Monday, February 16, 2009

what can i say ..

There's an unexpected 2 hour delay ..
It rained last night..
Temps dropped..
Icy roads..

So, i can leave my brood in bed for a bit.
Not rush around too much, although really we are supposed to come in at regular hours..
But ice is ice and I'm not risking it.

Kind of a nice treat for a Monday.

I had a bit of fun this weekend on x. dell's site.

He hosted a, hmmm ... for want of a better way to put it, 'put movie titles together and come up with a different movie then describe the movie' event. He got the idea from the bad lieutenant's wife. I decided to participate since i had nothing better to do this weekend but catch up on chores, read a book, visit my mom, cuddle with the spouse, etc ..
I really wasn't planning on posting the titles here, but I'm in such a blogging slump i thought i would. oh, sj and k9 also contributed. They had some great titles.

Anyway, here are some of my contributions:

Debbie Does Santa Clause Too in Dallas - A movie about Christmas time fundraising.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ Booty Call - Bodacious blonds call on gentlemen.

The Story of O Brother, Where Art Thou?-A young woman's search for her brother who has been sold as a sex slave.

9 to 5 Blow Job -Andy Warhol's 45 minute movie about a bunch of computer tech geeks whose jobs suck .. err, blow.

The Pink Panther Pillow Talk -An interior decorator steals a diamond belonging to a womanizing songwriter who unravels the mystery disguised as a bumbling French detective.

The Sound of the Golden Ganesh Music -Musical about a yodeling cult, which steals a golden Ganesh music box. An insurance agency hires a singing detective to chase the cult over hill and dale.

The Last Tango in Paris Date Movie - A closeted lesbian widow finds herself obsessed with the fiancée of Grant, the guy at the diner.

The Departed Walk the Line - Zombie horror flick featuring the Dead Kennedys

Alice in Deep Throat Wonderland - Alice's adventurous search for Mr. Right

So, what can I say ..


foam said...

o shit ..
i almost forgot ..
it's my wedding anniversary today ..
oops ..
i'm so bad with remembering minor things like that.

SJ said...

Happy anniversary!

That was fun to do at X.Dell's wasn't it? Yours are all vulgar and obscene ... I mean the titles.

foam said...

yes, that was fun..

and i'm not forgetting that you wanted my titles banned .. ;/ ..


Little Lamb said...

I agree. What can I say?

Happy anniversary!

foam said...

yeah .. i know .. :)

and it's hi ho, hi ho .. it's off to work i go ..

Little Lamb said...

Oh joy. What fun.

puerileuwaite said...

I need to give this one some further thought ...

Anonymous said...

hi ho hi ho

movie about a
crack addicted prostitute
not currently in need of a fix

well, looks like my mind naturally goes to vulgar and obscene, too ;)


¤ ¤ ¤


Anonymous said...

Icy roads!
Take care
Drive carefully

Happy anniversary!


X. Dell said...

Happy Anniversary!

I had fun reading everyone's submissions. I have to admit that your's were, um, a bit on the colorful side. But I've passed them on to WP, so they could be on several different sites before all is said and done.

And take care driving those icy roads. Wouldn't want you to run into a hydrant or something.

whimsical brainpan said...

These are great!

My favorites are The Story of O Brother, Where Art Thou? and The Departed Walk the Line.

foam said...

turned out to be a pretty good day all in all .. :)

uh oh ..

hahahahahaha ..
and garsh, but i'm so slooooooow at times .. it took me a while to figure that one out ..
lol ..

the roads were very drivable when i left ..
and thanks ..,
yes, i certainly had fun with these. and wouldn't you know that the only X movie i saw of the ones i mentioned was 'the story of o'. i had to google the others to know what the plot was. i have not even seen the last tango in paris.

thanks! those just might be my favorites too .. :)

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

That reminds me of the only two porns I ever saw:

-- Behind the Green Door: It was some kind of bizarre bondage flick and everyone wore masks.
-- Gentlemen Love Ginger: When a prostitute who makes house calls does oral plleasuring for aa biker, all I can say is "Great things happen on a Harley".

Oh... and happy anniveersary :)

Ruela said...

yeeeeee Dead Kennedys ;)

happy wedding anniversary Foam!

J Cosmo Newbery said...


boneman said...

you're kidding us, right?
Breakfast in bed?
A nice massage?
Paper, coffee, a lil slap and tickle?

And, did he do anything for you?

dianne said...

Happy Anniversary dear Foamie. ♥

foam said...

yep .. yeeeeeeee for the dead .. :)

cosmo ..

heck, no .. no breakfast in bed ..
massage yes .. and it was reciprocal ..
coffee .. but, of course ..
a little tickle yes .. :)

foam said...

thank you, dianne

Gledwood said...

congratulations ~ anniversary-wise

foam said...

gledwood ..
i remember you ..
you show up about once or twice a year it seems .. :)

Lady Prism said...

Happy Anniversary! ( am late...)

These movies would probably win academy awards!

Ricardo said...

I saw that game he was putting together. Very cool.

And not even 4 wheel drive can save you from ice. It just sucks to drive on it.

and happy wedding anniversary!!!

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