Monday, March 23, 2009

just for the heck of it ..

...cause i feel like moving on ..


tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

Now, that's music that feeds the soul.

HLiza said...

I've never heard of him..but we hardly have husky voice like that's amazing.

Anonymous said...

I wants to go riding on the relevator now!

Lisa said...

cool for school .........

Anonymous said...

tom waits

but sweeter :)

¤ ¤ ¤


Sridhar said...

Too cool!!!

I can sing like that maybe of I have a sore throat ;)

X. Dell said...

What's Foam writin'?
John the Revelater!
What's Foam writin'?
John the Revelater!
What's Foam writin'?
John the Revelater!
The blog of the seven seals

Feeling bluesy today? Somewhat apocalyptic?

This song reminds me of Sam Cook'es observation that there was little difference between African American sacred and secular styles.

foam said...

sj .. get a sore throat then and start singing ..

my thoughts exACtly .. :)

hadn't thought about that..

me too .. let's go!

not many folks have husky singing voices like that. a current musician who has a voice like that is tom waits ..

i agree 100%

foam said...

what's foam writin'..
nothing these days..
what's foam writin'..
nothing these days ..

besides, any seals my blog might have would certainly not be worth breaking into ..

i have no 4 horsies of the apocalypse hiding behind a seal, no earthquakes ..

all i have are foam issues and they are boring, so i keep those well sealed..

Devin said...

I agree with tinkerbell!-best to you as always!

foam said...

and the best to you too, devin ..
i too agree with the tink ..

ANNA-LYS said...

Hello my friend,

Hope everything is great with You!

(( hug ))

foam said...

hey anna-lys .. :)
things are well with me.
and you?
good to have you drop by.
i was wondering how you were doing lately..

Monique said...

That was lovely. A wonderful voice. Whilst listening I looked at your river walk pics. The one with your shadow is amazing.

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

I think you just wanted to get that other song outta your head! lol

He does have an interesting voice!

Hope you are having a good week!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

What interests me most about the song (aside from the age) was the sweet ladies voice in the background. She sounded like she was smiling- and I wonder who she was. (X probably knows! ;)

Hugs Foamy :)

Anonymous said...

Good song

And poor him
His mother threw lye in his eyes
And still he sings, remarkable!

foam said...

yes, it's a great song.
i think it was his stepma who threw lye in his eyes when he was 7 ..

mayden's voyage ..
i'm thinking it might be his first wife's voice, but i'm not sure ..

helene ..
shit .. there we go again .. grrrr ..

monique ..
ya .. i'm also loving his voice ..
and thanks about the pics .. :)

boneman said...

oK, well, "just for the heck of it.." try it now.
I went back to the ever popular 'pop-out' comment box.

Ruela said...



Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

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chickory said...

i like the mctell blind willie too.

-broke neck chickory

The Phosgene Kid said...

Blind Melon Chittlin is still my favorite.

benjibopper said...

man that's gorgeous!

it's also a long way from rage against the machine, which is what i was listening to when i hit your blog.

foam said...

ruela ..
early influences for sure ..

yeah, i did read your blog earlier today on the chiropractic experience you had .. and couldn't comment in that particular kind of comment box .. :)
maybe it's cause i have a mac. i don't know. i have no problem at all with the comment box i use, or with the pop up comment boxes.

yep he's another cool one. hope your neck gets to feeling better soon though ..

well now ..
i reckon there's no accounting for taste ..
i never even liked the german version of the chittlins ..

it is rather lovely, isn't it.
and yes, certainly a different mood then rage against the machine .. lol ..

laughingwolf said...

my kinda music, thx foamy :D

dianne said...

Great song I like the rhythm... from the deep south I gather?

He sure has a gravelly voice like Tom Waits, I also liked the voice of the girl singing too, a really sweet voice. ♥

The Phosgene Kid said...

Waits rules!! He is the last one of the voices representing the Beat generation. Ferlinghetti is the last beat poet standing...

foam said...

you are most welcome, laughingwolf .. :)

i'm pretty sure he's from the south. for some reason i'm thinking georgia, but i'd have to google the info to be sure.

yep ..
i do also luv my waits ..
no doubt about that .. :)

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