Tuesday, February 17, 2009

limerick for dianne ..

.."t'is frustrating to rhyme", thought foam..
whose attempts to write a poem
are pitiful indeed
yet she really feels the need
to cheer dianne with weed ..

oops ..

no, no..
that's not gonna work ..

d e f i n i t e l y NOT

let's see .. ryhmes with need ..


let's try this again ..

.."t'is frustrating to rhyme", thought foam..
whose attempts to write a poem
are perplexing enough..
she's not quite up to snuff
yet still wants to give dianne a cream puff ..


boneman said...

oh dear and wonderful teacher
bad news from me, a horrible creature
My hat in my hand
staring down at the sand,
I don't want to be a preacher....

(but look in your e-mail
where yon message doth sail
short and sort'a sweet
like a bird's tweet tweet tweet
well, you know what I mean because they sing so nice for so long and on and on and on till you just want to hit them with the ash pail)

(you know....the birds)

foam said...

oh ..
i know it's lacking in rhythm, boneman ..
hence the words .. frustrating.. pitiful ..
and not quite up to snuff ..

Anonymous said...

a poem
by foam
really hits home...

now everything's ducky
but if you're unlucky
you'll be getting your poem
not from the foam
but from chucky

(kind of makes foam look like shakespeare)

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

lol.. /.t .. hehehe ..
you are a love, you know that?

but everything's ducky ..
and the rhythm was sucky.

just in case, i'm keeping chucky..
you never know who might get lucky ..

Pamela said...

There was a young woman named foam

Who said, from her bedroom at home

"I'm sure I can ryhme

If you give me more time

But it feels like I'm writing a tome!"

heh heh...

Anonymous said...

but there must be brownine points for trying hard?

dianne said...

Thank you my dearest Foamie,you are a wonderful and caring person and I appreciate the very fact that you thought of me and wrote this limerick to try and cheer me up... ♥

The clown who has hurt me
is not that far away
I wonder is he listening
when he hears what I have to say
for hurt can turn to anger
in the cold light of day
wonder if he'll be gloating then
when I have had my say...
for he dances round with words of mirth
flitting back and forth
like nothing wrong has happened
and shows no remorse...

Enough is enough...just part of my hate poem Foamie, I'm tired of being hurt and being nice. ♥

SJ said...

Wriring a limerick
is quite the trick.
Unfortunately we all
Can't be Lewis Carroll
My limerick is unpalatable
but yours is at least passable.

dianne said...

Nah, Foamie dear I cant be hateful, I feel like lashing out at him but what good would it do.

I'm not spiteful or mean spirited, but I might have a few words to say.

Would it bring him back? No

Just let it go, he may feel some regret one day...just look at what he's thrown away. ♥

Kofi Bofah said...

What's happening foam?

I am new around these parts.

foam said...

pamela ..

hahahaha ...
now that's a very good one .. lol ..

yes, there apparently are ..
wouldn't you know i'm actually having one with coffee this morning. no kidding..
bad me ..
i ought to have something more healthy. but what the hay ..

i just hate knowing that you are feeling so low...
and then feeling rather helpless about not being able to cheer you up. this seems to be a new hurt, and i hate that you were disappointed. ♥

i'm sure if you put your mind to it you would out limerick all of us ..
just like you do with your puns.

well, yes you are ..
and not much is happening.

Little Lamb said...

That was cute.

Monique said...

Oh this lovely Foam
She just loves to roam
Visiting so many blogs
Walking on her socks
She does pull them up
Whilst she has a sup


Anonymous said...

If you are in need
I can be the Swede


dianne said...

Oh Foamie dear it has gone far beyond that. ♥

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Fun to read but a suitable limerick fails me. Sorry.

foam said...

thank you .. :)

LOL .. !!
and dear me ..
but it's time to sup right about now..
the evening meal needs to be served in a minute ..
(foam hastily pulls up her socks)

okay, rolf ..
i'll keep you in mind then .. ;)

dianne ..
oh man .. i'm really so sorry ..

thaz okay ..
i wasn't expecting folks to rhyme..
but it's been great fun to read them all.

Lady Prism said...

can I have a cream puff too?
to take away my bloggy' blue

I'd squeeze the sweet cream
just right out
and plop it whole
inside my mouth...


Ricardo said...

That's a better poem than I can write that's for sure.

benjibopper said...

a fine piece of verse, to be certain, and i hate to quibble, but i thought the rhyming scheme for a lymmeric was: 1 1 2 2 1, like so:

walk the walk
talk the talk
let it fly
days go by
nice smock

Ruela said...

You're a poet and you don't even know it ;)

Indigo said...

halo incarnates

is good to make things rhyme. can do it for rituals. sounds better then. and for wicca spells.

whimsical brainpan said...

He he he! I like the first one!

foam said...

i'm kind of in a bloggy blue mood too these days ..
and, sure ..
you can have a cream puff too ..

i'm sure you could write a better one .. :)

it is ..
that's why it's rather pitiful and not up to snuff .. :)

on, i definitely know i'm not a poet .. lol ..

yeah, i would imagine spells and rituals sound better in rhyme ..

puerileuwaite said...

Foamy - I'm respectfully crazy about you. Your inspiration will flow when it is ready.

foam said...

pug ..
that is really a very nice thing to say.
thank you .. :

CHEF TROLL said...

Rhyming poets fail.
Songwriters lose their souls.
Haiku reigns supreme.

X. Dell said...

I think the second one's better.

foam said...

actually they are both kind of really bad ..

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