Sunday, May 17, 2009

tagged by ricardo .. ten truths about myself ...

this was written yesterday eve ..
however, the rain is still here .. no thunder though ..
the ceiling fan is on again...
the coffee is hot.

another storm this saturday eve...
the windows are open..
the ceiling fan is on..
cool, moist air circulates throughout the house ..
i might have a glass of wine later ..

ricardo had tagged me a while ago, a no pressure kind of tag .. ten truths about myself .. and don't worry, i never tag anybody specifically. playing along is up to y'all ... do it or don't do it.
es macht nichts .. :-)

and, as usual, much of this information will fall under the category of TMI .. so you have been warned. ..

1. turn offs: whiskey breath turns me off .. ech ..
drunks with whiskey breath turn me off..
drunks with whiskey breath combined with pot breath turn me off..
a coworker who comes to work with the lingering odor of whiskey breath just pisses me off....
and y'all probably know what profession i'm in.
other things turn me off, but i'll not go into those .. :/

2. turn ons: being patient, being patient with others, being patient with me ..
being gentle, being gentle with others, being gentle with me ..
a dry sense of humor, harmless banter, a quick wit ..
many other things turn me on, but i'll not go into those .. :)

3. i can be gullible. i may not always understand innuendos. i puzzle over them.

4. i have a terrible sense of direction. i also have bad night vision. getting lost at night is not my favorite things to do .. :/ ...

5. i don't think of myself as a romantic person but that doesn't mean i don't appreciate the occasional gift of nice chocolates, a nice bottle of wine, the occasional sander or needle nose pliers (my absolute favorite tool) .... which reminds me .. i borrowed my sons needle nose pliers just recently .. i have to return them.

6. i've never cheated on past boyfriends or my husband. i've dreamt about it a couple of times though .. not even that long ago ... nothing actually happened in the dream, but nonetheless, i woke up feeling appalled, utterly horrified with myself ... and then so very relieved that it was just a dream. at least it wasn't the dream where i wielded a big butcher knife that had human blood dripping from it .... but don't worry .. i think i only get those knife wielding dreams when i'm pmsing .........
it's a good thing i'm not a sleepwalker, i suppose .. :) ...

7. mmmm .. what else ..
oh, speaking of pmsing .. tsk .. i still pms. you would think that a woman in her very late 40s would have the good sense to be at least perimenopausal or menopausal, but noooooo ... i had my hormones checked .. nothing wrong with them. i'm not perimenopausal..... which is a drag .. now i can't blame anything on being perimenopausal anymore. ... and to think that i could still get pregnant ..

8. i just sneezed .. oops .. again!! ...i have some minor spring allergies going on here ...
which reminds me .. one of my favorite flowers is the echinacea ..

9. what else ... oh, i don't like diamonds. it's not that i dislike sparkly things, but i don't like the diamond monopoly .. de beers .. it's a fairly common rock, but the control and marketing make it appear to be so exclusive when it's not. actually my favorite rock/gemstone is hematite.

10. i loath shopping for clothes. actually, i don't have many clothes. well, this is compared to mother-in-law and sister-in-law who believe that a woman can't have too many clothes or shoes. i don't go very often and if i do find something that fits i'll purchase it in different colors that suit me. i wear what i have until it falls off me practically. just last week with great regret i realized a favorite shirt could not be worn to work anymore. it had torn because over the course of 15 years the fabric had just gotten thin.

11. let's see .. oh, yes .. about sex .. how i like it .......
oops .. that's #11 already ..
saved by the number 11 .. whew .. ;)
don't y'all feel lucky now ..


Pamela said...

I could have written most of those.
But-- I understand innuendos -- even when they are not. (:
Bad night vision: Presbyopia. Hate it.

enjoy not having perio. I hope you skip it and the pause, too. It has been such an ordeal.

Stay with #11 as long as possible. (:

Anonymous said...

more than
just frothy fun :)

fascinating reveal!

¤ ¤ ¤


Little Lamb said...

It's interesting to learn about others.

Helene said...

We had storms here too... it brought in a cold front too... grrr

I liked your 10+ list! Your comment on bad breath made me think of a guy I went to high school with. He is a comedian now.... have a look at his bit on bad breath! too funny! Actually, I am thinking I will post about it too.

Anyway, hope you had a great weekend, lots of #11,2, no #1,3,4,6,8 or 10!

HLiza said...

Love this list.I'm lucky enough never having to meet anybody with bad breath so far..but my hubby is very particular about smell, odour or anything that can be sniffed. The hair, the body, the breath must always be in good smell to I'm constantly concious about how I smell to him..not that I have any problem so far though; but I'm not the type who bathe in perfumes or have breath spray with me all the time!

foam said...

yeah .. sometimes subtle nuances of wordplay are beyond me .. it might take me a while to catch followed by my 'duuuh moment' ...
i'll probably go into menopause in my early 50s. i remember my mother having hot flashes then. oh joy ..
as far as #11 .. planning on it..

yeah ,, probably too much information though, eh?

little lamb,
yes, it reckon it can be .. :)

helene ..
it's rather on the cool side for may this weekend.
and it's not so much bad breath per se. that can be corrected with brushing one's teeth, etc. it's the lingering odor of whiskey on people's breath. i personally don't like the smell.
oh, and thanks for the link ..
i'll be checking it out soon!

foam said...

hey hliza!
your husband and mine are the same then when it comes to odors ..
my husband does not like any scents though.
everything i use is nonscented ... most of the time..

puerileuwaite said...

Turn Ons: Low maintenance women.

Turn Offs: Women who borrow my needle nose pliers and don't return them.

That is all for now.

Anonymous said...

I think I've led a sheltered life as I don't remember anyone with whiskey breath ... but it could be that my memory is going. Lol!
Folks with b.o are a turn off.
Very interesting list ... I don't own any nose pliers either ...

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

I'd have to put cigarette breath up there with whisky breath. I am SO GLAD that Doug doesn't smoke!

boneman said...

I'm with Pug on the needle nose pliers. Could you send mine back to me, now?

just kidding.
As long as you have that long, sharp knife (dream or no) you can keep the pliers!

ANNA-LYS said...

LOL tnx 4 sharing!!!
(I can't stand the smell of öl-drinking)

Devin said...

I can definitely relate to numbers one, two, three, four and six-hope I got the right number about six-will check-best to you as always!!-I meant the De Beers one if that is number 6:-)

Devin said...

OK it was nine not six:-)

SJ said...

1. Remind to drink whiskey and splash some on myself if we do meet someday.
2. "a dry sense of humor, harmless banter, a quick wit many other things" since I have all these I am VERY glad I am not patient or gentle.
3. I've noticed :)
4. Yes but many of your other senses are working order (right?)
5. Return them pliers, please.
6. Or a sleep cheater.
7. See #2
8. Because they make you sneeze????
9. You are a real hematite!
10. Funnily clothes are one thing I don't mind shopping for though I mostly hate shopping.
11. **phew** a 11 in time saves millions ;)

foam said...

what .. there's more?
anyway .. good thing i didn't borrow your needle nose pliers then ..
at least i don't think i borrowed them. i forget.....
i should have included a #12 - foam has a sucky memory ..

aggie ...
surely it's the faulty memory? lol ..
or maybe it's me hanging out with the wrong crowd

boneman ..
what! i borrowed your needle nose pliers too?
dang .. my memory is suckier then i realized...
i wouldn't know where they are now ..
note to self
#13 truth - misplaces things all the time ..
but i do know where my butcher knife is .. :)

1. i'll be sure to bring my retractable stick then ..
and some soap to wash your mouth out with ..
2. i wouldn't expect a whippersnapper like you to have patience and to be gentle. those qualities come with wisdom .. and age ..
3. yeah, well so what .. see if i send you an energy pack now .. harumpf ..
4. there are others?
5. no
6. or a sleep cheater wielding a butcher knife ..
7. lol .. i think i can definitely wait on that one .. :D
8. no, because echinacea is supposed to boost your immune system ..
9. last time i checked i wasn't ..
10. maybe you should think about getting a personal shopper with taste instead of shopping yourself .. (foam ducks and runs ..)
11. dang .. if i knew you were going to loose millions i would have continued ..

indigo ..
oh yes .. the cigs .. ick ..
especially cigs combined with coffee breath ..

you're out and about!! if o(with umlaut)l is what i think it is then i'm with you on that one .. :)

lol .. you sure it's not #9? .. lol .. no knife wielding dreams?
you are missing out then .. ;)

dianne said...

Very interesting truths Foamie dear, we have quite a few similarities but I wont go into details here as this is your post. ♡

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Verrrrrry interesting list. I wish a certain someone who lives in my house would remember where she got the tools from. About whiskey breath and etc. I got so sick from partying one New Years that just the smell makes me want to barf. I cannot imagine kissing any woman who chews. Yuck, yuck and triple yuck.

foam said...

yes, it would appear that we do have some similarities .. :) thanks for playing along, btw .. :) i enjoyed your own 10 truths.

irishman ..
you really think it's verrrrrry interesting? and whiskey breath is icky, isn't it? so many of us seem to agree on that .. :)

Ruela said...

LOL! ;)

Ricardo said...

Foam I have had horrible dreams where I'm involved with a woman I can't stand. Those were indeed horrifying but there is a difference between random dream and doing it so I don't sweat it and chalk it up to a nightmare.

Enjoyment of sex? That makes two of us.

Whiskey at pot breathe? Wonderful.

boneman said...

#1 you can keep the pliers since you know where your knife is.


Lisa said...

gorgeous inlets to your wondrous world- thank you x

foam said...

thanks .. :)
not so wondrous though .. more ordinary from my perspective ..

ahhhh .. you are smart and sensible .. ;) that's an admirable quality ..

ricardo ..
the problem is that getting to the point of almost cheating was fun .. it's realizing what i had almost done in that nebulous place between sleeping and awakening that i was horrified .. :)
but, like you said .. its just a dream ..


dianne said...

Hey Foamie my dear, we both love 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed, cool song. :) ♡

chickory said...

village of the damned! scary foam spice!
im not sure ive been bombarded with whiskey breath. how do you feel about tequila breath? WHAT IN THE HECK ARE YOU PULLING OUT OF YOUR NOSE WITH PLIERS?

foam said...

dianne ...
i do love lou reed. i can't quite remember mentioning liking perfect day by lou reed, although i do remember mentioning liking walking on the wild side on ruela's site. but i do like perfect day .. :)
geesh, memory does suck .. ;/

you know it!! and i have a few more where the one above came from .. you just gotta love photobooth .. lol .. tequila? well, since i do really enjoy sipping on a good anejo i think tequila breath is just fine .. :)

Lady Prism said...

Very enlightening!

I don't like innuendos as well. And last week some one with really bad breath sat in front of me. Unfortunately for me, he was a real enthusiast when it came to singing. :(

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