Wednesday, July 29, 2009

reflections .... and episode 14 links ..

this year's double reflection


and last year's at the same place .. :)


Episode 14 of the Golden Ganesh should be up at
or click on sj's widget ..

this cast features

Ricardo (The Detective)
Lauren (Dee von Zelle)
JeannieGrrrl (Lynn/Wendy)
K9 (Felicity/Eileen)
Pamela Ringgold (Rude Cop)
SJ (Criminologist/Futon Cop)
Malcolm (Deputy Sheriff)
Pjazzypar (FBI Special Agent)
Pinetop Swamp (Announcer)

it should be good as usual...
and i'm off to listen to it.


dianne said...

I just love this photo Foamy dear, I remember it from before, you look so is an unusual piece of sculpture...just great for reflections. ♥

foam said...

dianne ..
thanks! but any sweetness is just a complet e illusion .. ;)
it is a fun piece for reflections. i certainly had fun with the top photo..

boneman said...

Still right up there with one pretty school marm, mam.
(and, thanx for the Ganesh reminder)(again)

puerileuwaite said...

Warning: object in mirror may be more evil than they appear.


foam said...

thanks, boneman! but then i'm not posting my see food photos, photos of me scratching my arm pits .. etc, etc .. and yes, those do exist ..
come to think about it. i might want to do something about those.

you're darn tootin', toots! ... err pug ...

Merelyme said...

Is that you? The young girl in the pretty dress?

wow has been ages. How in the hell are you? I barely blog anymore...I feel sad about that.

Thanks so much for coming by the health site...that warmed my heart.

Little Lamb said...

Nice reflections.

HLiza said...

I love refelction pics..and these two are nice! Wow..that waist..

foam said...

yep .. both reflections are me. the bottom taken last summer, the top just a couple of weeks ago.
anyway, i'm fine .. and i've noticed you haven't been blogging .. that's why i hunted you down .. ;)

little lamb,
thank you .. :)

which waste? the top one? .. lol ..

Ricardo said...

Foams! Foams everywhere!!!

foam said...

scary, huh?

Ricardo said...

I can't breathe!

Mariana Soffer said...

This is a super complete excelent blog post, an amazing new art work which I loved, and I did not know off. And of course your marvelous episode of the series you are making now.

foam said...

too much foam can do that to ya' ...
but breathe anyway .. :)

oh! thank you very much .. :)
and it is an interesting artwork, isn't it ...
very interactive ..

/t. said...



you & your reflections
are an art unto themselves!

¤ ¤ ¤


Middle Ditch said...

Hey! Great image and what's that behind you? Your cat/dog?

Just listened with David to episode twelve of the ganesh and he is greatly impressed. And congrats to Foam Jr.

foam said...

thank you, /t..
that's very kind of you to say.

middle ditch,
thank you! the golden ganesh is good, isn't it.
and foam jr's 3 words were rather magnificent, if I do say so myself ... :D

SJ said...

I was going to say something smart but then realized you might not understand. Nice photos.

Aggie said...

Great photos.

foam said...

sj ..
i was going to say something smart alecky ...but ..
oh, never mind .. :)


X. Dell said...

Ooh, double reflection. Is it my imagination, or is that the dress you wore when we rode the ferry?

foam said...

no, but you have a good memory ..
it's a similar dress but without sleeves and a bit longer.

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