Sunday, March 29, 2009

TMI .. but i really don't care .. and it's not really me anyways ..

okay ..
so, i'll write something i guess ..

let's see ..

on thursday i developed a severe migraine headache during the last two hours of work. tablets didn't touch the pain, but i still managed to finish the day, including handing in the grades that i had been working on. but the pain was so bad and i was so nauseated that i could not drive the 30 minutes it would take me to get home. my husband and son had to come and get me.

at home i slept for 14 hours except for the time i woke up to the pain in my head or the cursing of the spouse as his team was loosing a ballgame ..

dealing with a migraine like that is a physical battle which i eventually win feeling quite shaky though. i woke up feeling weak and shaky in my whole body. i felt 'beat around the bush', so i only went into work for the afternoon. luckily, since i've been on blood pressure medicine i rarely get migraines like this anymore. they used to be rather frequent.

on saturday, i felt so much better. i felt rested, energized, ready to conquer the world, except that the part of the world that i inhabit was raining buckets ..

but still, i needed action. and yes, i contemplated doing the laundry .. ech ..
writing bills .. ick .. mopping floors ... pfft .. going to the gym .. ugg .. doing art .. hmmmm ...

yes ... i really did consider getting out my sketch pad and doodling away at boobies and crotches and whatnot and i might really have done that when i walked into the kitchen and saw my better half still clad in pj's drinking his 3rd or 4th cup of coffee and looking kind of cute in a wrinkly, grayish tussled hair and white speckled beard kind of way.

then and there i decided that i wanted to go somewhere after all..

i walk up to him and i say .. "i want to go somewhere" ..
"where, sweatheart? where were you thinking about going?" ... "why, there sweatheart", i answer pointing to his midriff area .. well, i point actually a bit lower .. you know .. below the naval area ..

so, we did that for a while ..

after which i always feel like chopping wood or something .. it leaves me feeling energized ..

but, alas .. all the wood was already chopped .. whew .. and, anyway, it's been years since i've attempted to chop wood. so, i watched a british gal movie while the husband watched another ballgame ..

in this british movie i watched, i was reaquainted with a word that here in the south refers to a particular type of dance, but in britain means something quit different .. shagging ..

anyways .. the day wore on and bedtime came ..

sunday morning dawned bright and beautiful. the sun filtered through the shades. i could hear the wind blowing briskly through the trees. one of our bedroom windows was open and the birds in the bushes were putting on a cacophonous symphony of chirps and tweets. i glanced at the clock and contemplated getting up to make coffee. naaah .. instead, i snuggled up to the dozing spouse and wrapped a leg and arm around him ..

a heavenly while later, i got up and glanced at the rumpled sheets, realized my legs were feeling kind of shaky and i didn't quite feel like chopping wood .. and i smiled ..

shagging is a good thing ..
migraines not so ..

ps: the above of course is completely fictional. any resemblance to actual folks is just a pure coincidence. besides, i only have 2 children, ages 17 and 11. therefore, it should be very obvious that i only have shagged twice.


tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

okay. only twice, eh? sure, hon.

Little Lamb said...

I think you've done it more than twice. That's between you and hubby.

Anonymous said...

Gee, almost sounds worth a migraine for all the fun that you get after.
I get them (on average) 'bout once every 5 years. Horrible things.
Never felt shagalicious after though.
Of course we believe you ... only twice!!!

Sridhar said...

Yes I agree with you wholeheartedly... this is TMI.

Sridhar said...

... but hey it's your blog

Pamela said...

done what?


dianne said...

Sorry about the migraine Foamie dear they arent fun at all thank goodness I dont get many.

Yes shagging is another word for it here...Hmmm lucky you, gotta get me some of that...and how lovely to have someone to wrap your leg around and cuddle up to afterwards. ♥

Much more exciting than my week-end. ;) ♥

HLiza said...

Do what twice? What's shagging?
(Ha ha ha..okay I know..luckily had watched Austin Power.)
Well..the migraine comes for a reason you see.
(See..if you start writing journals like this it will be fun..he he)

Lisa said...

what a great post- no one talks about sex enough on blogger and i really enjoyed reading this.......very funny.......
on a serious note- migraines- YUCK !!!!!!!!!
dont they hurt like a bitch xxx

AlmightyHeidi said...

OOOOhhhhhh shagggingggg. *BOW CHICKIE WOW WOW*!!!! If we all shagged more life would be alot happier.....Obama needs to include this in ths stimulus plan...thou shalt have sex at least once daily...

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Good grief it made my head start to hurt reading about your migraine. Not fun at all. Now about shagging.... Okay, enough said about that although I have to agree with some of the comments... who are you kidding? Only twice, yeah right. In one day obviously.

Middle Ditch said...

I've never, ever done that! Shagging, that is. The stork brought me my lovely daughters and I don't like the word shagging anyway.

Enough said


jin said...

Score one for the Foam.

Anonymous said...

only done
it twice, too

who needs more?!?

¤ ¤ ¤


K9 said...

grrherhahahahaha! "i want to go somewhere" i like that. man i remember having those migraines and i know how tired you were after. its like V used to ask "how can you be so tired after laying around" DUDE it takes beaucoup energy to endure pain. oh i feel for you. but im glad you had a good consolation prize this weekend. *i always celebrate when old married folk have a nice time together*

foam said...

tinkerbell ..
yes .. only twice .. :>

little lamb,
shhhhhh .. my children are under the illusion it's only happened twice..

aggie ..
really, really ..
it is not worth a migraine ..

yes, tmi .. and like i said .. i don't really care ..
and, hey .. it is my blog .. :)

pamela, know ..

yes, i do truly appreciate the fact that i'm lucky ..
i do so wish for you to cuddle with ..

ahhh, lol .. the austin power movies. those were pretty funny. "..shall we shag know, or shall we shag later .."

absolutely do migraines hurt like a bitch. they are a bitch .. ech ..
you know .. it's conceivable that we don't read alot about sex on blogs cause we just don't visit that kind of blog that does do talk about it all the time. i'm sure there are many more out there then i realize.

heidi ..
and yes, i thought about your word bow chickie wow wow as i was writing this post.

irishman ..
okay i was kidding about only twice .. maybe 3 times or so ..

middle ditch,
yes, the stork brought all my grandmother's babies too. my mother was delivered by stork.
you know, if i had to do it over i'd much prefer to have my babies delivered by stork. whatever happened to stork delivery anyway?
i actually have no concept of liking or disliking the term shagging. i reckon it might be considered vulgar in england, but i don't know. i think it's kind of funny in a way because when folks here in the south shag, they are dancing .. :)

yo .. give me a high five .. :)

yes .. see? indeed, who does need more.

oh yes, i remember you mentioning your migraines. luckily i really don't get them that much anymore. and, yes .. it does take tons of energy .. i never thought about it that way. yes, i'm always pleased when old married folks have a good time together too .. cause so often the maintenance of this marriage machine is just plain hard work and not always fun.

Ruela said...

migraine go away ;)

J Cosmo Newbery said...


Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

Funny Middle Ditch doesnt like the word, but I love it... I think that we need a word like that here... making love is way to formal for the occasion many a time, f..k is just to harsh, I guess you can say lets have sex, but it sounds so cold... idk shagging is just spot on! =]

I wonder if I will get to shag when I am over in the UK this week... 3 kids coming with spouse and I... but we do have 2 rooms. idk we shall see!

Have you seen a doctor about the migraines? I took Relapax when I had those ocular migraines a couple of years back. I know they work with all migraines as well... you pop a pill when you feel the onset of the migraine and it shortens the life and severity of it enormously. Really expensive though, my insurance will only pay for 6 a month!

Wishing you no more headaches and lots more shagging! hehehe

foam said...

.. and migraine did go bye bye .. :)

well .. maybe thrice ..

yeah .. shagging did seem 'spot on' for this weekend .. :)
anyway .. let's hope you get some shagging in over your vacation .. lol .. although, if memory serves jetlag always put a bit of a damper into that particular mood.
i've talked to the doc about my migraines. actually since i've been on this blood pressure medicine i rarely get headaches anymore. and this headache came on so quickly ... if there were any warning signs i did not pay attention to them. sometimes one of my warning signs is extreme fatigue and i never realize that a migraine is pending because i attribute the exhaustion to other causes.

whimsical brainpan said...

At least somebody's getting some, even if it's just fictional.

X. Dell said...

(1) I could imagine that travel to the midriff might be sufficient to stop migraine pain.

(2) Poor dear. I really wish I could do something for your migraines, but I cannot. I've never suffered from them myself, but I know that they're debilitating as all hell, and there's little you can do but wait until they're done.

(3) Um, when you sketch "boobies and crotches," who's serving as your model?

Ricardo said...

Good for you and it's your blog and if those think it's TMI then they can leave.

You were a whirlwind of sexual/wood chopping energy.

foam said...

yep .. i know ..
this fictional person can count her blessings in that aspect ..,
1. when the migraine is full on that particular kind of trip is usually not what's desired .. darkness, rest .. perhaps a headrub.
but when it's a recent memory it seems 'spot on' .. :)
2. lordy .. i hope you never get a migraine. my husband doesn't suffer from them either. my children unfortunately seem to have inherited that trait from me.
3. various artbooks, photos, sometimes me. the recent ones i posted were from life drawing sessions a few decades ago ..
and, actually, come to think of it .. i leave out the crotches or cover them with a leaf ..

heck, sometimes i think some of the most fun posts i've read were when people divulge harmless, silly kind of tmi ..

dianne said...

Foamie dear I am very happy that you have someone to love and who loves you, I know its not just luck, a marriage is a partnership where both contribute to the happiness of each other so you enjoy what you and Mr Foam have. ♡

I did have it once for a while there, so I know what I am missing out on, unfortunately mine didnt last, not through the lack of trying on my behalf but sometimes you are wasting your time and just have to let go.

Maybe one day I will meet someone new and everything will fall into place as it should and I will find that I am loved and can love again, I really dont know. ♡

foam said...

dianne ..
i do hope that one day you will meet somebody who will cherish you .. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks Foamie dear, I hope so too but maybe we only get one chance at love...♡

Anonymous said...

I like that he calls ya "sweetheart," Foamy, an I hope that part ain't fiction.

Helene, there's "making whoopie", but only cracker great great grannies say it.

AN' I would like to see a Foamy conniption fit.

Ricardo said...

You know, as much as I do crazy stories, I seldom go into the detail you do because I fear I'd lose my female audience and since most of my audience is female, it would be a bad thing.

foam said...

i sincerely hope not ..

nah, the sweatheart part ain't fiction .. ;)
and that's right .. lol .. there is that term ..
ole bing, doris day way back in the day talked about that .. lol

yes, and despite the occasional detail i might go into i still am only G rated ..
and i've lost some readers over the years i've been blogging. i figure, you loose a few you win a few.
anyway, you are a young single fellow and much of your female audience is probably closer in age to you .. i can understand not divulging everything.

boneman said...

only twice shagged and yet, twice bagged?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
Then again, as it's so close to the A 1 day of American yore, I shall diminish into the woodwork here.

We still have a few more chilly nights left to fire up the stove at.


foam said...

boneman ..
errr ... sure .. :)
oh, don't cry .. chop more wood...
anyway, i just know that your winter wood chopping days are bound to come to an end soon....
although, there's been some doozy of spring snowstorms up and beyond your way.

Anonymous said...

Shagging, I did that dance in London for many years ago. Now I hope I will be able to run a whole marathon dancing through London.

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