Thursday, June 25, 2009

uh oh .. foam has photoshop.
and she knows not what she
is doing.


X. Dell said...

She looks like she's doing fine.

Forgive me, but I've always thought it odd that someone with as great a face as yours (in real life) finds so many ways to distort it. As I recall, there have been the reflections, blurriness, darkening, excessive light, elongation, obfuscation, mustaches, and now this. I wonder what a psychoanalyst would think.

foam said...

well, i can tell you what my oldest thinks in one word ...

weird ...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

well at least you kind of know how to mess with it... I wouldn't even know how to get into it!

here's some swedish stuff for you - ganz so wie das leben es schreibt - wenn man die falschen Freunde hat! ha!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Just read X.Dell's comment:

re what a psychoanalyst would say:
a whole load of bullshit!
have you ever come across a shrink who knew what he was talking about?!

foam said...

sarah sofia,
yeah, and that is what i'm presently doing with it ..
messing with it to figure out what it can do .. lol ..
oh, and as far as's comment, i think he's partially serious but as far as the psychoanalyst comment goes .. he's pulling my leg ..

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

ah... alright then, you see, I am a saggeratius (have I spelled that right+ probably not!) and they do not habve an amazing reputation for getting jokes... sorry! However we do end up cracking some good once, once in a while, purely by chance!

The other day a fellow-saggetraius-blogger-friend of mine got really pissed with me, because she took one of my jokes seriously... anyway the joke was all on us, her not getting it and me not getting why she wouldn't get it... my guys here at home cracked up completely just watching the two of us!

Re your comment on marstrand, Sweden: actually beaking the bone a second time was better than surgery, it really fixed it quite well. however, it can be anoying to have too many cracked bones which didn't grow back together well enough...

dianne said...

Thats looks great Foamy dear, I love all of the bright colours, I would love to have 'photoshop'.
I can only alter images slightly or recolour in Microsoft word, not much of a choice...have fun. ♡

Anonymous said...

LOL @ X.Dell

weird, eh? well,
welcome to the club --
i get weird from mine all the time

normal is overrated anyway(!)

lovely pics!

¤ ¤ ¤


laughingwolf said...

rather than weird, doc wuff would say: playful ;)

foam said...

doc wuff .. yes, playful but also weird

/t. weird Is good, eh? :)

thanks, it's fun .. it's disytracting.. something to do during an evening .. :)
if you want to manipulate photos, there are some free photohosting sites that let you do that.

sara sofia,
well, i'm certainly glad that your bone healed for the better after that second break. it's lucky how that worked out. my mother never got any jokes either, but she herself can be quite funny at times.
she's a leo though .. :) .. not that i'm sure that matters.

Mariana Soffer said...

I would like to know how to do that? what effects do you use? How do you start learning doing/handling graphs with the software you mentioned?

TC said...

It's better to never know what you're doing, lest you start doing it like everybody else.

Anonymous said...

I bet it's fun to play around with, even if you are playfully weird. Lol!

foam said...

i barely know what i'm doing myself. i'm just now learning about pixel masks and vector masks and all that stuff. i don't know if adobe photoshop would be ideal to put the art into graphs. it might be, but there are other programs such as adobe illustrator. adobe does have 30 day free trial periods that you could try to find the right software.

whew .. that's good .. cause i hardly ever know what i'm doing ..

it's becoming fun and might be even more fun once i really figure it out. maybe i should read the directions first though, huh? i haven't done that yet .. :)

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

photoshop ... kewl. keep playing you'll get it.

Mariana Soffer said...

Thanks for sharing what you know foaming, and it is a good what do to things, by don't knowing what you are doing.

SJ said...

The psychoanalyst would want you to become a case study so he/she would treat you for free!

Nice effect BTW.

Little Lamb said...

Colorful pictures.

Ricardo said...

Isn't it fun to doodle with photoshop? Haven't done it in ages.

Aunty Belle said...

Uh, well...I does git it--I mean why ya obscure yore lovely face, Foamy. An' I likes how ya manifest yore different moods. Too cool, this.

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