Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's that time of year again..

my photo ..

am a bit busy lately ..
plus getting ready to receive a house full of guests for a long weekend of music ..


Lisa said...

great photo- that guys looks like Jackson Browne !!!
enjoy the guests........groan ......

foam said...

it's bob weir .. :)

they are great guests .. kindred spirits .. :)

SJ said...

When did you grow a beard?

foam said...

i don't do beards ..
however, i do a mighty fine stache .. :)

Anonymous said...

Times flies, has really a year passed since last time... ???

AlmightyHeidi said...

ooooOOOOOooo looks like fun. I need more fun. I coming over

benjibopper said...

wow, is it a festival? i love music festivals. hoping to go to the stan rogers folk music festival again this year.

boneman (and his wild zinnia) said...

....and, hopefully, you, too, will be in shorts.
Have fun, y'all! (beard OR stache!)


Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

Sounds like a fun time to be had! What kind of music weekend is it?

Middle Ditch said...

Mmmmmm, I love fiddlers


Anonymous said...

i've seen
yr stache -- v.fine!

well, wishin' foam & foamettes
a wonderful visit with the foamkins

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

yes .. a whole year, rolf ..
scary, huh? soon it's be time to shop for xmas presents again .. ;)

okaaay, come on over .. i have another cot .. :)

yep .. it's an americana music festival ..
i'm gonna google your festival here in a minute .. :)

boneman ..
maybe .. it's been really quite cool though. it's just in the low 60s right now with a massive wind blowing. but it's supposed to go up into the 70s this weekend.

it's what they call americana music, helene .. :)

thank you, /t. yes, this stache has been around for a while .. :)

Anonymous said...

i know staches!


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

The picture looks very inviting, I find. is that from last year's home-festival?
Wish I could be thre, must be really nice!

lustig übrigens, dass du schriebst, dass du gern mit mir deutsch sprichst... hm, ich lebe schon seit über 25 Jahren in Dänemark und so toll ist mein deutsch bestimmt nicht mehr! wie lange bist du denn schon aus deutschland weg?
mein mann und meine söhne sind engländer und sprechen kein deutsch, ausnahme vielleicht der Kleine, der hat's jetzt vielleicht von seinem freund gelernt... Mit den kindern rede ich meistens dänisch und mit meinem mann englisch.

Little Lamb said...

Busy, busy, busy.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the music and the fun ... don't work too hard. Let the stache hang out!

foam said...

aggie ..
out first guest arrived just a little while ago. i work tomorrow and then i'll play and let that stache hang way out .. :)

little lamb,
yes, actually i am. but then .. we all are. it's a busy life we lead these days.

sarah sofia ..
you very well might enjoy this music festival. the picture was from the festival 2 years ago .. maybe three.

und, ich bin '86 von deutschland nach hierher gezogen. mein deutsch ist auch nicht mehr so toll. :)

you sure do!! afterall, you have the sexiest one out there .. ;)

Bobby said...

Looks like fun. The only thing I can play is a radio. Ha. Wish I could play an instrument. Cow bell maybe.

Devin said...

I agree with benji-Almightyheidi-Aggie and others -it is always nice to be around kindred spirits-I also agree with the commenter who said all they could play is the radio-thats me!! best to you as always!!

foam said...

but bobby ..
i'm sure you can also play cds or ipod or something like that .. :)
actually .. somewhere around here i have a cowbell ..

you are absolutely right about kindred spirits. and being around this particular group of people is always a pleasure.
..and best to you too .. :)

dianne said...

Foamie dear, have a lovely musical long week end with your friends; what fun it will be, I love live music. ♡

Do you mean a 'foam' stache? :)

boneman said...

...oh. I get it! It's THAT time of the year, again.

boneman said...

THAT time! That time--->

Pamela said...

directions and invitations? heh heh

ANNA-LYS said...

Lovely, Sister, Lovely!
And all of this because of Walpurgis Night? ;-))

Merelyme said...

Are we invited too? What is this about facial hair?

puerileuwaite said...

Wow! Bob Weir is staying at your house? Cool.

(You may want to stay well-stocked for the "munchies".)

Ruela said...

party time ;)

love & peace

laughingwolf said...

oh yes... party til ye poop! ;) lol

Ricardo said...

Sounds like the busy will pay off with the fun at the end. Will there be videos?

ANNA-LYS said...

Having fun?, Foamie dear <3

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

I think it's cool that you can play a fiddle. I tried learning the bagpipe, but Doug "accidentally" broke it, har har. One might think he got tired of the a musical instrument that sounded like a goose being strangled (at leaast that's how it worked out when I played it.)

foam said...

indigo ..
oh, but i don't play the fiddle.
i can play the piano though ..
about your bagpipe experience .. lol ..

right now on an early monday morning i'm just waaaaaay to tired ..
but it was worth it .. :)

videos? if i would take unauthorized video of the musical acts.. tak ..
...well, maybe i'll post some video .. :)

laughingwolf ..
okay .. lol ..

peace and love ..
both concepts actually apply to this festival ..
it's so not the real world.

sure he does ..
but i keep him hidden away and only bring him out for special occasions.

merelyme ..
sure you are invited .. lol ..
what's this about facial hair?
hehe .. sometimes for fun i grow a
stache .. on my avatars .. :)

sure .. why not ..
it could be a very appropriate festival for beltane since much of the music played there has it's roots in ireland, scotland, wales, brittany ..
as well as africa ..

pamela ..
sure ..
take a left at the next light ..
no wait .. that ought to be a right ..
no left ..
eh .. i'm not good with directions ..

yeah .. THAT time .. get it? no? me neither .. :)

yes, i mean a foam stache .. is their any other kind of a foam .. ;)

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Hey, that you playing the fiddle? Where is the stache in this picture. Foam with lip hair now there is one for the books.:))

Ruela said...

do you play in the festival?

foam said...

irishman ..
lol .. that's a young lad playing the fiddle ..

yes, but not in the way that you mean .. :)
i clap and whistle and holler and dance .. :)
i'm part of the great unknown audience .. with backstage credentials ..

X. Dell said...

What do you mean your photo? None of those guys even remotely resembles you.

BTW, Weir's still alive, but only because he's an ingrate.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

86... dann bist du ja auch schon ne weile da! bist du mit einem Amerikaner verheiratet? mein mann ist engländer...
arbeitest du als lehrerin oder als künstlerin?

hier kannst du sehen, was bei und mal wieder los ist:
krieg kaum noch was in die reihe...

foam said... ..
lol .. i reckon i was not very clear. i meant that i took the photo. i was on the photo platform.

sarah sofia,
yes, i'm married to an american. i work as an art teacher and do some art on the side when i feel inclined and have the time. i'll be by your blog later again today. i have to make sure i'm on safari otherwise i can't comment it seems.

Anonymous said...

hey there
stached one

i trust your visit
with the foamkins was a
great success and source of joy for you
welcome back to the seedy underworld of professional blogging ;)

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

thanks, /t. .. !
it was good reunion .. an amusing reunion .. you just never know what will happen..
professional blogging .. hmmm...
so that's what i am - a professional blogger .. :)

Anonymous said...



chickory said...

i understand. enjoy the company and weeeeeeeeee almost vacation time.

Anonymous said...

How long is this weekend?

Running was like attending a rock concert, maybe I should have used earplugs. 26.2 miles of screaming and shouting and some music from the spectators. I loved it!

foam said...

/t. :)

and did very much enjoy the company. and i'm telling you .. i'm counting down the days.

your marathon .. that really must have been a great high. i've only run a half marathon before a long, long, long, long time ago.
anyway .. the party has been over .. :) it was a ton of fun.
and now i'm completely swamped with work. it leaves me feeling braindead at the end of the day.

ANNA-LYS said...


dianne said...

Just noticed the stache and goatee. very cute. ♡

Ruela said...

thanks busy foam ;)

Anonymous said...

The best cure for that is a break, out and run or walk!

dianne said...

Foamie dear,just curious how many weeks break do you get from school in the Summer...and are you going on vacation? :) ♡
I see you have your sunglasses on already. ♡

foam said...

i think it adds up to about 10 weeks for the students. for the teachers it's about 8 weeks due to the workdays after the students leaves and before the students come back. ... and that's if there are no workshops to be taken during the summer. we are 10 month employees.

foam said...

rolf, yes .. you are so right .. i need to walk a lot more..

you are very welcome

i went ahead and shaved both stache and goatee .. ;)
ohhhh, and about vacation .. we are going to the beach in august my husband's family .. mom, dad, bro, wife, kids, sister, her beau ..
and then us ..

anna-lys, ♡

ANNA-LYS said...

Still, that time? ;-)

(( kram ))

Ruela said...

Thanks you're so sweet!

The Phosgene Kid said...

It's fun being around creative types. Makes my life a little more exciting...

dianne said...

Thats a long working year with only the one break, and still you have school things to do in the holidays.
We have twelve weeks spread over the school year, with the majority at the end of the year at Christmas.

I'm pleased you have 'erased' that stache and goatee...dont hide that pretty face. :)

Will you be staying at that beautiful beach, you posted a photo last year, it looked wonderful?
Have a lovely time with all of the family, I will miss you. ♡

foam said...

we also have 10 days for christmas and a week for springbreak unless those get used up by snowdays ..
days in which it snows and the schoolboard decides to make those up over springbreak instead the end of the school year. we also have the thrid thursday and friday off in november for thanksgiving. and then there's the occasional monday holiday for which we may or may not get off.
we are just spending that one week in august at the beach. yes, it will be the same beach from which i usually post photos. my in-laws are a creature of habit .. :). however, this time we are renting a different house.

yeah .. i know what you mean. that's why i come and hang out at your place.

you are very welcome .. :)

no more company if that is what you mean .. ;)
but, it is the end of the school year which is a busy time.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I guess, you are also taking some time off...
I just hope, you feeling okay and everything's fine!

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...


foam said...

sarah sophia,
thanks for visiting again :)
it's just hectic at this time of the year. school will be out in a bit over a month. i presently have a child who is ailing .. it's probably a sinus infection ..
i'm behind on all kinds of stuff .. :)
you know .. just normal stuff.
i do have a post i'm working on. if i can get it halfway decently written i just might take it out of draft.

helene ..
where's the coffee? you were supposed to bring the coffee this morning .. ;)

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