Wednesday, February 25, 2009

revisiting nyc indirectly through ruela's eyes .. .. and mine ..

as most of you know, i went to nyc last summer for a few days ..
during that time i took many, many photos and what i called accidental takes..

photos that turned out not to be photos but little movie clips ..
because i was not paying attention to the setting ..
and because i accidentally left the camera on.
if you are interested in revisiting those takes, i have them linked right
(you might need to scroll down after you click on the link)

now ruela, over at neoartes has decided to use some of my accidental takes
and incorporate them into some of what he does ..
and, let me tell you..
what he does is just incredible ..
just see for yourself:

and what a strange trip it is .. :)


boneman said...

I like his art. The originality, the sheer scope of it. Lord, the work!

But, it sure is scary at the same time!

Anonymous said...

That is so very innovative. Cool! Looks like you had a good trip too.

Henry the Dog said...

Hi, hope you don't mind a dog commenting on your blog but mum thinks your stuff is great. We found you through J Cosmo. It's all a bit over my doggy head, but mum loves your blog so she insists I follow you;)

SJ said...

What? You mean that vampire woman wasn't in the original video? You didn't see the interesting parts of NY it seems.

foam said...

boneman ..
he's something else, isn't he?

aggie ..
oh, i did have a very good trip.

do i mind blogging with dogs? haha .. lol ..
i think that's funny, because you see ..
i already blog with dogs.. lol ..
welcome to my bloggie ..
and, i'll be by yours soon .. :)

sj ..
i saw ..
that was interesting....

Ruela said...


lol to comments ;)))))

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

wowo that was really cool! I didnt get the connection until now! Glad you wrote this!!

Coming back to NYC any time soon? I was thinking we should try to get a group together to go to DC and visit Xdell again there! He could be our tour guide!! Weekend rates at hotels in DC are cheap too! Late spring-early summer?? I bet Cora would be up for it too! We could have a blogger summit! All interested parties are welcome!

AlmightyHeidi said...

Reula is *FREAKING ME OUT* man. Im soo glad I dont do drugs. However I LOVE the accidental photos. LOVE THEM. Sometimes the best things in life happen by my 17 year old...he he, and a great recipie from my grandmother where she used the wrong ingredient, and now it is a family secret recipe:O)

benjibopper said...

ahhh, that kind of trip. strange indeed, but so cool. i love it when people take something i've done and make it into something cool. my bro sometimes takes old poems of mine and writes music to them, always fun.

Anonymous said...

i remember these
it's cool to see them again
reinvented in ruela's new work

¤ ¤ ¤


Anonymous said...

I go to NYC every time you do, in my mind.

Lovely photo, big city feeling

dianne said...

Hi Foamie dear I didn't comment yesterday as nothing was working for me...not even your accidental video.
Today I could see it, I love that long exposure of the street scene with the tall buildings, the cars and the lights.
It was nice to revisit your pictures.
I like what Ruela has done, could only see it today as well, very cool and confronting, nice collaboration. ♥

The Phosgene Kid said...

Lomography - just taking shots without framing, trying to express motion. I like doing that with my cheap plastic cameras.

Ricardo said...

I have done that with my cell phone. They are 3 second clips of whatever and I can't use them for much. Or can I?

Little Lamb said...

You and Ruela are quite the artists.

foam said...

ruela certainly is ..:)

ricardo ..
yes, you can!
write a post based on them.. :)

lomography, eh? you've mentioned that before. i remember ..

sometimes dealing with computers can be a pain.
ruela does do compelling, visual work ..
i guess it could be considered confronting. it makes me smile, however ..

and i'm in sweden everytime i visit your blog ..

that was cool ..
i like what how he manipulated it.

it is very interesting when people can take it just one step further ..

ruela is the king of the freaks, indeed .. lol .. :)

absolutely .. a blogging summit in dc sounds marvelous. let's do it!


X. Dell said...

Super. Sie ist recht. New York ist die heisseste Stadt. Sagst du nicht?

SJ said...

But X-dell isn't a vampire. Seemed more like the werewolf type to me what with his insomnia issues and stuff.

foam said...

Ja, das stimmt. das sage ich.

but both vampires and werewolfs have insomnia ..
besides, didn't seem hairy enough to be a werewolf ..

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Doug and I always like visiting NYC. Doug mostly goes for the Broadway shows and I mostly go for taking walks through Central Park. The park is always so pretty in spring and summer and has so many wonderful trees. (Willow always likes seeing the trees!)

Middle Ditch said...

Cool ... I like Ruela's art very much anyway, but this is so cool!

K9 said...

ruela makes me sick! (with envy, grrrherhahahaha)

that was cool! i remember that trip. i loved your own kind of accidental movies. i think you have a new avatar. grrhehahaha

Ruela said...

Nice pic!

you are the Muse ;)

dianne said...

It made me smile as well dear Foamie
and thanks. ♡ @-->--

foam said...

indigo ..
i've never seen a broadway play .. on broadway that is ..
but i really enjoyed strolling through central park when i was there..

middle ditch,
yes, i like what he did.
and i always like ruela's art..
it's always visually very stimulating to say the least .. :)

k9 ..
ME TOO!! grrrr .. ..
so, you really think i look like that vampy gal? that's funny ..

thanks ..

dianne ..

whimsical brainpan said...

Very cool!

boneman said...

well, you certainly called it on that storm, gal.
Mid-Indiana got zero snow, but teens at night (where's the curfew when you need it?) and twenties during the day. Same for tonight and tomorrow. Then a lil breakl....I hope.

Worse hit? K9 and her bunch mid-Georgia. Dang!

I remember in 1957 we had a three inch accumalation in Amarillo, Texas. They called school for the day!

Pamela said...

very interesting (said like the original Laugh In actor)

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...


boneman said...

So I packed up the dog, and brought her over here.
Whenever she hears your words, she thinks you're a dear.
Or is that a 'deer' with antlers and hooves?
Or like an angel flying with the doves?
Hard to tell, actually. Heck, she might just want your beer!

foam said...

yes, we did get that snow. it was real purty, but i chose not to go out in it. i let the kids do that..

..and i'm a thinking that gni gni looks like she just might enjoy a beer .. btw., i do believe it's the gni gni that's a dear .. :)

now i'm gonna have to google who the original laugh in actor was .. :) i missed out on that show because i was living in germany by the time it came out.

helene, .. :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

I took an accidental video of the inside of my knapsack in Trier. It didn't turn out as nice as your photos tho.

Lady Prism said...

I've heard things about NYC.
This is proof enough for me!

dianne said...

Hi! ♡

Anonymous said...

So you want to make it to the gym this week..

puerileuwaite said...

Way better than The Eyes of Laura Mars. Maybe he's got Bette Davis eyes.

puerileuwaite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Phosgene Kid said...

Just don't eat the Picante!!

foam said...

phos ..
did you perchance find a pair of earrings in there?
the last time i was in trier i lost my favorite pair ..
why not eat the picante? i love picante!

dianne .. :)

rolf ..
well, i had every intention to go to the gym this week ..
i blew it i guess ..
but i did go on a wonderful hike this afternoon!

pug ..
i don't know if he has betty davis eyes ..
but you certainly do .. :)
i don't think i actually every saw the eyes of laura mars ..

Anonymous said...

hike is very good
and now is a new week...

your wish fulfilled
my nude feet ;)

SSQuo said...

Ooo - very cool stuff this friend of yours does. cool blog too!

foam said...

thanks SSQuo ..
and thanks for visiting.
i visited you, tried to leave a comment, but, for some reason, i can never comment on blog who have the newer comment box.

K9 said...

what's this? nothing new from the non romantic? grherhahahahaha

foam said...

tonight ..
maybe i'll post something new..
after i warsh those dishes, put a load of laundry in, etc ..
and after i've had some vin rouge ..

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