Thursday, March 19, 2009

river walk

not so much a walk as just poking along the riverbank on this 1st day of spring..

the weather was nice and brisk..

the light was beautiful


i love these trees that hug the riverbank ..


and i even found a fluffy tailed rat in a tree ..
(okay .. it's a squirrel .. but it wouldn't be nearly as cute if those tailed were bare)
noisy little critter it was too..
gnawing away at whatever nut it had found ..

tomorrow i want to go for another walk ..
perhaps a morning walk ..

then a few chores ..

a bit of shopping for some good wine ..
cheese and crackers ..
maybe a book..
maybe a movie..

cause the men in my house will all be gone by early afternoon ..
and i'll have the whole evening to myself ..
and into the night ..

i'm so exicted ..
i can barely stand it ..



Anonymous said...

Exactly the same weather as over here (at least yesterday, this morning is cloudy) and the days are brighter now. If you count dawn and dusk we have a lot of sunshine up here in the north. But very often is the sunshine filtered through clouds. There is always a but, I guess.

dianne said...

Oh Foamie what a beautiful place for a walk...I want to be there too, I love riverbanks, the grasses near the shallows and all of the vegetation and wildlife which are to be seen. It must smell fresh and sweet with a slight coolness in the air.
One of my favourite pastimes is walking barefoot in the shallows amongst the reeds and water grasses as shown in your first photo.
Great photography as usual and a cute squirrel, hope he enjoyed his snack.
Have a lovely day Foamie, enjoy your shopping for your crackers, cheese and wine,sit back and relax and enjoy your book or movie and have a lovely evening. ♡

Henry the Dog's Mum said...

Love the photos and love your prose. Wine, cheese and crackers sounds delish. Hope you have a lovely evening.
PS: squirrel is cute - no it's not a rat you wicked thing

Henry the Dog said...

It's a rat with a fluffy tail, you're spot on. Ignore mum:)

Merelyme said...

what a wonderful respite! I want to get out into the spring time too! Time to turn off this computer.

Anonymous said...

shadow foam!

your walk by the river
clearly is an inspiration for you

nice rat!

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

rolf ..
not all of our weather is this sunny ..
as a matter of fact we could stand for some cloudy rainy weather ..
this body of water is way low ..

our area always smells fairly fresh ..
unless the farmer have just spread fresh chicken manure on the fields .. :)
this riverbank is not that great for barefoot walking at any time of the year. as a matter of fact i was thankful for my long britches since i walked through a few briars.
the bit of grass you see along the side is actually from the soccer fields that are along this stretch of the river.
i'm planning on having a lovely afternoon and evening. in one hour they are leaving .. :)

henry's mum ..
it is too a rat with a bushy tail .. ;)
and, yes .. i'm planning on enjoying my tasty treats a bit later ..

henry ..
obviously you are a pooch after my own heart ..
wouldn't you rather come live with me? i have a nice little female doggie in residence too .. ;)

merelyme ..
yes, it was so very nice ..
i'm planning on being out a fair bit this spring ..
before it all turns hot and icky ..

i'm always inspired by bodies of water ..
unless they are flooding my basement which happened a couple of years ago ..
i think it's a nice rat too. made me think of k9 for some reason, grrherhahaha .. :)

boneman said...

very nice, and, so very Pennsylvania like.
Well, except they, like us hoosiers, don't have so much green going on, yet.

Small favor?
Is this correct enough or should I go back and delete it?

Ich weiß, der globalen Erwärmung, und sendet ein Schreiben, auch.
und wenn die globale Erwärmung ist schlecht ....
zumindest Ihr Bild hier ist die Einladung
das Bild auf dem anderen Blog war sehr kalt, in der Tat!
und Vergebung, ich bin mit Google Translator....
Ich hoffe, ich bin mir nicht sagen, Sie habe ich einen Fisch in meine Tasche und möchte lick der Straße.
Ich werde fragen, mein guter Freund, FOAM
Wer spricht Deutsch gut genug, um mir zu sagen, wenn ich etwas gesagt schrecklich.

(yes, there is an odd bit of "poetry" I tried to insert, but have no idea if it translated into poetry.) Danke.


The Phosgene Kid said...

Foam casts a long shadow on the natural world and that's for sure.

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

Hey ... its roxanne (formerly frizzy). Love the shadow pic. Enjoy your time to yourself.

Lisa said...

gorgeous images- wea re now officially in Autumn and the weather is FINE...............

Little Lamb said...

Pretty pictures. The trees will come alive!

Crushed said...

It is quite untamed looking...

You don't ever really QUITE get countryside like that over here. Even our woods and forests are kind of husbanded...

foam said...

phos ..
yep .. long in shadow ..
but, short in stature ..
and, thanks .. :)

so, that's youuuu who's joined my followers list ..
well, it's good to have you back roxanne .. :)

yeah, i love my fall too after a long hot summer ..
and i know you all have had a dry scorcher.

little lamb,
they will.. pretty soon all will be green! yaya ..

you know .. that's what my cousin said when they visited us from germany in 2000. you don't have to go very far for it to look untamed, especially here ..
on the other side of the river/creek, up the rise is the walmart and all the other stuff that springs up around it.

foam said...

boneman ..
hahahahah haha..
that's so cute, lol ..
i am afraid any rhyme you might have had got lost in translation.
but i get it ..
these translators translate literally without paying attention to grammar.
sometimes the results can be funny. but no you didn't end up saying you have a fish in your pocket or you want to lick the street ...
wait!! you did say that ..
silly man .. :)

dianne said...

Hi Foamie dear just popped by to say Goodnight, I'm up late. ♡

Yes I would have to watch out for those briars, we have soft water grasses and sedges near our creek so its quite safe to walk barefoot,when its hot I like to walk in the shallows...
I hope you have a nice Sunday. ♡

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

It looked like a very pretty walk:)

Ricardo said...

I can NOT WAIT for the weather to warm up a bit. Still cold where I am and it's gone on for long enough. I need to take more walks myself. Good to clear the head. Great pics.

HLiza said...

Gorgeous scenery, gorgeous photos! I wish I can be there..the walk must be very calming!

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

I hope it was a wonderfully quiet evening! I love those moments too! I totally get why you are excited!! Loved the photos too... not the squirrel though! hehehe ok even that one was nice! =]

Ruela said...

Fantastic foam
nice walk

you are big ;)

boneman said...

Ich habe mit dem Übersetzer den ganzen Tag....
Ich bin hängen von dieser Sache...
die Fische in meiner Tasche nicht mehr schmecken wie Straße....
OK, gut, ich habe das Erlernen der Auftritt, dass sie nicht immer gut tun, Kontraktionen, sowie meine persönliche cotractions ... y'all sollten nicht glauben, dass wir arbeiten, nicht wahr?

boneman said...

, aber es macht Spaß.

(but, it is fun.)

boneman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
K9 said...

boy oh boy the light was good! i like all these photos but the first was my favorite. just crystal clear. plus, YOU were in it. really nice river walk. looks like here on the spring front.

there is NOTHING better than the house to yourself. i always eat lots of ice cream when im home alone.

"honey? what happened to your thighs?" grrrrrrherhahahahaha


X. Dell said...

(1) The light is beautiful, but that shadow woman has dark overtones.

(2) Actually, you'd still have your cybermen to deal with. And we can be kinda demanding too, sometimes. In other words, I think you'll need a lot of wine to wash us away.

Sridhar said...

Very cool pics.

You prefer strange men to the men in your family? I knew it!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

nice pictures!!!
but re the rat... well it's easy to joke about it, when you don't have any experiences with real rats...

we've bought an old farm, which we are partly re-building and partly renovating... and once you've seen those bastards in all kind of shapes then... well, it's not quite that funny anymore, especially their stench, after they decided to pass away under the floor anhd that sort of thing...

anyway... nice post! greetings from Scandinavia, SSG

foam said...

thanks for visiting!
yes, i actually agree with you on rats. i just joke about the squirrels. but i do know some folks who have squirrel problems. but if i could choose, i'd rather have squirrel problems then rat problems.

sj ..
strange men? where? did i say that?
you talking about my male cyber pals being strange? you might be right about that .. ;),
yes, the foam definitely can have dark overtone ..

as far as the cybermen i pal around with? no need to drink more wine ..
all i have to do is ignore my computer and they are gone .. :)

hey .. i ate ice cream too ..
and drank wine. and ate hummus with crackers ..
yeah, i'm sure we have about the same weather going on right now. i'm assuming your bloggin' from those georgia mountains?

deleted comment ..
oh yea,
i remember ..
it just about made me spew my coffee over my keyboard this morning.

boneman ..
so, the fish in your pocket don't taste like the street anymore? lol ..
that's good, i guess...

ruela ..
yes, a giantess as far as my shadow goes ..
but, in reality rather on the short side.

yes, it was a peaceful evening ..
a little mini vacation ..
until it got real late and i wanted to hit the sack and i discovered that my beloved spouse had dumped all the clean laundry all over the friggin' bed...

foam said...

yes, the walk is calming ..
i think whenever you can walk along water it can be very calming.

walking is good and it does clear the head ..
and that's something i really need since mine is always confused with too much stuff going on at once.

yes, it's a pretty walk. you would enjoy it. lot's of space to fly too .. :)

yes, thanks for stopping to say hello .. :)
i did have a pleasant sunday ..
a few chores ..
a walk with my mom-in-law..
a book to finish reading .. :)

SSQuo said...

Where do you live? The place is soo gorgeous and serene.

I totally hear ya on the plan for a good book, movie, wine and crackers! I hope you enjoyed it. :)

AlmightyHeidi said...

Ohhh makes me wanna go buy a camera....very nice pictures. I am drawn to the water..ocenas, ponds lakes, rivers, gotta be by one ;o)

foam said...

hey SSQuo,
i live in the southeastern part of the usa ..
i did enjoy my book and wine ..
oh, and i can't comment on blogs that have those newer blogging boxes. it's doesn't work for me for some reason. my comments disappear into cyberspace when i try to publish them..

cell phone cameras grow on you. you get used to the fact real fast that you can take bookudles of photos ..

Lady Prism said...

All photos look like the ones taken for National Geographic, or for a Lonely Planet travel book guide.

So rustic and enticing!

Makes me want to gear up and go for a wild adventure! :P

lucky you...

foam said...

prism ..
you make me blush ..
but really ..
if i turned around and took photos facing the other way, you'd see the soccer fields, some baseball fields.
but it's nice that along the river's edge the areas are kept fairly wild.

Pamela said...

the sun is shining here today - we're home from a short trip to the ocean beach.

I'm ready to go walking, too!

(is this spring, or just a teaser? I wonder.)

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