Thursday, May 28, 2009

no veal rouladen (kalbsrouladen) recipe here ..

my son, my oldest, working on one of his last high school assignments
with a friend ..
cooking a german meal from scratch ..
kalbsrouladen mit nudeln..

just earlier today i glanced down at a kitchen chair.
a clear bag was laying on it with some type of clothing item in it.
i looked closer at the writing on the bag ..
it said..
"proper wearing of your graduation cap & gown"..

yesterday he was fitted for his tux .. :)
he's going to the senior prom ..
with his girlfriend.
not the young lady in the photo though.
that's just a good friend.

in a couple of months he will be going off to college (university)..
the college of his choice ..

and that's as it should be ..

i was kind of hoping to inherit the studio space he created in our basement ..
the space where he has created sculptures, taught himself how to make paper,
painted, pieced together sculptural jewelry pieces ..

but alas, he bequeathed the studio space to my youngest son..
it was his birthday present to his little brother ..
tsk .. artists .. lol ..

perhaps i'll just have to gently and slowly nudge my youngest out..
who actually spends more time on the piano upstairs ..
the piano has practically taken the place of any electronic game we have around here ..
the piano and his bike ..
which he'd be riding a bit more..
if we weren't practically drowning in flash floods in our county these
past several days ..

(this watery area is normally a large field area)

anyway ..
i've been a bit busy (but then, who isn't too busy) with
end of the school year work, family, being a sounding board to a very close and intimate family member when stressful situations arise in the business....

this sounding board has absorbed a fair amount of sound lately ..
it's feeling rather askew ..
i could stand to go camping again ..



Little Lamb said...

Maybe colleges will fight to get your son. That would be even better.

Your children are growing up.

Aunty Belle said...

oooh, Foamy,
yore baby is growed up! A young man now, Sugar. Wow. A milestone.

Congratulations to Foamy's young man fer scholastic achievements and artistic achievements, romantic dates and bright future ahead. OOOh, youse a proud Mama now ain't ya, after all the years of "take those smelly shoes outdoors! Turn down the music! Yore curfew was 12 midnight, NOT 12 noon! heehee.

Rouladen? The recipe is gonna be posted soon? An pics of Foamy 's chile's fabulous jewelry and art?

The rain...mercy chile, y'all is inundated. Flippers are in style this summer I reckon.

Aunty Belle said...

Heh...readin' backwards,

I had to go to google images to see what the heck a hematite is. Nice stuff. Do you wear it?

On your # 10 list, about clothes, reckon we's kin. I wear rags. no foolin'...jes' keep my gunne sacks fer years cause shoppin is a bore an' a chore.

Mr Foam doan like smells. Funny, we's the same--even have to use fragrance free laundry detergent.

Foamy, thanky fer a little peek in yore window at the quirkyness of us funny creatures.

dianne said...

Foamie dear that is so exciting, off to college what an achievment in his life and yours...
Your boys sound like great kids, artistic, talented,good citizens, no doubt encouraged by two very good wonder you're so proud.
Maybe your youngest son will share the studio with you. :-) ♡

Middle Ditch said...

Hey Foam, the pics didn't come up. Everything seems to be very slowly loading these last few days.

You have two lovely and very generous boys.

Kalfs roeladen ... Lekker!

Anonymous said...

the camp

get another
bottle of vodka

¤ ¤ ¤


boneman said...

OK, know the drill, gal.
Get the youngest on the right side of you early on. Grab him, go to goodwill, buy some junky ol' records.
Youngest gets a designation raise (in these times, money hegotiations are tough, but, titles? The management can afford to be liberal with some titles.
And, cameraman is a fine new title.
Go on down to yon flooding areas, he photos you...
he asks the questions as the newsman (oh! Look! ANOTHER new TITLE!) and you answer...
You can always do voice over afterwords...

"What are you doing?"

"I heard it was record flooding here abouts..."

Yuk yuk yuk!

(don't make me pull out reruns....)

laughingwolf said...

grats to all, foamy... and yeah, if he plays piano, it should be easy to nudge him upstairs ;)

foam said...

little lamb ...
maybe .. but he just wanted this one college and that's where he got in.
and, yes, they are growing up ..

aunty belle ..
yes, i'm always kind of amazed that he can get it done .. amongst his friends he is always the organizer it seems.
he's a good son. i've never had to give him a curfew and the person who i have to yell at to turn down the music is my husband, the perpetual college student .. :)
and one of these days i might post some pictures of my sons art .. if he will let me .. :)

as far as hematites .. i will wear it on occasion ..
i don't wear much jewelry beyond earrings when i can think to put those on. and we use fragrance free detergent too .. :)

dianne ..
lol .. i don't know how good we are as parents ..
we are lucky to have children that thrive on benign negligence it seems ..
yes, i reckon i'm proud .. but, really, right now i'm just feeling rather stunned that we even made it this far in the child rearing process..

/t. ..
stuff the camp ... check ..
get another bottle of tequila .. oops .. vodka ..
check .. heck .. make that a double check ..

we don't need to go to goodwill ..
we got junky ole records right here.
we never throw away an album.
the flooded area has receded but getting the youngest one his own camera so he can shoot his own videos is not a bad idea ..
actually he's already been doing that at times ..
with my camera. his videos are a hoot. he even had me on one being kind of annoyed with him ..
lol ..

yeah .. he'll probably use both areas i think ..
but i can still nudge him over. there's probably room for both of us downstairs.

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

That's reall nice that your son is graduating soon and will be going on to college.

K9 said...

he gave the studio to his brother? arggggggggh! congratulations on your graduate and enjoy your new pond there. grrrrrrehrhahahahaaa and,

schools out for the summer. yeah!
no more rulers
no more books
no more teachers dirty looks.....

foam said...

indigo ..
yes, thank you ..
it definitely is a good thing .. :)

nope ..
school is not out for the summer. we have to go tomorrow ( on saturday) to make up for that washed out day. and our last school day is actually june the 10th..

SJ said...

Congrats to your son!

He is smart. He knows not to waste a good studio on you BUHAHAHAHA!

foam said...

foam sucker punches sj ...

Ruela said...

lo que tiene que hacer algunas buenas vacaciones ;)


The Phosgene Kid said...

Glad you encouraged the kids, too few parents do nowadays. Nice to have a couple of budding artists. So what's after high school?? Keep him away from the military - never thought I'd say that, but there you are.

foam said...

muchas gracias , mi amigo .. :)

after highschool? college!
yeah, and this old army brat here is not recommending military service either.

Anonymous said...

no more teachers... OW!
no more... OW! OW!
books... OW!

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats to your son ... and to you. I hope the younger won't be too lonely without the older bro around. He may just gravitate upstairs for the company anyway. Cool pics as always.

Anonymous said...

Kalvrullader in Swedish, mmm delicious.
The sons are growing up and so are mine.

Yes, my cousin children in the photos. I have a lot of them. My mother's mother had eleven children.

foam said...

aggie ..
i certainly think it will be an adjustment for all of us when my oldest son leaves. although he certainly is doing a good job of getting us used to it. he is rarely home .. :)

yes, kalbsrouladen are a fine thing ..
unfortunately i didn't even get a taste. my son had to take the dish to school .. :)

and as far as cousins ..
you and me both have many cousins
my father's mother had 15 children .. :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

college is good. Been meaning to say the heck with it and go back myself.

Helene said...

Gosh they grow up so fast! Sounds like your oldest is in a great place in life right now and how lovely for him to be looking after his little brother!!!!! Little brother will be missing him as much as you and his Dad I suspect!!

Ugg sorry to hear about the floods! We have had a ton of rain here this spring. Nothing like that though!!

Good luck with the end of the school year... I bet you are ready for summer! Any plans?

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

seems I can comment afterall, but somehow the comment-thing is always disappearing... let's see if it works this time...

you know the picture really didn't look to me, like someone was cooking in the kitchen, rather like... well okay different activities. Perhaps yopu need to pour some of that pinkness on it...

how can you make kalbsrouladen without veal???

thanks for the sweet comments. yeah, it really was nice up there, would move there if I could... the word serenity is truely fitting!

Mind you driving 6000 kms in 5 days does on the other hand not have too much to do with serenity...

Nice to see your camping post, but why no wilderness-pics? I like them!
Vodka on the other hand isn't really my kind of thing... had enough of the Russians for one lifetime to be honest...

Still haven't gotten why you talked about BlÄkulla... saw a place, just off the E4, north of stockholm called that as well. you haven't been there, have you???

re your 10 things... diane did that as well... and I must say, you're all such nice and sweet girls and so clean and that sort of thing... if i did it, you'd all know what a pig I really am, but what the heck you already know that, don't you?!

Nice, by the way, that your son loves to play the piano and that your family is so musical...

Anonymous said...

Oh fifteen, you win!


X. Dell said...

Congratulations to you and your eldest. If I could only get my nephews interested in the piano instead of video games....

dianne said...

How are you going Foamie dear, I hope you have finished all of your school work and can now relax a little and enjoy the Summer? ♡

..................... said...

nope .. still at school .. and lots more to do ..
i still have a week to go .. ..
you know ..
maybe your nephews will become interested once they start band in middle school ..
if that is what they choose to do that is.

yay!!!!!! i'm finally, finally a winner!!!! ... ;>

clean living? .. pftt .. lol ..
there's only so much a foam will reveal even on a fairly anonymous blog ...
oh, and as far as camping photos .. i just haven't uploaded them all yet. but i might not have that much to show anyway since i have my friends on most of the photos .. they wouldn't appreciate the exposure .. :)
and blakulla? that was a bit of a joke between me and anna-lys who is from sweden. we had been making references to samhain, walpurgisnacht, blocksberg ... and blakulla ....
and traveling to those places by broom .. ;)
and concerning the photo of my son and friend cooking ..
that was all that was going on. the dog was sitting in the background. and usually i would make kalbsrouladen with veal, but my son who was purchasing the food items found the veal too expensive since he had to feed his german class which has about 20 students in it. so he found steak on sale and pounded it out real thin. i guess that technically he made steak rouladen then, although he was following a german veal rouladen recipe.
and 6000 km in 5 days? yikes .. although we've done that kind of driving before too ..

..................... said...

i think my youngest will miss his older brother.
i will miss him too .. although he is already gone quit a bit. i don't really have very specific plans for the summer right now. but i'm certainly ready for it.

phos ..
you should go back to college if that's what you are thinking about ..
or at least take a class or two to see if you like it.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

yep Foamy, you're right, one shouldn't reveal everything on an annonomous blog... anyway, mine isn't annonomous, so I can tell the truth and nothing but the truth... my husband definietly thinks I've got a screw loose or several... but what the heck, I have nothing to hide... only perhaps the fact that I do actually lead a pretty boring life...
anyway... have done it now and it's here, the filthy me:

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

oh forgot the kalbsrouladen-thing: my husband would never allow veal in our home, I feel like a crook for having kalbsleberwurst sneaked in one or twice... he says cows should at least have a life before one takes it away from them! Eating babies is sick. but sadly even the local farmer kills off his bulls and cowns too soon, but at least they get truely happy lives in very idyllic surroundings. But they look so cute... it's hard to eat them, thinking of how sweet they are!

Ricardo said...

This seems to be a busy time for many. I remember the days your son is going through. What times they were.

ANNA-LYS said...

Take it piano Foamie dear
we all got our hands full
this time of the year!

(( kisses ))

Aunty Belle said...

Jes' checkin' in wif yA TO SEE IF SUMMER ARRIVED (sorry fer caps) ?

Still rainin' or thar's finally some sun?

Jes' a note Sugar.

foam said...

sarah sofia,
yeah, calfs are cute alright. i had an uncle in germany who raised a few pigs and cows which he sold to local butchers. he even had a metzgerie himself .. :) ..
one year he had a little bull. boy, did i love the calf.
.... and then one day it was gone ..
i asked what happened ..
he said i was eating it ..
lol ..
oh well ..

for some reason i didn't relate Schlachtfest with the
disappearance of the calf .. :)

it has been busy ..
and i remember those days too ..
sigh ..

yes, actuallly i think we all have our hands full most of the year ..
but mostly i always have time for the piano ..
i love playing the piano .. :)
so, i'll glady take it away .. ;)

aunty belle,
heck no! ... ;/
it's the summer that just won't get here it seems .. ;). but next friday i'll be FREEEEEEEEEE ..

Middle Ditch said...

Foam, are you a member on MD group on Facebook?

Middle Ditch said...

Are you one of my 'friends' there?

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