Friday, July 31, 2009

dc plus 2nd to last Golden Ganesh Episode ...15 ...

PLuuuuuuuuus ....

art by k9/

Ricardo (The Detective)
Amy Insley (Col. Michelle Smith/Sacred Mother)
JohnB (Detective Bob Toricello)
Foam (Diane)
Boneman (Judge Ewing)
Yinyang (FBI Agent/Demolitions Expert/”All Clear”)
X. Dell (Mr. Johnson)
Holy Cannoli (Jenny)
Pinetop Swamp (Announcer


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X. Dell said...

Wow, you really saw a better side of DC than I did. Nice photos.

foam said...

well, i go where tourists go ... mostly ...
although i've seen other sides of dc too ...
plus i've seen how folks live in the surrounding areas of dc ..

dianne said...

Wow they sure do things 'BIG' in your country, that is such a large fountain...thanks for stopping by this morning. ♡

Anonymous said...

i travel
via your eyes, foam

haven't been to dc & probably won't

so thx 3 th vu

¤ ¤ ¤


SJ said...

I didn't know statues did shampoo ads - except they seem to bare all instead of a strategically positioned logo.

foam said...

sj, amazing, isn't it .. considering this is washington dc ..
this baring all, i mean ...

we all travel a bit through each other's photos, don't we ..
i certainly do when you post photos of your outings. and those are places i may never visit either.
but anyway, if it weren't for my aunty who lives in that area, i doubt i'd be visiting up there that often.

it's the positioning of my camera and the angle that make the water fountain appear larger than it actually is. the fountain is part of the world war II memorial in dc.
the naked nymph is not a part of it however ..

boneman said...

I dunno...probably could get more recruits if she was a part of it, eh.

HLiza said...

Really nice photos..the mermaid statue is amazing..I'll take many photos of it too if I were you!

Anonymous said...

The boobs are OK

I am surrounded of a lot of waters too, it pours on my roof window.

foam said...

too bad it's not raining boobs, eh?

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