Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Golden Ganesh - Episode 16 .... last episode ....


Ricardo Lori (Detective)
Lauren (Dee von Zelle)
John B. (Detective Bob Toricello)
Jeannie-Girl (Lynn)
K9 (Felicity & Homeless Woman)
Foam (Diane)
Holy Cannoli (Jenny)
Rayke (Franklin & Sgt. MacBrian)
SJ (Criminologist/Futon Cop)
Boneman (Judge Ewing, the Mounted Cop & Smythe’s Answering Machine)
Crushed by Ingsoc (Lt. Fisher and the Angry Driver)
Pjazzypar (the Captain, the Caterer, the Hostess, Felicity’s old Professor, & FBI Agent) Malcolm (Essex County Deputy)
Pamela Ringgold (Machine Dialer & Rude Cop)
Yinyang (FBI Demolitions Expert & Lynn’s Old Friend)
Foam Jr. (the Music Student)
Mr. Foam (Homeless Man 2)
X. Dell (Mr. Johnson & Homeless Man 1).

Special guest stars: Ravi Khanna as Indra, Paul Weaver as Mountie Smythe, and Amy Insley as Col. Smith.

Written and produced by X-Dell.

Directed by Committee.

Dedications and Special Thanks to Monique Caddy, David Caddy, and the rest of our friends at Middle Ditch.



foam said...

and today is also my mom's 86th birthday ...

SJ said...

Happy birthday foam mom!

Yes episode 16 and the last one and so we conclude this extraordinary series of episodes! It was fun to hear all the people who we get to only see on their blogs and any photos (with or without reflections) they might care to share.

foam said...

thanks, sj ..
and yes, i agree .. this was an extraordinary series. did a great job.

dianne said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom and best wishes!

Gosh the Whitehouse is a beautiful looking piece of architecture, I have always admired it, its Georgian/Classical is it not? ♥

foam said...

thank you, dianne...
yes, i think the white house is considered to be georgian.
i've never really considered wether i like the white house as an architectural piece. it is what it is. in the overall layout of how dc was planned back then it works, i reckon ...

X. Dell said...

I'm hip to the sentiment of the protestors. Wish your mom a happy birthday for me.

X. Dell said...

BTW, I made a mistake. Amy's last name is Insley.

Ruela said...

Happy birthday to your mom ;)

Anonymous said...

fantastic series
very entertaining

kudos to x-dell & all participants

¤ ¤ ¤ to foam


boneman said...

Yes, Happy Birthday, and hope for at least 30 more!

I love your graphic on the top picture! tricky!

the architexture...oh goodness, you just had to say something...but, I'll be brief.
The design of buildings today are identical to the designs of buildings from the twelve hundreds.
The White House was old both times it was built.

(and he holds both hands over his mouth, and you can hear his muffled going on and on and on about it as he walks out of the room backwards.....)

Ricardo said...

It's over. I can't believe it!

Ricardo said...

And happy B-Day mama foam.

Mariana Soffer said...

Oh my god foam, I am going to cry, you have to invent something new after this series of podcasts.
hugs friend

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your mom.

Hyperinflation in 1923 Germany must have been tough

I've read about her before. She is a tough lady

puerileuwaite said...

Please wish mom a happy birthday for me. Just don't shout it. The elderly hate that. In mom's honor, I'm going to Denny's today, where I shall repeatedly "86" everything I order ... until they kick me out.

(p.s. - I always thought the White House was constructed of the same yucky hard frosting material as cake decorations)

foam said...

getting kicked out of denny's is a worthwhile goal ..
plus, it's a goal you should be able to achieve rather quickly i would think.

thank you rolf,
yes, she is a tough lady. it's a tough generation anyway .. they've surived and lived through a lot.

i know .. i wouldn't mind it going on. i was having fun with it. i'm glad you were too .. :)
now, i'll have to think of what to post again .. ;)

yup, done and over with ...
it's been a pleasure listening to you though ..
and thanks for the wishes for my mom.

30 more? if my mom didn't have alzheimers i would sincerely wish her that.
yeah, a lot of the influences for this kind of architecture actually harks back go grecian and roman times ...

thanks! yes, kudos to .. i fully agree with you there ...

¤ ¤ ¤ to you too .. :)

thank you, ruela of the spinning heads .. ;)
yep, i hip to those sentiments too i must say. most of the folks there were just random tourists like myself getting a look at the white hosue. and, thanks for pointing out the typo ...
i corrected it.

Mo said...

Happy birthday mom, are you going to Australia with some of those millions?

foam said...

mo ..
with my nonexistant millions i think i would go to ...
hmmmmm ...
good question ...
i'll have to think on it ..

Ruela said...


dianne said...

The Whitehouse was originally built of stone and called the Executive Mansion, it burnt down in the war of 1812 by the British, the second revolutionary war; when it was refurbished in 1814 it was painted white...just a bit of info I thought you might like. ♡

foam said...

ruela ..
haha is right ..
especially since i didn't know about your newest post when i said ruela of the spinning heads ..

thanks for the info ..
i had learnt that stuff of course at one time. came across the info again when i did some googling about dc prior to out trip.
i think it's interesting ..
things were already being whitewashed back then, eh?

Holy Cannoli said...

I just wanted to say, I love your photos.

dianne said...

Yes they were Foamy dear, Lol, you're a funny girl. ♡

benjibopper said...

checked it out at's place and loved it. what an amazing collaboration, internationally.

happy birthday foam's mom!

Pamela said...

I'll have to come back and listen all the way through the episodes-- now that I have time and my ears are available

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