Saturday, April 11, 2009

okay .. it's back .. the most boring road movie ever ..

just in time for the beginning of my spring break, i wake up with a stopped up nose, feeling stopped up in the head, droopy eyes ..
but i am nursing a good cup of hot coffee and feeling kind of amused because now that we can have followers we know when we post something and then decide to take it off.  but since all of 3 people are wondering what happened to the world's most boring road movie .. here it is again ..  i hauled it all the way back from Blåkulla on my ultra high tech, streamlined witchy broom ..

another exciting foam movie titled 'sun rise road movie' ..
shot on the way to work this past wednesday around 7:00 am.
well, truthfully, it's boring, but anna-lys requested something different.
and, no, i don't look through the flipping camera as i am driving and filming ..
i just prop it up.


foam said...

oh .. yeah .. happy easter ..

Anonymous said...

what is it
federico fellini,
foam, and frank zappa
all have in common here?

the world's greatest road movie!


¤ ¤ ¤


Middle Ditch said...

It's strange to see a right side drive. I'm so used to it being left now. And who's that playing? Sounds very familiar.

Happy Easter Foamie

foam said...

/t. ..
i know what they all have in common ..
an F .. :)
happy easter to you too

middle ditch,
that would be frank zappa playing penguin in bondage. lately, i've been listening to frank zappa on the way to and from work.

Sridhar said...

Not boring... had a fast moving screenplay and the ending was great!

Middle Ditch said...

Frank Zappa ........ Of course!

I saw him in the late seventies in The Hague. Great concert.

foam said...

yeah that sunrise is always something ..
sometimes it is such that i can barely see a damn thing when i drive .. :)

middle ditch,
hey, i saw frank zappa in the late seventies in frankfurt. perhaps it was the same tour. i also saw him again in the mid 80s.

puerileuwaite said...

Wow! It's like a Cheech and Chong movie without the pot smoke! (Good thing you did that before hittin' the road.)

foam said...

ahh ha ha ha ha .. lol .. you know me ..
ya .. this kind of comment is just the very reason why i stay fairly anonymous. .. :) ohhh, besides the occasional glass of wine or beer or vodka or schnapps or tequila i'm actually a fairly clean living kind of gal .. :)

Ruela said...

I like it!
v. dark :)

Ruela said...

oh happy easter ;)

dianne said...

Foamie my friend it was lovely going along for a morning drive with you, a great video.
You would be surprised how similar the road/freeway is to the one I drive on here.
It goes through many miles of bushland, where the road has been cut through leaving a wall of the natural rock in some parts, sometimes I feel as if I am driving through a wilderness area it is very pretty too...and your sunrise was beautiful.

Happy Easter! ♡

boneman said...

yeah....good tunes, rising Sun, positive motion...
Great video.

Must be hard to drive just this time of year, though, eh?
Win a b'zillion dollars at the lottery and you can hire a chaffeur to drive you back and forth.

(oooo oooo mememe oooo oooo mememe!)

HA! P Easter!

laughingwolf said...

back atcha, foamy :)

whatcha got for a cam?

K9 said...

really. what a great soundtrack for gearing up for school! man - thats early. its rare i see a sunrise. unless i was up all night- equally as rare! happy easter to you and all the foamettes.

Aunty Belle said...

Heh....whar does ya live Foamy?? Hardly any traffic...

Happy Easter to the Foamy Family!!

foam said...

yes .. it is dark ..
darkness due to the rising sun .. lol ..
and a happy easter to you too.

every time you mention the bushland i get a sense of the exotic. i know for you it's normal, but for me the australian bushland is the unreachable unknown .. despite all the info out there on it.
but anyway, i can imagine that it would be fun driving down a bushland highway with you .. :)

yeah, every morning i drive into the sun .. and guess what? depending on the season, i drive into the sun going home ..
but, anyway .. should i win a b'zillion dollars and hire you to haul me around, i can promise you it won't be to and from work .. :)
oh, and a happy easter to you too ..

oh, i just got my little sony cybershot cam .. :)

yeah it is a great cd to listen to in the morning. it fits my mood exactlly .. this grrrrrrrrrr mood i've been in lately .. :)
you have a happy easter too, btw. and i'm sorry to have read about the poor little chicky .. :(

why aunty ..
i live in the boonies, the sticks .. :)
i actually thought there was a lot of traffic on the road that morning.

dianne said...

Yes dear Foamie it would be fun, we could listen to some great music while driving along and talk and laugh about so many things. :) ♡

Little Lamb said...

Nice clip. Happy Easter!

Pamela said...

I enjoy being on the road in early morning -- headed west. I don't want to drive into the sunshine. It's gotta be warming my neck & shoulder ---

foam said...

dianne .. yep, i can see it now ..
middle aged chicks gone wild road trip ..well, in our own very tame way, that is .. :)

thanks, little lamb, i hope you had a nice day.

for my next job i want to be heading west in the morning hours .. :)

ANNA-LYS said...

Welcome back from Blåkulla ;-)

foam said...

yeah .. thanks, anna-lys .. and what a strange trip it was too .. ;)
but, as a proper half german/half american i'm heading out again the last day of april. april 30 .. on hexennacht, walpurgisnacht when i'll be heading to blocksberg ..;)

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

Happy Easter... I cant open the film as my hubby is sleeping. I am still on EU time...

Hope you had a great spring break!

foam said...

i'm actually on my springbreak right now. we were in school last week. i'm so glad you had a great time in EU. i was a bit worried when i heard about the quake in italy.
i bet ya'll have jetlag... lol ..
might take a while to get over it. it took me forever to get over the daylights savings hour change .. :)

Ruela said...

............ ██▒▒▒██
   ██▒▒▒▓▓▓▒▒██  █
   █▒▒▒▓▓▓▓▒▒▒█   █
  ██▒▒▒▓▓▓▓▓▒▒█   █
  █▒▒▒▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒█   █
  █▒▒▒▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒█ ████████
  ██▒▒▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒█ █████  █

Ruela said...


foam said...

it's a plane! it's a bird! it's superbutterfly!!
very cool, ruela ..
what great skillz you got there. :)

X. Dell said...

Forgive me, but I didn't know it had left.

What the @#$! is that radio station you're listening too?

I take it you filmed this while riding in the passenger seat?

foam said...

nahh it wasn't gone for long..

that's not a radio station. that's a zappa cd playing ..

no .. :->

X. Dell said...

(Note to self: don't let Foam drive you anywhere.)

foam said...

that's okay .. you can do all the driving then.

ANNA-LYS said...

Thank You Foam.
But, my TV channels are in function, again. But, have to get back on this subject ... as always ;-)

(( kram ))

foam said...

((and a big kram to you too, anna-lys))

Ricardo said...

I can do you one better. A film called the Brown bunny. If you're not a Vincent Gallo fan it will hurt.

ANNA-LYS said...

Sorry Foam, have to close my eyes.
We are not allowed to share films or music anymore, its against the law :-(

(Pirate Bay
alias Viking shore
is no more)

Have a lovely weekend :-D

HLiza said...

I love seeing the road from your camera! Thanks for getting me on the ride..I survived till the end of the movie..and what a beautiful sunlight peeps I got! Maybe one day I'll film the roads here..the limestone you can see what I see everyday! Love, love this!

foam said...

i'm not very familiar with the works of vincent gallo at all ..
i actually had to google the movie ..
it didn't go over very well in cannes, eh?

anna-lys ..
awwwwww ..
well, i'm not sharing music anyway .. it just happens to be playing in the background .. :)
you have a good weekend too.

hliza ..
hey! good to see you and thanks! yes, i remember enjoying the photos you took of your surroundings a while back too .. :)

dianne said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comment over at my blog, I have left a reply for you. ♡

dianne said...



Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

hummmm thinking that road movie could be really interesting in Italy! hehehe

Hope you are having a good weekend!

The Phosgene Kid said...

I like to frame the pictures as I drive, makes it a lot more exciting!!

benjibopper said...

well, maybe not high on suspense but it does make me pine for a looong drive up to Ontario.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi there! thanks for your comments and tut mir leid, der kopfschmerzen wegen. schon mal von "natural hygjene" oder "atlasprofylax" gehört? könnte u.U. helfen. aber vielleicht passiert es ja so selten, dass es kein problem ist?

However, her's a warning:

That really went sooo wrong for me, I don't wish that on anybody else and feel I should warn everybody!!! because afterwards there may not always be something one can do to repair the damage!

by the way i liked the road movie. alright it's boring, but I loved the sunset and the music was great!

where is Blåkulla? you haven't been to sweden, have you?!

hope, you've had a nice Easter. paris was great and the time on the beach here with the boys but apart from that it was mainly a lot of work!

here's something else which might interest you (es geht um zivilcourage:)

have a nice week, love, Sarah sofia

foam said...

dianne ..
and another ♡ back at you .. :)

helene ..
see? that's a very good reason to go back to italy .. you need to make a road movie!

you too? i thought i was the only one..

benji ..
and when you do drive on that looooong drive remember to make a road movie! or you could just frame pictures ..

dianne ..
i used to get headaches on a more frequent basis. but that has pretty much stopped. i get them just occasionally now. but when i do get them they are a whopper.
no i haven't been to sweden or to blakulla. i don't have enough magic to get to blakulla .. :)
but i know i could get to sweden.
glad you had a wonderful time in paris.

Anonymous said...

Boring road, but the music makes the movie great
I have never seen Frank Zappa live
But I listened a lot to him in the late seventies and early eighties.

Don't eat that yellow snow where the huskies go


foam said...

as that quote shows, he truly was a man of great wisdom .. ;)

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