Tuesday, May 5, 2009

uh oh ...

I have a new toy ..
 a new computer...
After 8  years of working on my faithful old, never-has-crashed, mac,  i've upgraded
to a little laptop (mac, of course).  it's not the most powerful one out there, but i'm completely taken with the speed, the applications which are similar to the old but, oh joy .. so very much updated.  
 .. and there's new stuff, like garageband, spaces (haven't figured that one out yet)....
oh .. and a little application i just discovered called photobooth ...

i had NO idea what that was so i clicked on it...

to my complete HOrror my visage popped up on the screen ... 
i was completely taken aback ..
plus, the image of my visage moved when i did!

my old computer could not take moving images of anything..

then i clicked on the little button and 1,2,3,4 .. it clicked away ..


 i was completely transfixed.

so i clicked again..

ps:  in real life i don't really look like this ..
i'm not usually this green...

unless i'm on the verge of puking or something like that ..
which i'm luckily not ..


Lisa said...

a new computer- exciting and terrifying all in one xx

Little Lamb said...

I've never had a mac.

Little Lamb said...

so I'll come over and use yours.

foam said...

i'll be up another 1/2 hour or so

and yes, a new computer is exciting ..
i'm such a laptop dufus .. i've been so used to working with a mouse ..

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

i miss my mac laptop. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Have fun with the Mac ... I've heard they are good, but I've never had one. Love the photos ... you look good in green.

HLiza said...

Mac is not widely used here and i've never met a laptop that can take photo..I'm in a dinosaur age. Looks like fun having green face!

foam said...

tink, yeah .. thanks..

i'm hoping this one proofs to be as reliable as the other one .. but somehow i doubt it ..
i do look good in green, don't i? i almost wish i glowed like that all the time.

it is fun having a green face .. lol ..
as a matter of fact when i draw i often use hues of green and or blue for faces ..
btw, you're doing pretty good with your xp .. that's what we have in the schools. i'm not sure computers ought to be able to take photos anyway .
it's a scary thing. my husband thinks it's a subversive government plot to keep track of us .. lol .. (he's kidding, of course .. sort of .. )

SJ said...

I am the one who should be green right now what with you having a cool new mac and all.

Use your new found power for evil not good.

Little Lamb said...

I'm used to using a mouse too. I guess we'll have to find one that fits that computer.

dianne said...

Wow! Happy for you Foamie, lots of fun ahead with your new computer...and you still look beautifil even in green and blue. ♡

K9 said...

i love it! you have an entire andy warhol studio there. yeah, ol photo booth. its rough to see yourself...or maybe just rough for me. thanks for the kind words on trout -still no resolution and i am frayed and frazzled.

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

It's always cool getting a new computer. My "toy" computer that I use all the time is an itty-bitty netbook I got for $300. It's groovy.

I'd love to get a Mac someday.

boneman said...

and then, after you deleted it all, you went and got dressed, right?

foam said...

boneman ..
nope .. not quite like that at all .. :)

yeah it is cool .. i just wish they didn't apparently have to be updated so often ..

believe me .. it was very, veyr rough seeing me .. lol ..
ugh and ick..
but i just visited your site again. i'm so sorry about trout .. poor baby .. poor mama .. :(

yeah, i'll have fun .. :)
and thanks, that's nice of you to say ... :)
i never wear makeup but maybe i should go for the green and blue stuff ..

nah, i have to say i'm getting used to not having a mouse. i think i'm going to like it much better ..

evil you say? but, of course .. what else would i do with my computer time .. :)

Devin said...

Hiya foam! I can't agree more about the difficulty of working between a desk unit and a laptop-my parents have a new laptop that my dad got for his seventieth bday-but they can hardly use it either-haha-even the typing is much more difficult for me as there is no angle to the keys-I so hope my Dell lasts longer-I have always heard great things about Macs-but am a technomoron so I don't know why they are said to be so great:-)all the best and enjoy your new puter!!

Little Lamb said...

That would make it easier to carry around without a mouse.

ANNA-LYS said...

Congrats, my friend to Your new toy!
Keep playlearning and have fun :-D


dianne said...

You dont need make up Foamie, you remind me of Madeleine Stowe in those pics and thats a compliment. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I didn't even know Mac made laptops... embarressing!
well, that should definitely be proof, that I don't know a sh#/ about IT!

really, you're not taht green normally? Are you more blue then??? or yellow with pink polka dots???

foam said...

sarah sophia ..
yes! that's it ..
yellow with pink polka dots .. that's me, alright .. :)

madeline stowe? really? wow..and thanks ..
i was thinking i looked more like the gloved one with more of a nose perhaps and no cleft chin ..in the bottom photo, that is .. i'm not kidding about that..

i'm handling the transition pretty well. i think i just might like a scroll bar better then a mouse now though .. :) although i can see your parents having trouble. my in-laws who are about the same age have trouble to adjus

thanks! and you know that playlearning is the best kind of learning.

little lamb ..
absolutely! plus, this one i can carry around with one hand ... the other one i had to lug around with 2 hands ..

i'm adjusting pretty well to scrolling on this laptop now. i might like it even better then the old mouse now. it just take some practice ..
hope your dell lasts a long time .. :)

dianne said...

Do you mean the gloved one, Michael Jackson?
No way Foamie dear, definitely Madeleine Stowe, I think she is a beautiful woman. :) ♡

AlmightyHeidi said...

ooooOOOOO Foamie..yay!!! The pics are Foam on acid...or me on acid looking at foam..I think, never did it...but howw fun..not the acid, the computer..
tee heee

Anonymous said...

You just create art everywhere

My hp Windows Vista laptop machine sounds like a little helicopter, sometimes I must use earplugs to endure.

Your are having a ribbotten from IKEA.

Little Lamb said...

Then this one must be much lighter.

foam said...

yeah, it's kind of a little thing .. :)

i don't know if it's art .. but i can't help but doodle wherever i'm at ... even in meetings ..
anyway, my mother's ribbotten was not purchased at an IKEA (as far as i remember). it came from a german mattress store, but it's a swedish product. my oldest son sleeps on it. my son's old dell sounded like a helicopter too .. must be a pc thing.

heidi ..
lol .. foam on acid, eh? hehe .. but, nobody has ever told me that i looked that green to them while they were experiencing altered states of awareness ..

yep, that's the gloved one...
well, if my green image is gonna look like somebody else then i'd rather it be madeline stowe .. lol ..
i really look nothing like her though. but, you are right. she's a beautiful woman.

puerileuwaite said...

Dear Foam,

Loved the mug shots. We could have used you to infiltrate the Manson Family.

Sincerely yours,
Vincent Pugliosi

Pamela said...

I read a piece of news somewhere about someone stealing one of those laptops and the owner was able to link into it from his home computer and see who was sitting in front of it.

I wonder if that was true.
Well -- you look lovely in blue/green

foam said...

Dear Mr Bugli .. oops .. Pugliosi,

Thanks!! What a compliment. But I was just a tad young to infiltrate the Manson Family during the late 60s. If those murders had happened during the late 70s however I would have been a definite shoe in.

yeah i read that too somewhere. that could be a good thing, but scary too. what if big bro is spying on us.
just in case, i try to stay dressed at all times when infront of this computer.

laughingwolf said...

grats on the new mac, foamy!

i got a new imac a few months ago [still have four older macs, all work] and loving it!

Ricardo said...

You can also take videos of yourself. That's how I do my sidebar updates. Open up photobooth like you did and there is an option to record video.

I have been a long time mac user myself. I have an imac. Congrats on the new purchase.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Green suits you!

Middle Ditch said...

Isn't it great!! When we got our new mac we discovered exactly the same thing. I also looked in horror at my moving pic on photoboot and then click, click, click.

And you know, of course, that all the MD episodes are recorded on garageband. LOL

Ruela said...



Lady Greenfoam!

mmm I want a new toy too ;)

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

I've been toying around with Windows 7 Release Candidate. It's aa heck of a lot less bloated than Vista. Alas, I cannot afford a MAC.

foam said...

yeah, thanks!

i've already taken an accidental movie or myself on photobooth .. i clicked on something and just sat around waiting for it to click away taking a photo. unbeknownst to be it was taking a movie..
it's the stupidest movie ever .. looks like i'm completely doofusy .. :) needless to say i'll never post it.

i have a colleague who really loves vista ..
but if this other version works for you that's good then.

middle ditch ..
yea, it does catch one by surprise when it's unexpected .. lol ..
you do all that on middle ditch on garageband? cool .. i've yet to play around with it although my sons already have.

you'll have a new toy one of these days .. lol ..

Ruela said...

your image is so Warhol,
love it!

chickory said...

happy mothers day foamy! you look so young i cant believe you have any kids at all -especially big tall ones. have an excellent day and....thanks.

Bobby said...

Macs rule! I love mine. So fast. So fun. Very few problems with popups, viruses, worms etc. iMovie is sooo cool. It's so easy to load images or video and audio and make little movies or slideshows or animations.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...


ANNA-LYS said...

here You are
playing with
Yourself and
Your newest toy

foam said...

ANNA-LYS!! tsk, tsk ..
no peaking through my computer! ..
i'm gonna have to tape that little photo eye on my camera shut now .. ;)

sarah sophia,
i'll be over .. but it looks like it might be another one of your posts that will make me hungry ..


yep, i do like them i have to say .. :)

thank you!
but believe me .. the green effect hides a multitude flaws ..

dianne said...

Happy belated Mothers Day, dearest Foamie, I wasnt sure if you celebrated on the same Sunday as we do...I hope you had a lovely day with your family. ♡

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Happy Mothers day- late :) We lost our electricity about an hour after the big Mothers day celebration at my house on Saturday evening, but the food was cooked and everyone had a great time :) The current was restored about 10 hours later.

Today, Monday, the house is quiet, the rain is gently falling outside, everything is cool and lush.
Happy Sigh...
Today is a wonderful Mother's Day present! :)

..................... said...

yes, mother's day was this past sunday too ..
i took the time to finish a book out on the screened in porch and then we went and saw the new star trek movie ..
which was just the perfect mother's day gift for me .. :)

being with family is always a good thing ..
enjoying some much needed quiet time afterwards is also a much needed blessing and gift .. :)
monday's are never my favorite day ..
not because it's the first day of the week, but because i deal with certain migraine triggers during the afternoon ..
alas, soon they will be going on to another school .. :)

Aunty Belle said...

OMG! How fun is THIS???

Love yore green visage!

X. Dell said...

You know, I never really noticed it before, but your eyes really do resemble those of Charles Manson.

Next time I see you, I'll have to take you on a bender, so we can compare that shade of green to the photograph.

Anonymous said...

Maskros - Dandelion - Pustenblumen

Mask bedeute worm in Schwedish.
I guess it was used as medicine against worms inside humans.

foam said...

rolf ..
ick .. but i can see that it would be quite good for that.

x.dell ..
they do? my eyes, i mean .. ?
okay .. next meeting with x. - go on a bender ..
are you ready for me to drink you under the table?
you'll have to promise that a couple of drinks will do the trick .. :)

aunty ..
yes, it was quite fun .. :)

Lady Prism said...

You look "Pretty In Green!" :D

Your computer sounds exciting!!

Waitaminute' how come everybody seems to have a Mac except me!:(

I want to look green too.

Anonymous said...

what's a mac?

¤ ¤ ¤


Middle Ditch said...

Hey Foam. we record on garageband but use sound effects stored in our computer. There are some sound effects on garageband too. You have to click on something down the bottom for it to appear and we found pig noises there. Might use it. LOL

foam said...

prism ..
i don't know why you don't own a mac .. lol ..

wow ..
absinthe /t. is back!!!! yay ..
what's a mac? /t. only the enlightened are in on that secret .. ;)

middle ditch,
pig noises, eh? lol .. those should come in quite handy for middle ditch .. :)
oink ..

The Phosgene Kid said...

I'd like to get a Mac some day. Fortunately I like tinkering with PCs so I'll stick with 'em for now.

Ruela said...

a Mac
a burger ;)))

foam said...

if you are a computer tinkerer, pc's definitely are the way to go.

a mac as a burger is icky ..
a mac as a computer is divine .. :)

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