Saturday, February 14, 2009

the wine song ..

/t.'s has posted grape art..
cosmo has grape (or is it boobie) poetry..

i'm on my second glass of merlot and contemplating a 3rd glass, but probably not ..

so here's to grapes ..

(this song is long but worth it in my opinion and the lyrics do mention bush fires)


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Covering all bases!

Little Lamb said...


Anonymous said...


DOH! darn that
quick little lamb!

¤ ¤ ¤


Anonymous said...

Lol! Lets have another.

SJ said...


Good to hear a wine song too many whine songs around.

dianne said...

Sorry Foamie dear I cant get it to stream properly, not the video, my computer.
I'll persevere and hope to see it. ♥

foam said...

yep .. art, poetry, song ..
those are important bases to cover..

little lamb,
how so?

don't worry about it, /t.
you know .. age can make one slow ..

OKAY! ... maybe later though ..
i'm still drinking coffee over here.

how so? .. :)
yep, and more specifically i've been real tired of the political whine songs for a long time ..

don't worry ..
my computer occasionally doesn't run videos either. it's about time to upgrade. i think i'll do it soon.

jin said...

I'll have a glass w/you!
Um... ok, I've not drank in a while, so make it a third of a glass or I'd be toasted! hee!
jin - the cheap date


Middle Ditch said...


boneman said...

I guess I forgot to come over and yak after I finished putting up the new side bar thingie, but, it was a case of wanting to be dressed right for the gig, eh?

Grape, right?
I saw this sitting on a table one day and it had that mark on it and it looked so....artsy-fartsy, y'know/
So, I took a picture (lasts longer)

but...wait. Wine?
Dang! I'm just a grape.
Actually, considering my age, I'm more a raisin.


foam said...

jin ..
my glass of wine amounts to about a 1/3 of a glass anyway .. :)
i'm a light weight myself.

yeah .. i thought so.

i like wine.
i like grapes.
raisins too ..
but you're not a raisin yet ...

Ruela said...

funny video ;))

no more wine please ;)

only a little glass of vodka.

foam said...

of course, vodka ..
i always have vodka on hand .. :)

whimsical brainpan said...

I have to say that is perhaps the most interesting music video I have ever seen.

Ricardo said...

Does one need the wine if they watch this? It does it all.

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