Tuesday, July 28, 2009

for a change of scenery ...

1 1/2 weeks ago...

also golden ganesh episodes
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SJ said...

Who let the Hush Puppies out! Woof woof woof.

Mariana Soffer said...

SJ is right the picture is kind of funny cause what you can see in it versus what is out of view.

Little Lamb said...

Ooooooooooh! People watching!

foam said...

i did ..
you gots a problem with that?
grrrrwoof! .. :)

foam said...

mariana ,
thanks ..
i was hoping it would be kind of funny ..

little lamb,
yep .. it's a fun thing to do ..

X. Dell said...

Those are Hush Puppies? Look more like Birkenstocks.

Yes, a familiar sight that I am happy not to be a part of, anymore.

foam said...

well, they are actually neither hushpuppies or birkenstocks ..
they are ughs...

i don't know that i could live there. but it's a decent place to visit at times, esp. since i have an elderly aunt there. and my youngest just had a ball. he was so excited. and actually, i always get a charge being in a city ..

dianne said...

Wow that statue of Lincoln is so big...what a great photo Foamy dear and I love your espadrilles...well thats what we call them here...TrĂ©s Chic... ♡

Anonymous said...

in your living room

nice place -- bit of a fixer upper

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

dianne, that chunk of marble is sizable .. i would agree with you on that.
espadrilles? that's what i'm wearing? lol .. good to know that i'm tres chic then .. lol ..

yo, i just can't decide if it's a fixer upper or a fixer downer though ..

Anonymous said...

He is so pale and out of center, it took some time until I understood what sort of temple it is.

The feet looks tired after a lot of nice walking.

Great photo!

Ruela said...

Nice ;)

foam said...

lol .. you know ..
should this stuff still be around in 2000 years they will probably think we were a society that worshipped many gods .. :)
and yes, my feet did a lot of walking ...
but i love it.

thanks .. :)

Ricardo said...

My widget didn't work right and I had to take it down :-( It kept vanishing and would stay that way 80% of the time. for some reason it did not like my blog.

Ah the majesty of the Lincoln memorial.

foam said...

awwww ..
it just couldn't be your blog though ..
it's a nice one .. :o)
go blame it on sj ..

JohnB said...

If only I thought of taking a picture like that when I was in the Duomo in Firenze...how appropriate

foam said...

well, it didn't even occur to me to take pictures inside firenze's duomo when i was there ..

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