Sunday, June 14, 2009

way down yonder ..

(post in progress .. or not ..)


dianne said...

That place looks very green and pretty, is that in the deep South where you are or have just been?
Nice photo Foamie dear,is that Mr Foam and younger Foamlet up front... nice looking boxer dog BTW. ♡

SJ said...

Didn't see any progress just a photo :)

foam said...

yes, it's the deep south where i've been.
and, yes, that's mr foam and foamlet ... and my cousin's dog. this is on my relatives property.

i know .. :)

puerileuwaite said...

I don't recall the opening to the Andy Griffith show having a dog in it.

AlmightyHeidi said...

I like how the dog is looking back for the photo op. ;o)


rotty of doom said...

foam: you always have the coolest photos. always some odd psychological subtext to them.

thanks for your comments on my mom. i just deleted a bunch of graphic horror detail but then - wait. this is foams space. just know i appreciate your words. and now, i think i will just step outside and pray a meteor hits me.

HLiza said...

I've missed coming here..I love this serene. Congrats to your son for his graduation..they grow up too fast I supposed?

Anonymous said...

a man
a son
a dog
out walking
only the dog is looking into the camera
and some small clouds
but very warm and maybe muggy

foam said...

haha ...
i thought something similar ..
but this is far from mayberry ..
where i currently live is not though ..

the dog was a cutie .. really still a pup ..
it was trying to figure out which one of us might throw something .. :)

rotty of doom ....
thanks .. :)
hey, and you know, you can write anything in my comment section .. :)

but anyways, how ya holding up, sweetie. i pray a meteor Does Not hit you .. :)
if you don't mind ..

hliza, while the growing up is happening it doesn't seem that quick ..
but once they are ready to leave the house ..
wham! then it went by quick.

you wrote prose for my photo ..
thank you .. :)
and, yes! IT WAS MUGGY!! .. and hot ..

boneman said...

where's the picnic basket?
Do you want me to hold it?
I'll hold it....
I'm real good at holding picnic baskets.

foam said...

where's the picnic basket?
i thought you had it all along?
you're telling me NOW that you don't know where the picnic basket is?
tsk ..
whatever am i going to do with you ..

X. Dell said...

It's okay. Southerners are supposed to take their time, right?


X. Dell said...

BTW, regarding your previous post, I think it's a sin the way they're keeping you in suspense like this. It's like they don'[t want to let you plan your life.

Congrats on the rite of passage (his and yours). I know. Seems like last week we were graduating from high school.

foam said...

sure x. .. you just keep thinking that ...
says foam as she sucker punches ...

anyways, the only thing i found out today is that they'll have contracts for us ... sometime this summer .. if there's money. i'm not the only one in this position.
so, presently i'm considering myself footloose and fancy free ..

Pamela said...

I bet you're channeling Henry David Thoreau

Anonymous said...

summer :)

now this is
what we're talkin' about

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

yeah, i went down yonder for the occasion of a funeral. but it was good to see everybody. and i tell you ..
it felt like summer down there too! .. :)
deep south summer ..

here? just rain, rain, rain ..
mind you .. we've had so much drought over the past few years..... i really hate to sound like i'm whining about it .. :)

Little Lamb said...


Ricardo said...

I like this picture actually. There's a nice down home quality to it.

foam said...

little lamb ..

thanks ..
and it does feel like down home ..
to me at least ..

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