Sunday, June 7, 2009

evening till late morn ...

okay .. it's been a while since i'd seen the sun ..
i'd forgotten what it looked like ..
so i took a picture of it as we were driving out of the
neighborhood on our way to visit my mom yesterday evening.
yeah .. i know the window is dirty ..
but it had been raining a whole, whole bunch.
oh .. and no worries .. i was not driving when i took the photo.

we worked outside yesterday afternoon ..
in the garden .. weeding ..
my husband turned over a flower bed for new plantings ..
i did detect some poison ivy under the lillies there..

one of my cats ..

relaxing briefly with my mutt after my son's high school graduation ceremony which was yesterday
morning ..
i have to say that i handled that ceremony remarkably well ..
i only sniffled towards the end ..
i did all my bawling the friday evening before with no witnesses around ..
i was alone in the house ..

i have mixed feelings about my son's graduation ..
but what can i do?
it's as it should be..
he graduated with honors..
he's gotten into the college of his choice..
i'm proud of him..

and tomorrow i go to my 6th graders award ceremony in the afternoon.
wednesday is the last day of school.
i work until friday ..

and then, hopefully i will find out if my contract gets renewed ..
cutbacks, ya know?

have i mentioned this before?
i feel as if i'm repeating myself here ..


Little Lamb said...

Nice pictures.

AHA! You found out your son is growing up and will soon go to college. You won't see him as much anymore, or will you?

You may be starting to miss him already.

Lisa said...

wonderful post- touching because we want our kids to grow up and yet still such a shock when they do. pictures are great.thanks for sharing x

boneman said... sounds so fast.
Like it seems like just last Fall you had pictures of them at the beach...little tiny heads.
I had no idea that you had midgets for kids.
I'm sorry...dwarfs?
I don't know what's politically correct.
At 6'5" I say I'm the world's shortest giant.

So....what'cha gonna make out'a the extra room?
Sauna and hot tub?
TV and game room?
Art Studio?

K9 said...

i hope you get the contract! and i love that first photo its like a veil is pulled back and i like thw quality of the sky and sun..kinda polarized and lens flared. and your wunderkind graduated on time with honors and got in his choice college? then bravissimo foamer!

foam said...

little lamb,
yeah .. i don't know how that happened. he just kind of did the growing up thingie .. imagine that ..
anyway .. he's gone most of the time already ..

yes, and thank you too .. :)
but in a way i'm also ready for him to fly ...

it WAS just last year that they were wee ones at the beach. at least it seems like that.
well, i don't know if i would call my 17 year old a midget. he's 6'3" and still growing .. :)
and the other one seems to be doing the same.
currently i'm the midget in the family..

you are a tall man. it's evident from your photos. you'd certainly dwarf me. i'm only 5'3"...
well, and i reckon he'll still need a room for a little while .. for those times when there are breaks and he has to come home...

yes, i certainly want that contract .. lol ..
because i want it to be my choice when i decide to quit. yes, i liked that photo too ..
it's one of those lucky shots ..
and, thank you for your nice comments about my son. he's a good kid.

SJ said...

I think you are repeating because nowadays i find out most of the stuff you write about in that other site which we haunt mutually... you know the one with the mafia.

Congrats to your son (again) and this kind of crying isn't bad it's source isn't sorrow but the pain of change.

foam said...

oh, that site ..
the one with the mafia ..
how could i forget .. :)
i reckon it's not so much that a do a bunch of writing on the other site .. but that's where i post the boring family pictures .. the uncropped ones ..
and .... 'the pain of change' ... that is so true ..
you can be remarkably wise for a wee whippersnapper .. ;)

dianne said...

Love your photos Foamie dear, its nice to see your orange cat, we call them 'ginger' here for some reason and to see your dog; this is the little one who gets you out of bed in the early hours I gather?
Nice piece of Foam garden, love the lilies and your sunshine photo.
Congratulations to your son, I can understand you being so proud of him.
You are allowed to have a sniffle or a cry, these proud moments are filled with emotion and there will be many more.
I remember my daughter's university graduation ceremony, it was very moving as the faculty Masters and Deans filed past dressed in their academic robes to the music of 'The March from El Cid',all the traditions and ceremony of the university, trumpets sounding and shining...then seeing my daughter in her cap and gown with her colours, she looked so beautiful... I just welled up with tears and found it hard to keep my composure, it was pride and happiness as she received her degree with honours and Graduate of the Year.
You have so many more wondeful moments to come. ♡

dianne said...

BTW Foamie my dear, good luck with the contract renewal. ♡

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures. Here comes the sun.
And your son are ready for college. It is great and fun!

Good luck with the renewal, but first a lazy summer?


Ruela said...

I love the white cat ;)

Devin said...

foam I agree with Lisa Rudy and other commenters-I found this post very touching-as someone who will never be a parent I can only imagine what it means when one of your children reaches these landmarks or milestones or whatever-as you can see i am a bit tongue tied today-haha. I can't tell you how much I hope the employment situation works out all right for you-I have been unemployed almost two years now-and it has been some of the most trying times of my life if not the most-plus the fact I feel quite useless. Without friends and family I do not think i could have made this one. I am hoping all you get is GOOD news!! best to you as always!!

foam said...

yeah .. that's the dog that gets me up ..
although she's gotten better at waiting until it's time for me to get up.
i thought you might like our lillies since they are yellow .. :) i thought of you when i took the photo.
you know .. i never went to any of my own graduations. not even my high school graduation.
my mother never had the experience of sitting through one of these ceremonies ... i was just not into pomp and circumstance.
oh well ..
i can't even imagine a college graduation right now.. but i know i'll be proud again .. hopefully ..
as you were proud of your daughter .. :)

and as far as that contract .. if i don't get it renewed .. f... 'em i say .. :)

yeah .. i hope he loves it. it will really be interesting to see how college changes him.

white cat? lol ..
i won't tell the dog you said that ..
she'd be crushed.

hey devin! good to see you.
two years unemployed .. yikes ..
but i have to say that i know people who are remaining unemployed despite dilligently looking all the time. and i know folks who are loosing jobs who never expected to be unumployed.but anyway .. you always write such nice comments. they are much appreciated .. :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

My wife got here contract - a lot of the new teachers didn't. There is a clause that the district can cut her pay anytime without notice. The way they treat teachers in this state it is no wonder most Arizonans couldn't find their ass with their hands if you drew 'em a map.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Congratulations on your son!!!
That's really well done for all of you!

re your contract: I hope it gets renewed!
I've left a comment re this on Phos' blog, don't wanna say it all again here, but just know that: you're not alone and what happens here is just totally sick!!!

I also wanna thank you for taking my comment on the Germans so well.
I didn't mean to offend anybody and thought afterwards I should perhaps have phrazed a couple of things a little different...
However, this may explain more about it:

I love the pics on your post here. you must live in a very nice and green environment. at least it looks that way.

The cat is very pretty and the opicture almost looks like a stillife!

Middle Ditch said...

I quite like that dirty window picture. Cutbacks everywhere it seems.

Your garden looks great, better than my poor neglected one. And hey don't kids grow up fast!

Anonymous said...

Poisson ivy was new for me. We don't have it here. Thank God! But with the changing climate a lot of terrifying things can show up in the garden...

Anonymous said...

cutbacks or not,
they'd have to be nuts
to not renew your contract

best wishes, foamie, and regardless, have a great summer in the sun

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

thanks, /t.
we'll see in a few days if i get that contract renewed.
in the meantime it looks like i'll be heading deep south to go to a funeral.

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

I like your cat picture. :)

We had an awesome thunderstorm yesterday. It had hail and wind and it got really dark. It was very neat!

Ricardo said...

The first photo is very cool and I hope you do get that contract. Cutbacks suck but hopefully they steer clear of you.

dianne said...

Just checking in Foamie dear to see if you're OK. ♡

foam said...

thanks .. about my kitty .. :)
and, yes, we too have been having massive breathtaking thunderstorms ... perhaps too many in a way though .. :)

yes, i do hope the cutback steers clear of me ..
i'd much rather it be my choice to quit .. :)

i'm fine, thanks for asking.. :)
im presently deep south. i was at the funeral of a much beloved uncle.

Pamela said...

you feel sad -- as they grow up. But it's much sadder if they don't.

(Contracts are problems everywhere -- including my husbands job. We're on pins)

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics, congrats to the kid and I hope you don't get caught up in the cutbacks.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Mostly sun here. 15 June is the official start of monsoons so we'll see how that goes...

Ruela said...



I have one too...he hates cats!Perhaps have to take him to a psychoanalyst! ;)

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