Wednesday, May 20, 2009

gone camping ..

getting ready to go camping ..
tent camping ..
in the deep, deep woods ..
sans kids ..
with good friends ..

i need to pack ..
some vodka ..
a little bit more vodka ..
and a little bit of anejo ..
ingredients for some bloody marys ..
dancing shoes ..
the outfit ..

you know ..
the usual camping stuff..

ps:   i promise when i come back not to post any pervy pictures of nature and stuff like that..


Lisa said...

as long as you have the vodka !

Little Lamb said...

Have a good time.

dianne said...

Have a great time Foamie dear, dont forget to pack the bug repellent. ♡

/t. said...

vodka, check
little lamb, check
bug repellent, check
bbq tongs & mint jelly, check

have fun, foaming one!

¤ ¤ ¤


Little Lamb said...

Little Lamb is going to eat mint jelly?

/t. said...


YES, LL :)

that's it exactly!


Pamela said...

what? no marshmallows and graham crackers?

SJ said...

Why shoes? Do you have politicians at the camp site?

SJ said...

And you mean you'll post pervy videos instead.

Have a great time and always bark up the right tree!

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

For Doug and I, the term "camping" usually involves a cruise ship somehow, hee hee. Have a nice time! :)

boneman said...

NO! Bring back pictures!
I'll trade you a great recipe for pictures....
Take some cans of red gold diced tomatoes, and some pepper and some fresh lemons.
Make a bloody mary, toss in some maters, squeeze a slice of lemon to taste, pepper.
(yeah, I quit drinking, but, back in the day....)

Have fun.
Which vehicle are you going to take apart>
And what are you going to hit the cam with? A metal rod? It will make a pretty 'PING' noise.

Usually about a F#. Sometimes a G.

Aggie said...

Enjoy it all.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

What??? No smoors with those drinks? I would say have a good time but I think you have that covered. Smile, smile, smile.

puerileuwaite said...

You went camping WITHOUT me?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Nature always looks better after a liter of Vodka.

Middle Ditch said...

Wait!!! I'm coming!!

Ruela said...

I want vodka too

HLiza said...

I'm still waiting for the pictures!

Rolf said...

I have never seen any pervy pictures here!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope you didn't forget the wolf repellent!

..................... said...

had that indeed .. :)

little lamb,
had that too .. :)

didn't need it, although i had it with me .. :)

bbq tongs check ..
we ate bbq ribs, pork roast, bacon, grits, eggs, fruit, chicken salad, chicken casserole, variety of veggies, pancakes, fried fish, icecream ....
but no lamb .. we thought we would spare her this time since we had so much food already ..
oh, yes .. and fun was had by all ..

little lamb,
not this time ..

well, maybe it's exactly that next time .. :)

nope .. but there were plenty of brownies ....
and icecream ... (due to dry ice in a cooler)

eh .. my shoes are way to good to throw at politicians ... i can think of other things that would be better to throw ..

maybe .. :) - i'm talking pervy video here ..
and i always bark up the right tree ... i think ..

indigo ..
i've never been on a cruise ..
however, i did spend the night on the deck of a ferry making it's way to greece from italy .. that was quite a breezy camping trip .. :)

looks like a tasty recipe .. :)
and i did have one bloody mary .....
it's hard to post pics of friends on blogger when you have a fairly anonymous blog .. i'll see what i can do though ..
i have at least one wild life photo .. maybe i'll post that ..

we did .. :)

nope .. no smores with those drinks ..
although i did find that a good rich double chocolate brownie complements a nice sipping tequila quite well ..

what! you weren't there? i could have sworn that was you walking down the path in all your natural unadorned glory just this past monday morning ..
(well, adorned with just a towel around your neck that is ....)

phos ..
lol .. you mean the dirt would look good after a liter of vodka ..
well, at least to me it would. i'd me laying comatose on the ground after all the likker ...
i'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking.

i waited! .. but then i decided to go on without you .. :) but i think you would have enjoyed it.

of course you want some vodka too ..
here .. take some .. :)

you too want pics? hmmmm ....

well .. we will see about that then .. ;)

phos ..
are you kidding? i invite the wolfs in .. :) .....

Ruela said...

where is my vodka?


K9 said...

have a good time andtake some photos of wildlife - you know, you, in your natural habitat! grrerha

Ricardo said...

You need Deep Woods Off spray.

Lady Prism said...


Oh, all these time I was picturing you sitting demurely round' a camp fire, toasting marshmallows and sipping innocent steaming mugs of hot chocolate that warm the heart...he! he!

laughingwolf said...

ooooo some pics of others nakkers, then? :O lol

foam said...

laughing wolf ..
nope, nakkid pix at all .. :)
it's really not that kind of camping trip .. :)

lady prism,
hot chocolate? now, that's a novel idea. i might just have try that during our next camping trip ..

check .. had that particular spray .. :)

k9 ..
what! you want me to scare the living crap oughta everybody? i might do so though .. maybe ..
when i'm in the mood.

ruela ..
vodka? did somebody say vodka? hey .. just wait a minute!!! i think you drank all of mine .. ;/

Ruela said...

Y con limón fresco :)

foam said...


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