective shot of you with astronaut Alan Bean...gosh after being an astronaut anything else would be diffucult to top...♡

Going to watch another episode of the documentary about the USA tonight, can't wait, wonder which States will be visited tonight? :)

Mariana Soffer said...

Nice to be relaxing for a while, you go back to work feeling less abrumated and locked in, that sensation lasts in me for a couple of weeks in genral.
I thought about your question and I think it must be the same as beinga
paintor and an MD,

a director of theatrical plays and a person who treat people with psichotherapy

a mathematician and an amateur football player and me

A scientists who is now becoming a linguist as well.

/t. said...


i can't say
i've pondered that
very question before now

but now that you mention it...

good to see you again and happy to hear things are going well

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

yes, camping was fun as usual ..
although i'm a bit tired of the port a potty thing .. lol ...
we never camp where there are many amenities .. except for music that is.

yep that contract is renewed. i'll be surprised if i last the year though .. we will see.

hope you enjoyed your documentary.

feeling less abrumated has already passed .. i think ..
maybe i need to go google that word. i have no idea what it means ..
oh .. nah .. even during the summer i feel overwhelmed at times. it's pretty much a nonstop feeling it seems. stress is a way of life it seems.

you know ..
art goes hand in hand with the sciences, math .. more obviously literature, music, etc. ..
i'm always intrigued by people who have multiple talents in these areas.

thanks. i figured i ought to post something unless folks think i was shriveling up in that ocean.

Little Lamb said...

Yes, a contract is a contract, and a job is a job.

Being an astronaut and an artist, now that would be an interesting combination.

chickory said...

to the moon foamy! to the moon. hope you didnt get any chigger bites. not really. i hope you are eaten alive with them as i am. i have more nail polish on my flesh than a spastic "nail technician" on the tilt a whirl.

even i applied for a teaching job. didnt get it. a Phd did. now, even dirtwater bush league colleges can be choosy. public school? i let my certificate lapse. guess i gotta keep "farmin'"

made $80 big ones at the farmers market though! yeeee hawwwwwwwwwwwwww

foam said...


lol .. nary a chigger bite, chickory ..
i was wearing eau de cutters .. :)

keep on farmin' ..
folks are wanting local decent foods ...

little lamb,

yep, a job is a job ..

Pamela said...

No camping 4 me this summer. but there is some kinda bug outside on our patio that sounds like the deep woods. I'm satisfied.

an astronaut who is also a painter?
would the paint float out of the containers? cool.
I wouldn't weigh so much in space.

dianne said...

Foamy, the documentary was really to see Elkhart, in the north of Indiana,finally...ironic really, saw the fire station there and a fire drill.
Some highlights were an organic dairy in Wisconsin where ewes are milked and cheese is made, thought Lamby might find that of interest.
New Orleans, Mississippi, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois where I saw the night view from the Sears building in Chicago, pretty impressive just a few places I found interesting.♡

The Phosgene Kid said...

Your paint would freeze in the cold of space. Plus when you unscrewed the cap on your tube of paint I suspect all hell would break loose.

Helene said...

a job is a job! I am glad you got the contract!

A painting astronaut? Ummm well, I bet there are some! lol

Happy Monday!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I like how it looks like you are behind the astronaut (via your reflection) a "spirit foamy" hiding in the photo and having a good look around :)
Bless you as you plan to return to teach this year. I'm exhausted from getting the kids ready and armed (figuratively speaking) to go back. Earlier tonight I wondered to myself "Why is educating our kids such an ordeal- for both parents and teachers." It seems like crazy hoops we jump through these days.
My best to you friend~ :)

foam said...

we have those bugs outside too actually .. lol..
on the subject of alan bean who painted the above painting. he was a apollo astronaut but he didn't paint on the moon .. lol .. however, he very well may be the only artist who has ever walked the moon. he painted those paintings in his studio.

yeah, i'm glad that you are enjoying the documentaries. i love seeing documentaries of other countries too. do you know the title of the series?

squiring paint out in space could be interesting.

there seems to only be one -- painting astronaut that is. if there are anymore .. come out of the woodowrk NOW!

yup, the first day of school is done ...
i'm exhausted! but of course it's also 11:04 pm too .. :)
anyway, thanks for the good wishes. it takes all of us to get these children through school. and it is work!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

did you met astronauts or aliens on the camping trip???

and what happend to the beach??

we went to the beach and a fleamarkte last weekend and finally it was hot - for once! Actually it's been quite a nice august!

Are you also back to school now? My husband has had his first week already...

dianne said...

It is a BBC production made last year 'Stephen Fry in America', he travels through 50 U.S States in 6 episodes, its a shame he doesn't stay longer in each place but still it's very interesting and he meets some colourful characters. ♡

Ruela said...

I'm glad you're okay ;)

you went camping into the moon, that's very cool ;))

Middle Ditch said...

Glad you had a great camping trip. I went to Coventry with my youngest daughter and mother in law (who behaved really well for once) to visit my eldest daughter and son in law, who is a great guy. The real scary bit was to travel by train without my husband. I always just follow him, but this time it was me who had to figure it all out. Needless to say that things went wrong from the start and it was a miracle we actually ended up in Coventry. Actually, it was a miracle we didn't end up in Manchester!

Oh, and I would love to see an astronaut at work in space with a paint brush! Perhaps I should ask Ruela to give it a go!

Aunty Belle said...

Job is a job is a, ah, can ya teach astronautics??

SJ said...

A job is better than unemployment. An artist+astronaut is some day sure to feel "hey this is fun but maybe I should been a school teacher."

X. Dell said...

Um, where was this stomp in the woods, exactly? Why aren't you wearing your space helmet?

boneman said...

way cool picture, gal.
The texture? Moon?

Rolf said...

Earth is my spaceship and we are all traveling on the milky way among the stars. It is an adventure, it really is

puerileuwaite said...

No, I usually wonder what it would be like, to be an astronaut who is also a proctologist.

Ricardo said...

I confess to not thinking about astronaut and painter in the same catagory but it is food for thought.

Glad you got renewed. It is a very bad job market out there. It is a job but it helps.

The Phosgene Kid said...

How about a painter that is also and astronaut, might be easier...

Rolf said...

Not me!
I did not get muddy at all in Turkey, I refused, but I did have a great fun time looking at them who did get muddy.

laughingwolf said...

lol... the prob with life is constant bills... which means jobs to get $$$ to pay them with, no matter how dull :(

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