Tuesday, July 14, 2009

just a couple of photos from this weekend ..


dianne said...

That looks like a pleasant spot, are you staying in a cabin in the woods beside a lovely river?

Is that you Foamy dear, hiding under that big hat?

I hope you're having a great time.♥

So many questions... :-)

Anonymous said...

i love
this new
reflecting foam

by chance, my next post for mo'po features three window pics, but no reflections

¤ ¤ ¤


X. Dell said...

Fantastic shot of the river. I had to download it.

Regarding the first photo, I love those shots you take in reflection. You are such a tease:-)

SJ said...

La da la! What amazing photos!

Mo said...

Nice hideaway there.

Little Lamb said...

Well, you were right with the title. Just a couple of photos.

I enjoyed them.

Ricardo said...

You always have these serene pictures to show us. So relaxing.

foam said...

this spot is about 30 minutes from where we live. we just took a daytrip, but you can camp there ...
although not in that cabin .. it''s very old and used primarily as a storage shed, i think.
and, yes .. that would be me underneath that hat ..
i wear hats a lot during the summer.
and we did have a lovely time ..
thanks .. XO

yeah, i saw your great photos ..
looks like you had a wonderful outing too ..
there's something wonderful about old windows ..
so much history, so many people that have looked through ..

you are very welcome to download anything here ...
and about being a tease! .. llol, you silly man .. ;)

why, thank you!! .. :)

yes, it is a nice place, a nice hideaway in plalin sight .. :)

yes, little lamb ..
just a couple of photos ..

ricardo ..
it's hard not to take serene photo when you are in a place like this ....

HLiza said...

Did you go camping? It has been years (or it seems) since I last went to any rivers like that. I was quiet an outdoor person ..hiking, camping..was!

You always give us photos that need more peeping and probing..let us see more Foam!

Anonymous said...

And I thought it was MJ's ghost peeping out at us ...

JohnB said...

masked like a river grappling with its time, flowed out and in like a whispering rhyme...

~Just a caption proposal if I may

foam said...

no we didn't go camping ..
perhaps when your youngest is just a wee bit older you can take them hiking and camping with you!

lol.. afraid not .. just boring ole me .. :)

and what a nice caption proposal it is too!
thank you very much .. :)

dianne said...

Gosh Foamy dear that is so lovely, when I have some spare time I will take some photos of the river near where I live, its only 5 minutes away by car...walking access is difficult now because of the new bridge that has been built over it, the terrain is very steep.
Hats in Summer are a great idea, stops all of that sun damage. ♡

Anonymous said...

I like the title and I like the hat, my wife has one similar.

The river looks like Mississippi river, but I don't think it goes through NC.

Mariana Soffer said...

Great pictures, seriously the angle the part that is left inside the photographic paper versus the one in the outside.
And I was thinking also that they are in color, not black and white (which by the way always look good no matter what), and it is intresting how you manage the light along with the color.
Take care

foam said...

i'd love to see photos of your river.
i actually live within walking distance of a couple of rivers, plus a creek .. :)
but this river here is in the our high mountains and the water is always clear and cold and not too deep and just great for tubing.

no it's not the mississippi. it's the new river ..

thank you ..
i do try to pay attention to the light and colors as well as the composition of a photo.

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