Wednesday, June 17, 2009

(way, waaaaaay down yonder)

but ..
i've been back up yonder for a few days ..
working the days i owed since i had to take time off last week.
today i finally worked off my last few hours .. :)
actually they really might have been my last hours..
i have no contract yet..

anyway ..

i'm ready for summer to begin..

you know ..
those lazy days of summer ..
let's see ..
what do i need for this particular summer ..

well, nothing involving the sun ..
that's for sure ..


it would appear that i need a really, really big umbrella, a raincoat .. a macintosh .. , wading boots, a canoe in case we wash away in a flood, fishing gear so i can fish right from my front door in case the waters rise that high,
ice cream ...
yeah .. that ought to do me ...
oh, wait!!! ..
how could i forget
libations, of course ..

(as we were driving through mississippi we encountered some interesting weather at times..
we got the hell on out of this area..)

ps: all photos were taken in mississippi ..


K9 said...

super cool. that last photo is the signal to get in the truck and drive straight toward it. i see you have a clothesline. good foamy. youll dry when the machines break down. grherhahaha handsome white dog there.

foam said...

actually all those photos were taken in mississippi on my relatives property, k9..
i added the ps later ..
i actually do have a clothesline here .. but it's inside in the basement ..
i'm trying to figure out where a good place would be to put one up outside.
i might put one up, hang up the dirty laundry, spray it with soap and then let the rain clean it .. lol ..

boneman said...

well, that is about the whitest dog I've seen in a time or two. Maybe a ghost dog?
And those swinging seats!
and cool shade....
Mississippi, you say?
Probably should ought'a get rid of them danged skeeters, too!

I'll bet with all the rains that, if a wind came from the South and the rains are done for a bit?
The air would smell like burning citronella all the way up here.

'Course, I have one of those spirals on my porch right now, so, I reckon maybe it ain't all from the South....


..................... said...

well, then they had two ghost dogs down there.
there was another white boxer. they were nice dogs but i'm not that fond of white for a boxer.
yes, this was down in mississippi. i went down there last week for a funeral of a relative who lives/lived on this property. i really didn't notice any skeeters. they have not had quite the rain we have had here in nc. citronella candles .. lol ..
nah .. it's high tech now .. mosquito zappers all the way ..
the biggest mosquitoes i've ever seen were way up in montana .. :)

Anonymous said...

They are fantastic photos ... I love the clothesline one - it's a great angle. Freaky weather one is good too. Hope you have a lovely summer.

HLiza said...

I love clothsline in the midst of greeneries..just imagine how the clothes dance being blown by the wind. So beautiful.

I only know Mississippi from our Geography lesson when I was ..maybe 12..and that Boy George once shot the music video of Karma Chameleon along the Mississippi River..and now I wonder if it's true after all.

dianne said...

These are lovely photos Foamie dear and yes I like the clothesline and the thought of clothes billowing in a southern breeze...I have a rotary clothesline not quite as pretty as that setting in your photo.

That white dog looks like it would need to stay in the shade for fear of sunburn and I love the dramatic sky pic, and the dusty road.
Sorry your trip was to attend a funeral.

It must be a relief to be finished work for the summer, so have a great vacation and relax. ♡

Anonymous said...

summer needs:

add to list:

• bbq on pontoons

great pics & story, foam

¤ ¤ ¤


Middle Ditch said...

Love the seats. And the white dog. And the clothesline. And had to look up the word libation in the dictionary. LOL

Anonymous said...

I also like the clotheslines and the clothes pegs, or do you say clothespins. In Swedish we do say kl├Ądnypa.

My camera has 12x optical zoom and macro. Yes, I agree it is very good.

This morning it poured on me when I ride on my bike to my work. In the afternoon it had stopped raining but instead it was stormy and it was against me. And nobody said come in I'll give you shelter from the storm as a woman says in a Bob Dylan song.

Mariana Soffer said...

Watch out when you start working that this does not happen to you:

the washing working eating sleeping washing working eating sleeping washing working eating sleeping
days keep blurring into one another
so ultimately you end up without
anything to say

laughingwolf said...

watch your step in 'sippi, the 'shine has bite :O lol

foam said...

foam said...
laughing wolf,
how would you know, eh?
anyway, the 'shine is quite smooth with just the right amount of bite where i presently live .. ;)

you just described my life ....
sleep, wash, go to work, come home, do chores, fuss at kids, etc. ... sleep, wash, go to work, come home ...
i'm afraid your warning to already too late .. lol .. .. i already have nothing to say ..
thanks for visiting .. :)

it's most commonly referred to as a clothespin ..
but calling it a peg or clothes peg is not wrong.

so, a woman didn't offer you shelter from the storm as in a bob dylan song? awwwwww, poor baby ... lol ..

middle ditch,
libation is a good word, isn't it? :)

pontoon for bbq purposes ..
okay, i just added that to my list ..

yes, it's kind of a relief to be finished with work ..
now i have all the stuff that didn't get done throughout the year at the house to tackle ..
if only i would do it .. don't really wanna though..
i think i'm ready for work away from the house again .. lol ..
but what i really need a break from is those 900 kids a week i teach ..

clotheslines are a wonderful thing. i'm going to look into putting one up outside somewhere. luckily i live in an old neighborhood where i can still do that. in some of the newer neighborhoods you can't do that anymore ..
you surely know ..
mississippi is both a river and a state. the state is in the deep south, the river starts somewhere up in minnesota and doesn't stop until it pours itself out in the golf of mexico. anyway, i can tell you that at 12 i did not learn about malaysia .. i think we were learning about the mideast when i was 12. that was when i was still attending a german school.

thanks ..
if it keeps raining i'm going to spend all my time in the gym and get real buff .. lol..
i hate being cooped up at home. i'm not a homebody at all ..

Devin said...

Great great images foam!! I love looking at anything that ISN'T desert haha-I think I could go without seeing the sun or cactus for the rest of my life and be perfectly fine-best to you as always and I hope you and enjoying your summer!!

SJ said...

Nice photos.

All libations to this god are welcome. You can leave the bottles at my door step and run.

foam said...

i hope you and yours are also fine .. :)

how bouts i just throw my empty likker bottles at your doorstep ..

dianne said...

Foamie dear, my goodness 900 students, how do you ever remember all of their names? ♡
Enjoy the break...

foam said...

i don't .. :)
well, i do remember very many ..
and usuallyi make seating charts..

Ruela said...

wow, beautiful dog!
it's yours?

..................... said...

no, it belongs to a cousin of mine in mississippi.
the little fuzzy dog in the post below belongs to me ..
remember you called it a cat?

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

sad that the weather isn't better! but I have to tell you, it isn't that amzing in Denmark either! still, we do have some sun anjd especially tuesday is going to be nice, wich is really important, since it's the mid summer's celebration!

we also don't use a dryer - to unecological! so I just keep it for in case some day...

I also loved the seats under the tree... gave me some ideas for our garden...

Aunty Belle said...

Ho! Cool clothesline shot!

Wet huh? us'uns too.

Hey--is we kin? Mebbe we covered this afore--I was born in Mi-sippi.

When will ya know about yore contract? Reckon ya doan want an extended summer break.

Ruela said...

yes ;)

whimsical brainpan said...

I really like that last picture. I also how you can kind of see the reflection of the map in the first one.

benjibopper said...

fish are jumping and the cotton is high. Happy solstice/midsummer! those are some very inviting photos. can't wait for the rain to stop here.

Bobby said...

I'm even further south than that...ha. Hard to believe.

Yep, that's an active lookin sky.

X. Dell said...

There are some beautiful sights here. But I'm puzzled: the hours that you had to make up; you mean administrative work?

..................... said...

sarah sofia,
well, wouldn't you know ..
we've had a good bit of sun the past few days .. and
it's been hot as blazes.

i love those seats under the tree. many nieces, nephews, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren have enjoyed those seats under the tree.

we just might be kin ..
who knows though, huh? .. :)


yeah, you noticed that map .. lol ..
it practically lived on my lap that whole trip...
unfortunately i'm not much of a navigator. i get car sick easily.

yeah and a happy summer solstice to you too!
i wish i was way for the summer solstice. it's only there you get the full effect of the long summer day.

yep, it is an active looking sky alright ..
and it's hard to get much further south then where you live .. :),
yes, but i was done with that before i left for ms. what i needed to do was to close 3 classrooms in 3 different schools for the summer.

Ricardo said...

Great photos and glad summer has started. It looked like it wasn't going to come up here.

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